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Flash Prices on the Rise Again; iPhone Blamed 

March 29th, 2007 by admin

A report released by DRAMeXchange on Tuesday said that contract prices for 4-, 8-, 16-, and 32-Gbyte single-level cell NAND Flash chips increased by roughly 4 7 percent this month, the second pricing jump in 2007, according to the market intelligence company.

Cell Industry Gathers Under iPhone Cloud 
It says something about the state of the cell phone industry that the product looming largest over the CTIA wireless show in Orlando, Florida doesn’t even exist yet. Never mind that it’s coming from Apple.

iPod & iPhone market to double

March 29th, 2007 by admin

PC Advisor - New research from the company confirms that the iPod and similar devices a category soon to include Apple s iPhone - already comprise the fastest-growing segments of the consumer electronics industry. iSuppli expects unit shipments will rise to

The iphone
CNET News - The iphone isn’t really a new innovative thing, but rather a merging of already existing technologies. What makes it unique is the fact that it’s from apple and pretty much anything from apple sells well now a days

Apple Among First-Quarter Winners, Microsoft Among The Losers
CRN - And just think: the iPhone and Leopard version of the Mac OS haven’t even launched yet. Novell Its stock price is up about 12 percent for the quarter and the company is quietly making inroads in the Linux space while minimizing fallout from its

Cell phone show in Orlando haunted by specter of upcoming iPhone
Charleston Gazette - ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — It says something about the state of the cell phone industry that the product looming largest over the annual wireless show doesn’t even exist yet. Never mind that it’s coming from a company that’s never even made a cell phone

One million people dialed into iPhone
MSN MoneyCentral - Cingular Wireless has received about 1 million inquiries on Apple Inc.’s soon-to-be released iPhone, according to a media report Tuesday. AT&T Inc. chief operating officer Randall Stephenson confirmed the interest in the iPhone in a Reuters report

Dvorak trolls: Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone 

March 29th, 2007 by admin

MDN, Don’t feed th trolls. if you don’t post it, readers won’t feel compelled to follow the link. You get enough hits without Dvorak’s bullsh*t.

Motorola: Activist Investors Not Welcome 
Icahn’s demands for stock buybacks could do a lot of damage to a company that needs its cash reserves for R&D and potential acquisitions

IPod/iPhone market to double by 2010 
The analysts at iSuppli expect the iPod-dominated market for media and music players to double between 2005 and 2010. New research from the company confirms these devices now comprise the fastest-growing segments of the consumer electronics industry today.

ELITE Components offers Flash text effects

March 29th, 2007 by admin

MacNN - Patrick Jansen Design has released ELITE Components , new text effect plugins for use directly in .fla flash files. As the Apple should abandon iPhone Star Wars: Empire at War for Mac ships Apple files for Magsafe patents Apple intros Complete My Album

Apple’s iPhone Set to Transform Mobile Market
TechNewsWorld - The difference between the Apple iPhone and the competitors, with respect to the handling of the phone, won’t be whether they have the same features. It will, ultimately, be how the designer translates a specific function into a user interface that

NET SENSE: Venture Capitalists Ponder Whether Google’s Still Hip
Beurs.nl - Jurvetson’s thoughts on synthetic life forms and Moore’s Law, the panelists’ unanimous vote for Apple’s (AAPL) yet-to-released iPhone as being some kind of savior for the mobile Internet, and McNamee’s thoughts on Google were all part of an hour-long

Sprint answers the iPhone
Kansas City Star - This is a new music phone from Samsung called the UpStage. It is billed as the first two-sided phone/digital music player, offering phone-like control on one side, and music player controls on the other. This is the phone side. Sprint is trying to

Today’s Music Phone Buyers Are Avid Listeners, But Carrier Music

March 25th, 2007 by admin

PR Newswire - Survey results suggest consumer interest in Apple’s iPhone is mixed after the initial announcement of the product in January 2007. The survey asked if respondents planned to buy the iPhone when it becomes available this summer; 18 percent said “yes

Google says it has no plans to build mobile phones
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Apple Inc.’s plan to release a mobile device called iPhone in the U.S. in June helped fuel rumors of the “Google Phone.” Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt sits on the board of Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple, which also makes the iPod music

Recipient E-mail

March 25th, 2007 by admin

DailyTech - Anyone already owning a laptop and a cellphone can easily chose to not have one of these. Why dish out another 1200 dollars? Look how the iPhone captured everyone’s attention with a single demo six months prior to its launch.. If these UMPC’s had at

Vodafone to Launch iPhone in Europe Category: SOFTPEDIA NEWS :: Apple
Softpedia - the big celebrations of the Apple s iPhone launch are closer, the company is now seeking for a powerful European partner able to distribute the device in numerous countries. It seems like Vodafone is the favorite company to provide iPhones to

Motorola and Nokia Battle for Palm Treo Line
NewsFactor Network - According to published reports citing unnamed sources, Palm might sell out to rivals Motorola or Nokia as the mobile market braces itself for the arrival of Apple’s iPhone. The news comes on the eve of the Treo maker’s quarterly earnings conference

Google downplays mobile phone rumors 

March 25th, 2007 by admin

Despite wide-spread rumors to the contrary, Google today down-played rumors that it is developing and manufacturing a mobile phone, clearing the air of speculation that the world’s largest company would battle Apple and its forthcoming iPhone in the intensely competitive mobile handheld market. Instead of producing handsets, to which several previo…

The Trader — Part II 
HOW STAUNCH WAS THE STOCK market’s latest stand? Advancing stocks outpaced declining ones by 9 to 1 Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange, the second time in a month the advance was so broad and insistent.

Nokia Unveils N95 GPS-Enabled Phone 
Nokia has started shipping its first phone with built-in GPS capabilities and a host of other applications. The Finnish company said the N95 mobile phone, now available in Europe and Asia, is a slider-type device with a 5 megapixel camera for shooting photos and 30 frames-per-second video. However, the feature that has techies in a tizzy is the built-in GPS.

Ahead of the Bell: Palm 
At least two analysts downgraded shares of Palm Inc. on Friday after the smart phone maker reported sharply lower fiscal third-quarter profit and refused to shed light on rumors of a possible sale.

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