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In the papers 8 May

May 8th, 2007 by admin

ElectricNews.net - Sun says that JavaFX Mobile software can be used to design sophisticated handsets like the iPhone, which Apple plans to begin selling in June. Exact pricing for JavaFX Mobile was not revealed. According to the Financial Times, India’s finance

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone: more details, more rumors, more innuendo
Ars Technica - Yes, we here at Infinite Loop just can’t expend enough coverage on Apple’s excuse for delaying Leopard new and exciting convergence device, despite the fact that we still don’t know exactly when it’ll actually become available. We’re getting closer

T-Mobile And Apple Prepare For Wi-Fi Cell Phone Battle
Network Computing - While Apple and AT&T’s Cingular Wireless prepare to announce pricing plans for the Wi-Fi-equipped iPhone, T-Mobile is going to up the competitive stakes with a national launch of its Wi-Fi HotSpot @ Home service. May 4, 2007 - By W. David Gardner

Microsoft Leaks Windows Mobile oFone Video iPhone Killer

May 8th, 2007 by admin

Softpedia - a firm believer in this perspective. And nothing will deter it from the “O.” Yes, the “O” as in the “O Starts Now” as in the oFone. It has a certain ring to it, get it? Ring? But Microsoft’s Windows Vista the “Wow Starts Now” marketing strategy has

Sun makes Java mobile triple play
The Register - While Microsoft has enjoyed growing success on phones and Apple is launching iPhone, it’s Adobe - renowned for sophisticated content creation tools and Flash on devices from 16 top-name global handset providers - that stands to lose most from Sun’s

iPhone may come 3G for Europe

May 6th, 2007 by admin

Controversy continues to surround the Apple iphone launch - as the following samples of news reports from a variety of top tech news reporters illustrates:

Pocket-Link.co.uk - by Ryan Haynes 2 May 2007 - There hasn’t been a week without further reports on the iPhone, rumours and speculation around delay and technical problems now also lay claim that two versions maybe released. With the European launch of the iPhone set Apple iPhone

Microsoft’s Ballmer Dismisses iPhone
NewsFactor Network - “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said. “No chance.” Ballmer said that he’d rather have the Windows Mobile 6 operating system on 60 to 80 percent of all phones that get sold

Will Apple Be Able To Meet iPhone Demand?
Podcasting News - Interest in Apple s upcoming iPhone appears to be growing. According to ChangeWave analyst Paul Carton , their research reveals exceptionally high levels of excitement surround the iPhone s upcoming release. Nearly one-in-10 respondents (9

New iPhone images surface, features added? [updated]
iLounge - In an e-mail sent out today by AT&T to potential iPhone customers, additional images of the iPhone emerged, one of which subtly shows off two undemonstrated features in the device s Google Maps application. Buttons labeled Map, Satellite

iPhone e-mail reveals minor changes

May 6th, 2007 by admin

MacNN - Subscribers to the AT&T iPhone newsletter may be missing very subtle changes to the product in the latest mailing. An animated GIF in the message cycles through generally familiar images of the device, with the exception of the navigation screen

A Populist Challenge to Apple’s iPhone
US News and World Report - Many phones will step up to challenge the iPhone , over which analysts appeared all agog after Apple’s announcement this week. In one effort, a phone called the “Neo1973″ will enlist an army of developers around the world. They’ll go after a key

Apple claims ‘most innovative’ title (again)
MacNN - The publication notes that the iPhone will likely keep Apple ahead of the pack for the foreseeable future. “These include the ascendance of design, the focus on the user s experience, and the power of ecosystems: The iPod is a hit because it works

Ebcases jumps gun with iPhone cases
MacNN - Not willing to wait until the official release, Ebcases today unveiled a pair of cases that it promises will fit the upcoming iPhone. The pictured eNOVO flip case uses a novel magnetic latch to keep the lid firmly in place and protect the screen

Does the Sidekick still have punch?
CNN Money - But it’s about to face its ultimate test this summer, as it goes up against the Apple ( Charts , Fortune 500 ) iPhone and other sleek new devices. And it’s making a risky bet on the Sidekick iD, a cheaper phone with fewer features. For T-Mobile USA, the

T-Mobile upgrades Dash to Windows Mobile 6

May 6th, 2007 by admin

MacNN - T-Mobile is claiming it will be the first in the United States to offer the Vista-influenced Windows Mobile 6 to its Apple patent details multiple Dashboards in Creative Zen Stone guns after iPod shuffle Forums: Battery trouble, LED, iPhone

Vodafone And Orange Fight For The iPhone
Information Week - While we’re still waiting for the June launch of the iPhone on this side of the pond, U.K. carriers Orange and Vodafone are fighting it out for exclusive rights to the device when it debuts in Europe later this year. According to this report

Apple’s iPhone Is Done! Old News! Microsoft Unveils the oFone
Softpedia - At MIX07 in the Venetian Hotel In Las Vegas, Microsoft made Apple’s iPhone a thing of the past while the Cupertino device responsible for the October 2007 delay of Mac OS X Leopard is yet to hit the market. But simply put, the iPhone is no match for

BlackBerry Curve beats iPhone to launch
PC Advisor - One month before Apple is set to release the iPhone , Research In Motion (RIM) has announced a new BlackBerry smartphone it calls Curve. Also called the 8300, the devices expected to be released this spring (individual operators will announce prices

Gadgets Ballmer: iPhone Has “No Chance” of Getting Significant
DailyTech - Six percent plan to buy iPhone, according to market research firm Apple s iPhone product is one of the most talked about pieces of kit in recent memory, but according to a survey conducted by market research firm Markitecture, the majority of those