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iPhone downloads “review”: More iphone magic? Or just a sleight of the hand?

December 29th, 2007 by admin

I was watching an iPhone magic video when I noticed this ad over on the right side of the page (check them out below - notice anything?) It got my interest so I clicked on it. And found an affiliate “review” site that had used a neat trick to get me there (affiliates sell other sites products). The trick is that the ads make out that a download site might be a scam - which is a worry, right?

BUT - It is basically selling each of these sites - with a preference for the sites that offer the highest affiliate payouts - naturally (ie that’s the one that gets the best “review”)! Which is OK - everyone has to make a living and we do get to see some choices.

BUT - it stretches the truth somewhat! I had never heard of the main site it promotes (and says is the most popular) - so I thought, what the ???

I checked it and the other two sites it reviews on Alexa.com (for anyone that is not familiar this is the top and best known and best authority site that reports on the ranking of sites, traffic and growth in traffic)

Iphonenova.com has a traffic rank in the US of: 38,904

BUT - Netiphonedownloads.com only has a traffic rank in the US of: 135,399 (this is the one he suggests is the most popular!)

AND - whilst iPhone-Magic.com currently has less traffic (154K) it is a newer site and has been growing at at massive 1125% - about ten times the growth rate of the other two sites reviewed.

In other words, these reviews are somewhat contaminated by the financial benefit to the reviewer!!

BUT - notice that they use the same ad for each of the review products. Pretty tricky! I know I had to click on the ad and see what they were on about! Well, the net iphone ad is different but that’s only because Google does not allow enough letters for the guy to put “scam” in as well as the name of the site! But the rest is the same.

Is iPhone-Magic.com Scam?
Do Not Join iPhone-Magic.com
Until You Read This Article!

iPhone Nova Phone.com Scam?
Do Not Join iPhoneNova.com Until You Read This Article!


Net iPhone Downloads Scam?
Do Not Join a iPhone Download Site
Until You Read This Article!

So am I suggesting that “magic” the new word for “scam” ?

Well, that would be a little harsh - but this guy is clearly pulling some tricks here (implying that these sites are scams to get our attention and then promoting them!) and also bending the facts to fit his wallet!

Its so easy its magic!

December 22nd, 2007 by admin

Here we have a different kind of magic trick! iMatrix makes your iphone contacts “magically” appear on a different iphone!  Watch this video to find out how to do this magic trick!

SincJe FREE for 14 days from Dec 26!

December 22nd, 2007 by admin

But what the heck is a sincJe, you ask? Well…put simply, its an application that allows users to wirelessly synchronize data between their iPhone, computer(s) and email applications. Now you can synchronize all The image “http://www.k-state.edu/infotech/calendar/images/SyncJeIcon.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.your tasks and gear - and you can get it for free on us for Christmas (normally $39.99) - well almost for Christmas… from the 26th Dec for two weeks. So, bookmark this page and don’t forget in all the Christmas bustle to get this great free iphone application HERE

Read all about it at Foxbusiness reports: “Nexthaus launches SyncJe for iPhone
Friday, Dec. 21 2007

“Nexthaus, the wireless mobility application unit of Hostopia.com, Inc. (TSX: H), announced the release of their new beta SyncJe client software for the iPhone. The application will be available for download on Wednesday, December 26th, and for the first 14 days of availability, the client software will be free of charge to all new users. Thereafter, users can download SyncJe for iPhone at the suggested retail list price of US $39.99. SyncJe for iPhone is the latest addition to the Nexthaus product line joining earlier releases that include SyncJe clients for Blackberry, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Lotus Notes.”