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iSleuth or MacSpy? Now you can find out whatever song is playing on the radio!

January 26th, 2008 by admin

Now your iphone can get even more usefull! Want to know what song is playing on the radio? The image “http://www.scsc.state.pa.us/scsc/lib/scsc/EN00663_%5B1%5D.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.With this great hack, you can find out that and more. Put your iphone near the radio speakers and check out the iphone screen. Admitedly, its currently in Beta. But if it works, then you will see the song, artist, and album all listed. (It samples the music for 5 seconds and then attempts to contact the id server).

Makes it easy to find that great song again - whether just to listen to or to download, right!

You can download it HERE. If you like it then let us all know how well it works for you.

iPhone movie deal not the real deal!

January 17th, 2008 by admin

iPhone Gizmo got it right! No iPhone Nano in the lime light at the MacWorld fantastic this year. And, as predicted the spotlight was on a new design drama - the thinnest laptop in the world has now made its debut!!

The “Air” is well and truly being buzzed about all over the web, so iPhoneGizmo will move on to other Macworld announcements:

More importantly, what did we iPhone users get? ……..TA DA!!

iTune Movies

For a mere $3-$4 a pop we can watch some great DVDs .

But wait, there’s more..

“A pop” turns out to be 24 hours. Now I am guessing there are some serious commuters out there who like to spend some of their travel time (like me) watching movies, videos, listening to music …. That $3 is going to add up real fast to a LOT of dosh! If this were the only way to get movies then I would get excited about Steve Job’s big …TA DA!

BUT, frankly, whilst it IS going to be great for Apple - it is a POOR deal for us!

There are already several membership sites offering ten times as many movies for a minimal joining fee (about two weeks worth of Apple rentals) and you get to KEEP the movies! (By the way Apple skims over this little nugget by selling users on the “don’t need a computer” con. Oh, don’t get me wrong. You DON’T need a computer because you don’t get to KEEP the movie!

So, conclusion? The Air is exciting and desirable (and our next laptop!)

The iPhone movie deal is a steal - from us!!

iPhone Gizmo is not impressed!!

iPhone Gizmo’s iPhone Nano Design Contest

January 14th, 2008 by admin

iPhone Gizmo Design Contest!

In the previous post we included some “mockups” of what the iPhone Nano might look like.

Were you inspired by either of them? Apple is maybe the top designer of communications gadgets. But can they be beaten?

We iPhone users are in probably the best placed to come up with a winning design - ie one that looks good and does what we want.

Monster Cartoon iPhone

So iphone gizmo has decided to issue a challenge and see who can come up with the best design for the iphone Nano. With the Macworld Conference about to start, this is a good time to get your creative juices going.

What would you like the iphone Nano to look like? Send in your images and we will post the ones we think are the coolest (Remeber, humor is always appreciated!)

NB: Just post the links to the images in “comments” The best ones will be published in the blog with links to the image url.

Latest on iPhones from the Macworld Conference

January 14th, 2008 by admin

OK, OK! So the conference is still two days away. But rumors are flying around the internet about whether Apple will or will not announce the much anticipated iPhone Nano.

All Macworld has to say is:

iPhone: The sequel: The next-generation iPhone will be released in the second quarter of the year. AT&T will prompt customers to upgrade by sending them frequent text messages informing them that their original iPhones are no longer cool…


Not the kind of prediction we are really wanting to hear!!

Check out these two “mockups” of the iPhone Nano



AlleyInsider reckons:

Apple’s six-month-old, $400 iPhone is still the phone to beat in the wireless business. Would Apple want to broaden its appeal even further with a smaller, cheaper phone — say, around $200? We have no doubt that Apple’s phone lineup will grow this year, including a faster, “3G” iPhone. But we don’t think you’ll hear about an iPhone nano on Tuesday.


Ben Reitzes (Market Analyst for UBS), predicted in December:

Perhaps at Macworld or shortly thereafter, we expect Apple to announce a lower-cost (or ‘nano-like’ option) along with a 3G option potentially coming later in 2008….


iPhone Gizmo predicts that

the Nano will be passed over at the conference and that Apple will be aiming to keep the market hyped with novel “leading edge” product designs. iPhone was 2007!!


We will keep you posted on the latest from the conference!


In 2007, iPhone set a new standard - but is Phillips about to raise the ante?

January 9th, 2008 by admin

Apple products are a generally beautiful. They are functional, technologically progressive, and… well, beautiful to behold. And to date other companies have not been tempted to put good advertising $ into the way their products look - at least, as far as they can.

But the success of iPhones may have finally demonstrated how much money there is to be made from ‘good design’ ! And Phillips has just thrown down the gauntlet. Just look at these little beauties:

jewel encrusted earbuds
They’re jewel encrusted earbuds, by the way!

Of course, Phillips are offering much more in their 2008 challenge than these delightful trinkets - BUT, the rest is very much in the “me too” basket. That is, most of the stuff they strutted at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show currently buzzing in Los vegas, look very much like copies of Apple designs rather than exciting new designs of their own (You can check out some of these at blogs.pcworld.com). So, NO, Phillips does not look set to raise the ante…

A pity, really!

Free text messaging to any mobile phone from your iphone!

January 8th, 2008 by admin

A week ago txtdrop.com celebrated its 1millionth text message sent through its interface. iPhone users have helped to create this success as 500,000 of these messages have been sent in just the last 6 months since iphone was launched. Txtdrop is one of the largest providers of free text messaging service.


This is what they say they have to oiphone-text-message.jpgffer iphone users:- “TxtDrop’s new iPhone interface allows you to send free text messages from the web to any mobile phone in the United States and Canada.

Replies to your texts go straight to your email where you can continue your conversation.”

Click this LINK to find out more





iPhone Magic Download Site has it all

January 4th, 2008 by admin

Looking for unlimited iphone downloads? This cool new site provides a huge range of downloads for your iphone. You can get movies and TV shows, music (of course) games and even download photos so you can display them (or any pic) and show them off anytime and anywhere! I love it and recommend you check them out. So far we have posted some iphone magic tricks. But here is a whole new take on iphone magic!

iphone magic site

Believe it or not, there is no constantly paying out for each tune or movie, there is no monthly fee. There is just a once only modest fee and you get access to tens of thousands of your favorite movies, TV shows and music!! As I say, check it out for yourself! at iPhone Magic

(we recently did a post on an iphone download “review” site which motivated us to do some in-depth research - which is how we found this great site)