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iPhone Games - Best sites review

February 17th, 2008 by admin

There are three ways to get iphone games:

1) Hunt around the internet for sites that have some (usually only a few) iphone games that they provide for free. iPhonegizmo liked the range of games offered by mynumo.com. These include carmadillo mentioned in a previous post and a dozen other games


We also liked digiwidge.com - even though they only offer a few games they have excellent graphics and are a bit different

2) Hunt around the internet for sites that sell iPhone games (these can be hard to find). By far the best site we found is igiki.com.

iphone games by igiki

These cost $2.99 a game which gives you access to a game for varying time periods (maximum of 180 days). That may well be enough time for you to get sick of the game, anyway!

3) Use subscription sites where you pay a fee and then can download a large selection of games. There are a range of sites that offer different subscription options. iPhonegizmo recommends the pay-once-to-join option as this works out to be the


cheapest membership option (and also works out cheaper than buying one game at a time).
The best site membership site iPhonegizmo found was Touchphonemagic. This site offers over a hundred iPhone games which works out at around .40 cents a game - BUT you then can also download all the music, TV shows and movies you want - essentially for free (after all you joined for the iPhone games, right?) There are some more serious games on offer here including iphone poker!

But, be warned - iPhone games can be addictive!

iPhone Games For Fun

February 8th, 2008 by admin

OK!! here are some simple fun games that you can play on your iPhone to while away the hours we spend on:…. commuter transport…in meetings…in class….on the toilet. At least here are some games that are available if you know where to go!!

Here are a couple of old favorites:

Can you cross the road without getting killed?

How Good Is Your Memory? Can you match the faces?

We are keeping where you can get these and over a hundred other iphone games, a secret - for now!

BUT, watch for the big, iPhone games download sites Review!

iPhongizmo will pick the best sites for iPhone games and publish the results here.

PS: Where do you play iPhone games? The best answer sent in before the end of February, will get a free lifetime membership to the best iPhone games site.

iPhone games with a novel twist

February 8th, 2008 by admin

iphone-assassinIf you are looking for something a bit different then you might try this iphone game that iPhonegizmo found!

Some may find it disturbing! Some may find it downright scary!

Others may find it connects to something deep in their soul …

Because here is where you get to “assassinate” other iPhone users!!

Well…..If nothing else it may be the best excuse you have to meet that cute gal or guy that travels on the same commuter transport as you do (so long as they also have an iPhone!!)

iPhonegizmo discovered that this is just one of a hundred or more games that iphone users can play if they join the right download site. We will be doing a review of download sites so wait for more news on where to get these great games.