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3D Console Games Coming To iPhone

March 20th, 2008 by admin

Admittedly, we have been a bit slow to post about the new 3D console games that are coming for iPhone, They were, after all, announced a couple of weeks ago at the Apple SDK event. But we were not happy with the tiny demo version that is the only one on show across the internet! So we ramped it up for you!!


Ain’t it spectacular!

As you can see these are a big and exciting improvement on the type of game that is going to be available for iPhone. To quote Simon Jeffery from Sega “this is not a cell phone game this is a full console game”

You can also see iPhonegizmo’s ramped up version of the Spore demo on YouTube

Both games use the iPhone’s accelerometer to move the hero around -which looks to give it a Wii type of experience. The touch facility is also incorporated in Spore to build the characters form and hunting/defensive capabilities.

Sega and EA have been the ground breakers but other companies are bound to get excited now that they can see what can be achieved.

BTW, at the SDK event more than just exciting new games were revealed. Although most of what went on is of little direct interest to iPhone users it definitely will have a big impact on us in the near future. Apple has now put out a beta version of an iPhone SDK, or software development kit, which will allow, finally, third-party programmers to create applications for the iPhone.

So What??

In June the new software will be made available for all iPhones for free.

That means, for example - that Firefox - if they develop suitable software and if Apple approves it - will be available for iPhone. And some punters have predicted perhaps Skype (?? though iPhonegizmo will go on record as being doubtful about that!!). We will keep you posted on what goodies get made available (especially the free stuff!)

iPhone Hack For Camera Peformance Upgrade

March 5th, 2008 by admin

Creativity, a touch of genius, a pinch of crazy, a bit of tape, and a paper clip, and voila!! The iPhone can now take some nice macros…


Well, his iPhone can do this.

This is not a hack you can download, I’m afraid. but if you have an old digital camera you want to pull apart, then here is where you can go to find out how to “convert” your iPhone camera so it has a macro lens.

If you do it right, and follow the technical details you will end up with something that looks like this:


You can see the “technical” details for this hack in the following close-up that shows just how simple the process to get the considerable improvement to the iphone’s ability to take close up photos.


Thanks goes to self-confessed tech-geek, Colin Devroe for this neat hack!