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iPhone Downloads - How adventurous are you?

May 27th, 2008 by admin

Several major iPhone download membership sites stopped “working” over the last week or so (so no-one can sign up for membership). Rumor has it that Apple has had something to do with this!

As you know from the previous post, iPhonegizmo has already been wondering: - do iPhone users go anywhere but to iTunes, anyway?

Do iPhone users even know they have any other choice? We decided to do a poll to find out:

Where Do You Get Your iPhone Music, Movie or Game Downloads from?
Only iTunes

iTunes and other providers (see below)

I don’t use iTunes at all

I belong to a membership site where I get all my music, movies and games

My iPhone has been jailbroken, so various sources

I thought I could only get downloads for my iPhone from iTunes

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Free iPhone Downloads And More

May 15th, 2008 by admin

A brief survey of our emails has revealed something that surprised us here at iPhonegizmo. It seems that many iPhone owners have no idea that they are not limited to Apple as a source of goodies for their iPhone.


Now admittedly Apple is doing all in their power to make their iPhone buyers believe that Apple is the beginning and end of the iPhone universe!! (Not all of Apple’s actions are savory ones either)

But we at iPhongizmo had not realized just how potent the Apple media has been in blinding its buyers.

So.. Over the next few posts we will provide samples of great free stufffree-iphone-wallpaper you can use on your iPhone that:-

* Don’t come from Apple

* Are better than you will find at Apple

* Are free!


Click on either image to get these cute and funny free iPhone wallpapers. You can find out how to download them to your iPhone HERE.

Now don’t take this wrong. We are great Apple fans. But hey, there are some great non-Apple, iPhone goodies out there - many of them free. So start looking!

In fact, some people are already out there hunting. Popular search terms are:

“iphone music”, “iphone downloads”, “free iphone”, “iphone games”, “iphone movies”:


But, as you can see in the next (Google Trends) graph, these search terms are as nothing compared to the search for “apple” :


(The bottom flat line represents all the other search terms - and they are as nothing compared to the single minded search for “apple”!!)

The world is not flat, there is a world beyond Apple, time to explore and find those goodies!

And hey, if you find something great let us know and we’ll do a post on it.

Free iPhone Or A Trick?

May 15th, 2008 by admin

iPhonegizmo recently hunted the internet in search of genuine “free iphone” contests. Along the way we also found sites that were advertising “free” iphones but it actually cost money or mucho time to get them. These were not included in the post.

But just so you know what to watch out for, here is great example of an offer where you really do need to read the small print. At first glance it looks great. We were keen. Started answering the questions then got to this page:


Hmmm… We could not think of any good reason to provide a mobile number. Alarm bells rang … we checked the small print (follow the arrow!) and found:

*……Customers, who enter their personal pincode on the website in order to sign up are agreeing to become subscribers. By signing-up for and/or using the service you acknowledge and confirm that you have read the terms & conditions, that you are a Canadian resident and authorized account holder and/or that you have the consent of the account holder. Costs of the Trivia Game are $2.00 CDN per question. Each week 4 questions will be sent to your phone. By answering a question correctly you have a chance to win fantastic prizes. Wixawin operates under the Canadian code of conduct for SMS services and offers unique entertainment for your mobile. To cancel the service please send ’stop’ to 88588. …….


Now, this contest is not advertised as free.

But, equally, its not at all clear that by providing our mobile number we are agreeing to become a sunscriber and that we will have to pay $2 per question to enter!

Having read the small print you may be happy to pay. But - that’s a choice that we at iPhonegizmo figure you want to know you are making!