More Free iPhone Games

19 Jul

Our favorite company has a reputation for its devotion to quality design and customer needs, and as being above “mere commercial” drives. But lately it seems to have turned into a money grabbing monster! The whole SDK deal, for example, … Read More »

Win a 3G iPhone

16 Jul

Earlier this year iPhonegizmo searched the web for fun/interesting ways to get a free iPhone. With the 3G being contract-tied we wondered if that would kill the free give aways. So we were surprised to see that there were still … Read More »

Contract-free 3G iPhones

13 Jul

The 3G iPhone was released this week in 20 new countries including Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Italy, Portugal and Spain. And guess what? Straight away we see better deals on offer than we can get in the USA or Canada. In … Read More »

iPhone humor with a serious message!

13 Jul

Whatever happened to Steve Nojobs? His wacky anti-apple, anti-iphone humor was quite entertaining – especially his ipoor concept – shown below: Introducing iPoor: Under the irreverence the blog actually had a compelling purpose – to help get rid of poverty! … Read More »