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More Free iPhone Games

July 19th, 2008 by admin

Our favorite company has a reputation for its devotion to quality design and customer needs, and as being above “mere commercial” drives. But lately it seems to have turned into a money grabbing monster!


The whole SDK deal, for example, has meant that there are fewer independent operators still offering free software, hacks etc for iphone users. Apple has monetized the lot - leaving little option for iphone users than to keep giving money to Apple via its App Store.

free iphone gamesBut independent  operators are still to be found and we will keep bringing their wares to your attention. Here are some free games from developerdispatch though he admits he is wavering:

So I’ll keep developing Web-based iPhone Games, I think. Though I may try my hand at an App too. And no, I won’t be pricing it at $10.


Check it out - developerdispatch has twenty free iphone games for us to play. Play his games, have fun and keep the free sites up and rolling! My favorite is Match -3. What game gets your vote as the best?. Just post your choice in the comments section.

free iphone games

You can find more free iphone games that iphonegizmo has previously posted here and “almost free” ones here.

Win a 3G iPhone

July 16th, 2008 by admin

Earlier this year iPhonegizmo searched the web for fun/interesting ways to get a free iPhone. With the 3G being contract-tied we wondered if that would kill the free give aways. So we were surprised to see How to win an iPhone 3Gspacer-blue1.pngthat there were still some free 3g’s on offer in the US. But before we point the way you need to know that there is a catch for US competition winners.

When you read the contest details you will discover one of two “out” passages. The rules will state either that the iPhone prize excludes all contract charges or - and we think this is a bit sneaky - they are really only providing an Apple voucher of a stated value. You can then buy what you want.

So US and Canadian contestants - be aware that you will have to stump up for the three year contract!

OK - we were delighted to discover that elctricpig have done the research for us - and have provided a list of the latest contests from around the globe - and even given some tips on how to win. Good luck!

Contract-free 3G iPhones

July 13th, 2008 by admin

The 3G iPhone was released this week in 20 new countries including Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Italy, Portugal and Spain. And guess what? Straight away we see better deals on offer than we can get in the USA or Canada. In Australia, for example, they can get the iPhone without any contract!!

No-contract iPhones

This image is straight off the Optus site. And yes, “pre-paid” means no contract!

And that’s not all! There is no “exculsive dealing” deals in Oz. All of the service providers are operating in the iPhone market with pre-paid iPhone deals and shorter contracts than are available in the US.

So we are left wondering why US and Canadian buyers are not being given the same options?

iPhone humor with a serious message!

July 13th, 2008 by admin

Whatever happened to Steve Nojobs? His wacky anti-apple, anti-iphone humor was quite entertaining - especially his ipoor concept - shown below:

Introducing iPoor:

The AMAZING iPoor!


Under the irreverence the blog actually had a compelling purpose - to help get rid of poverty! But in the middle of their expanding the empire… it just stops! No more entries since last year. C’mon Steve, we were just getting us interested!

So iPhone lovers - go check it out. It’s quite entertaining and also refers readers to another site with a heart-of-gold purpose: ripple.com.

Ripple is a great concept in how to help others without it costing us a darn thing!



The way it works, is, when we click on a panel we are shown a small ad. Each time someone looks at the ad it earns advertising dollars. Ripple pays 100% of this to one of the four charities they support. Every time we use their search engine the search sponsors pay a small amount to Ripple. Ripple pays 100% of this to their charities. You can find out more about the charities they support, here

Unlock iPhone? - one thwarted buyer shares his experience!

July 11th, 2008 by admin

iPhonegizmo has previously posted about Apple’s exclusive dealings with service providers around the planet (in order to prevent us from unlocking our iPhone and joining a service provider of our own choice!). An iPhonegizmo fan emailed us the link to the following cartoon which in turn represents this potential iPhone buyer’s experience…

buying an iphone, funny tech comic

We all had a giggle… But then we realized… this IS what Apple is doing! And seriously, do you know of any other cell phone retailer that won’t sell you their phone unless you agree to sign a contract with some OTHER business??