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iPhone ad Banned

August 29th, 2008 by admin

Ironically, it was just our last post where we griped that the great music sharing site, grooveshark, could not be used on iPhone because it does not have flash capability. And today we hear that Apple have had their wrists slapped for claiming in a UK ad that:

“all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone”


Check the “offending ad” out in this video!


Apparently this ad sparked a lot of hostile objections, with UK consumers claiming that the ad will totally mislead potential buyers as to the iPhone’s capability (we wonder why the Apple promoters think this is necessary?) Enough so that it got investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK and they banned the ad!

And that was despite Apple’s best attempt to argue that their statement was - in ‘some sense’ -true!

Hmmm… Another dark mark against the once seemingly highly ethical company? What was that old saying about absolute power…?

What do you think?

Grooveshark Application For iPhone?

August 21st, 2008 by admin

If you have not yet discovered it, here is another free music source that it super cool. Grooveshark Lite: Launch NowOver at


Grooveshark we can listen to just about any music ever produced - all for free! Now, just so you know, you can’t copy any of the music. Its more like listening to a radio station - only you get to choose what you listen to and when!

We made this video just so you can see how neat it is. Its easy to use and lots of fun.


But - sad fact is it can’t be got on our iPhones - it runs in flash, so….

vote for Grooveshark on iphone


So we figure its time for an application to be developed just for us iPhone lovers. Dan Wasyluk over at the TheDanosphere is in full agreement and has even set up a way we can let the people over at Grooveshark know that we all want a Grooveshark app for our iPhone! Just follow the ‘21′ link to give the idea your thumbs up!

Cool iPhone Game Demos

August 20th, 2008 by admin

To really appreciate just how great games for iPhone have become, its best to see them in action.

This video says it all. If you have not already got yourself any of the great games you can get for your iPhone, then this should inspire you to try some out. There are a great selection of free games that we have provided links to in various posts on this blog.

Or you can check out our top recommended membership site.

Free Music For Your iPhone Courtesy Of SeeqPod

August 6th, 2008 by admin

Currently browsing iPhonegizmo from your iPhone? Then you will appreciate the widget we have posted here. This neat widget - provided by SeeqPod, allows us to search the internet for our favorite music and play it on our iPhone (and computer, for that matter). SeeqPod studiously follows copyright laws so we at iPhonegizmo were pleasantly surprised when our searches returned a nice selection of music by famous and well known artists. Check it out:

If you point your iPhone to SeeqPod, you can also search for and watch videos of many of your favorite musicians as well (or, if you are using your computer go to their more sophisticated web site.)