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Win iPhone Downloads Subscription - For All Your Music, Movies, and Games

September 29th, 2008 by admin

iPhonegizmo has joined forces with the new iPhone Downloads Membership site, Touchphone-Magic, to bring you an easy, fun contest!

Touchphone Magic have generously offered iPhonegizmo subscribers the opportunity to win a life-membership to download all the music, games, TV shows and movies they make available for iPhone users. They have all the latest releases included in their lineup - so this is a fantastic prize!

iphone music downloads contest

All you have to do is:

1) find the answer to this easy question: In the recent iPhonegizmo quiz, how many people said

I thought I could only get downloads for my iPhone from iTunes” ?

(Hint: click “vote” to get the answer)

2) Subscribe to iphonegizmo’s Insider iPhone News

3) Follow the directions for where to send your answer - its in the first Insider iPhone News email.

Ten valid entries received before midnight of 6th October, 2008 (ET), will be chosen at random to win the free life membership from Touchphone-Magic.

Good luck

Free iPhone Ringtones and Other Free iPhone Downloads

September 19th, 2008 by admin


With the help of a couple of really cool sites you can add your own ringtones, movie clips, games and graphics to your iPhone. Its easy, fun and you can get some really unique results. In this post we will show you how to make your own free ringtone but with a little explore you will soon see how to get other free downloads for your iPhone.

For the ringtones you need music or sounds. Two great sites you can get free (creative commons title) sounds or music are freesound and jamendo. In the easy-to-follow guide we provide below, we use a great piece of music provided by Jennifer Avalon - but you can use whatever turns you on

1) Go to a free music/sound site like freesound or jamendo


Free music site

2) Find the music you like and download it

free iphone music

When you have your selected piece of music or sounds (freesound provides an enormous range of interesting sounds from Monk chants to farts) head on over to Nakko.

You need to register (its free) to use their upload and editing system and to download your ringtone to your iPhone. Once you have done that then just follow the easy guide below.

3) Go to Nakko, register then upload your selected music/sound

Nakko upload free music

Then follow the drop-dead-easy editing system to select the 30 second piece you want for your ringtone (you can make as many ringtone versions as you want from the one piece of music)

4) Edit your music/sound

edit your iphone ringtone

5) Be patient while the music is converted to a ringtone you can download to your iPhone

your iphone ringtone

6) Download to your iPhone

free iphone ringtone


iPhone Software Contest

September 4th, 2008 by admin

Are you a keen photographer? Interested in finding out just what you can do with your iPhone? Then you may want to enter the Snapture contest currently running. All you need is an unlocked iPhone, the free version of Snapture and a killer screenshot.

spacer.jpg snapture(You can also find out more about Snapture in a review done by iphonegizmo in a previous post .

 Now the contest organizers do not provide a lot of guidance on just what they want. In fact all the guidance you get from them is:

All we want for a chance to win is a screenshot. Nothing more, nothing less.


They don’t seem to be much of a challenge, do they? You can see more of the competing entries by following this link

So what can you win?

You can win yourself one of three Snapture 2.0 Premium licenses!

OK - so they are pretty good value, anyway - but its all about the glory.. and the fun, of course.. and the glory!

Here are the links so that you can find out more about the contest rules, and about how to use the Snapture software.

PS: The contest organizers talk about using “Cydia” to download the Snapture software. To find out more about Cydia - an alternative to installer but with more features - follow this link