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Free iPhone Game - RhinoBall - Courtesy of Disney

October 31st, 2008 by admin

rhino’s rollerballspacer1.jpgDon’t you just love the way that the internet provides a medium for stuff to be given away? And with iPhones being so widely used, its only natural that advertisers are going to take advantage of that “captive audience” if at all possible.

Which explains the latest free give away - a game for our iPhones. This free iPhone game is intended to promote the upcoming movie “Bolt” which is being released in late November (and the promo works - we didn’t know about it till we found the game!) Now don’t dismiss this as just a kids game!

Its actually good fun. And did we mention its free? The game is based around ‘Rhino’ (shown above) - one of the cute heroes in the upcoming movie Bolt . Disney call the game Rhino’s Rollerball but its also being called RhinoBall.

Anyway, we have this video of the game in play - so watch and decide whether you would like to download it. If you would, the link to the free download is provided below.


The game can be downloaded free from [HERE]

By the way, you can also find out about the movie by following this link to the Movie Bolt

When Passion Meets High Tech

October 29th, 2008 by admin

spacer1.jpgIn a complete break from the usual iPhonegizmo topics, we are letting our readers know about a completely different type of freebie that we can use on our iPhones!

Here’s a site where passion and high tech come together to provide us with a great service.

Their passion? - promoting the production of sustainable food

How do they do this? Well, you can go to their site for details. But one of the ways is by providing us with a way to easily find good eating places. In their own words:

The Eat Well Guide… continues to be one of the only free online directory of farms, stores, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, and other outlets that offer local, fresh and sustainable food in the US and Canada.


With an iPhone we can now find these places as we need to - when we are out and about. They have provided us with two great tools that we can use wherever we are.

In the following widget, all you need do is enter the zip code of your current location and the guide will list all the places in that location where you can “eat well”


The widget looks a bit wonky but it works. Just put your zip code in to get results.

And another great tool is this google-maps based search that tells you all the places where you can eat well as you travel.

FIND the best places to eat as we travel:

When we use this tool a map gets generated that shows all the places that use or produce food that are produced according to sustainable methods. This means that they use:

food production methods that are healthy, do not harm the environment, respect workers, are humane to animals, provide fair wages to farmers, and support farming communities.


That’s a pretty ambitious goal - and yet, there are apparently plenty of places that support sustainable food production. Check out the results for a trip between Vancouver to Seattle, for example.

eat well guide

And the guide also provides details of each place shown on the map.

eat well guide

That ice cream sure sounds good!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Is The Accelerometer Enough?

October 25th, 2008 by admin

The latest generation of accelerometer-based iPhone games has been out long enough for large numbers of people to try them out - and there is now quite a range to choose from:

Without a doubt the graphics are a knockout, and the accelerometer is a novel way to play games:

Check out the graphics on this Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailer

But are the games themselves equal to the graphics and the technology they use? In other words, are the games challenging? fun? even addictive? Certainly there are those that don’t think so! Take some of the responses to the Star Wars games trailered above! Peter Cohen from Macworld, says:

Unfortunately, this new Star Wars game proved only that shovelware is shovelware, no matter how shiny and new.

And iTunes commenters say:

ilikemoneys says - This game is pretty lame… I would have liked to control the character

elSaz2 says - would you at least have the decent to include a_real_score and a modicum of new and interesting plot?

Hooloo75 says - Don’t buy… This is reallly lame!!!! Graphics are OK

Do these reviews represent what all iPhone gamers think? Can we expect much for $9.99?

We thought we would find out:


Do You Like The Latest iPhone Games?

The graphics are great and the games are great

The graphics are great but the games are poor

The games are as good as can be expected for $9.99

Don’t like them at all



iPhonegizmo / TouchphoneMagic - Contest Winners

October 16th, 2008 by admin

As you know, iPhonegizmo joined forces with Touchphone-Magic, to bring you a fun contest!

iphone downloads

Touchphone Magic generously offered iPhonegizmo subscribers the opportunity to win free life membership - so this is a fantastic prize!

Ten correct answers that were emailed in before midnight of 6th October, 2008 (ET), were chosen at random to win the free life membership from Touchphone-Magic.

Winners have been notified and are listed below:

Winners in the TouchphoneMagic / iPhonegizmo Contest

Congratulations to all winners

iPhone Ringtones - FunMobility gets on the bandwagon with Youtones

October 10th, 2008 by admin

In a recent post, iPhonegizmo provided an easy-to-follow tutorial on how iPhone users can create their own unique iphone ringtones - for free.

Well, it turns out we are not the only ones to appreciate just how keen iPhone users are to create their own signature sound. FunMobility has jumped on the bandwagon to create an interface so that iPhone owners can make their own ringtones - they have called it youtones (released yesterday).

Now, the system is limited (they offer some 100 sounds - eg “bird attack”, “airport”, “drum roll” etc)

youtones for iphone

and you do have to pay for it (and, of course, register and get their promo emails!) but - it is easy to do - and so long as you have a camera and mike for Funmo to access, you can have a bit of fun.

But, for our money, we reckon you can get a better ringtone - and for free - by following our system. And no annoying promos to clutter your email inbox. These people are pros so you can bet your first spend will not be your last! (It was pretty clever calling it youtones - so that’s the marketing muscle you are inviting in to your mailbox). For those who decide to have a go - let us know in the comments section below, whether it was worth the $$.

Win a Free iPhone - The Most Unusual Contest On The Internet

October 8th, 2008 by admin

Just a quick note to let you know about this unusual iphone contest..The site is inviting people to submit their own music video for a chance to win!

Sean Simmonds iPhone Contestspacer1.jpgAnd the most creative video will receive an iPhone courtesy of Sean Simmonds (well known singer), Xist Records and Gospelcity.com. Wow!!

Are you musical? Have a great voice? Just looking for that exposure to get noticed? (Don’t get put off by the fact that this is a gospel site, either! That just ads color and interest to the contest.)

Or just wanting an iPhone and are willing to give anything a go?

Well, here is your chance to get your own bit of glory AND an iPhone!

You have till October 20, 2008 - 12:00 AM ET to submit your entry ( If you are under 18 years of age a parent or guardian must enter your submission on your behalf.)

You can also download the Sean Simmonds single, “My Life” by clicking the downloads button below:

Follow THIS LINK to get the full details of the contest.

iPhonegizmo Subscribers Reveal the Best Free iPhone Downloads

October 1st, 2008 by admin

The last six months has been just a crazy time for the developers of new apps and new games. Every day new ones come available. We at iPhonegizmo like to keep our subscribers in touch with the latest and greatest, so they can get the great ones while they are still free (you can subscribe here).

We have recently reviewed apps and games for our subscribers. Here is our short list of top five that out subscribers reckon are great - with a short author summary that explains what each free download does:-

spacer1.jpg1) diffuse the bomb - before it gets you!

“Dactyl is an addictive, fast-paced exercise for your fingers. The premise of the game is simple–defuse the bombs before they blow up.”



2) Shoot-em up from your Blue Skies Helicopter NB: you can only get the free version at this link!

Join the elite Blue Skies Helicopter team and defend your country against the evil leader Hans Kraven and his mercenaries, Bruno, Takeshi, and Rachel.”


spacer1.jpg3) Be part of the world wide ‘earthscape‘ project - you just aim and click!

“Our World is Your World. You build it by taking photos — and together, we will build the most current and comprehensive model of our world.


spacer1.jpg4) Radio for our iPhones

“By offering our listeners the best of the content available on the web
well as traditional terrestrial radio, FlyCast provides a listener experience that offers far more choices than any previous broadcast medium.”


spacer1.jpg5) Simple app to make your iPhone a handy flashlight

“Flashlight fills your screen with bright white to illuminate your world when you find yourself in a dark spot or concert. Also has pixel test and strobe light modes!”

Let our readers know which ones you thought were best - just post your view in the comments section to this post.