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Another iPhone Ad Banned!

November 29th, 2008 by admin

Another iPhone ad banned - and not everyone agrees that Apple should be called on this. In a somewhat surprising rant, Simon Jary form PCWorld claims that the plethora of misleading ads already out there should make it OK for Apple to mislead us as well! - In fact he asks:

Do these crazies also complain when actors in telly ads brew a cup of steaming coffee in about 5 seconds flatspacer.jpg

http://www.monsters.co.uk/image_uploads/paul1025full.jpgspacer.jpgSurprising because he does not give an example of, say, a car that misleads about its speed capabilities or safety features (which we suspect would also create a furore) - he gives a trite example of ads that speed up irrelevant aspects of the product in use. If, however, the coffee were misleading us about caffeine content, say…. then again we can expect complaints.

In fact, what UK consumers are demanding (though apparently Jary does not) is that advertisers accurately present the key features of their product. And we can assume that Apple regards this as a key feature, because - as Jary points out - they only have a few seconds to tell us about the iPhone and they have chosen to tell us about this.

If you can be bothered, here is the offending ad:-

iPhone MMS - Another Free iPhone Download

November 25th, 2008 by admin

swirlyMMS1_viendoMMS.jpgspacer.jpgThere is a LOT of interest in getting the MMS on iPhones - in fact, according to Google Keyword Tool, searches average around 110.000 a month for the term iPhone MMS!!

(This information is strangely hard to get. Try using the Google Keyword Tool yourselves and you will see what we mean. Try to get search information for iPhone. Then try ANY other product you know. You will see that Google Tool provides only the most limited information about iPhone search terms - why would this be we wonder?)


In a recent news blast from informationweek.com, much was made of an up and coming MMS app from Mobispine. This, according to the article, will be the first such system available for iPhone users!

Now we think that Eric Zeman must have meant the first such system that can be purchased through the Apple store. Because there is already a great MMS app available for all jailbroken iPhones - including AT&T subscribers!

iPhone MMSWe are talking, of course, about the SwirlyMMS app, which has been out for nearly a year. In our previous post we gave some good reasons for having an unlocked iPhone - here is another! And the SwirlySpace team encourage jailbreaking our iPhones because it:

allows for 3rd-party applications like SwirlyMMS to be installed on the iPhone.


They also suggest using the system developed by the DevTeam - either QuickPwn or the PwnageTool (for more advnaced users) to jailbreak our iPhones.

This is a cheap and effective way to get it. SwirlySpace provide a  free to try for 14 days and anyway, costs only 8 bucks.

Unlock iPhone - Why do it?

November 21st, 2008 by admin

fun-smart-carspacer1.jpgWhy would anyone want to unlock their iPhone?

Well, before we even consider that question there is a more crucial one for most of us!

And the crucial question is: can the iPhone be unlocked safely?

To answer this, we can look to those that devote their time to the matter over at iPhone Dev Team the people who have developed QuickPwn the tool they describe as the:

“tool we’ve been working on to jailbreak a phone more quickly and easily”

The tool is free and works for iPhones prior to the iPhone 3G. But don’t despair because they believe they are about to crack the iPhone 3G. In the meantime, they warn iPhone 3G owners:

Installing ‘2.2’ straight away on the iPhone 3G using the iTunes auto-updater could affect your chances of any software unlock in the near future (should one be found and released), so when you see an update in iTunes await our instructions first. (more details here)

And don’t worry, the iPhonegizmo team recognize that most iPhone users are not geeks. So we tracked down a tech savvy blogger at geek.com, who has explained in simple terms just how to use this software.

And has some easy to follow images to make the instructions just that much easier to follow.

Now, even these instruction may put some people off. If so, there are some commercial applications that will do all this for you. Our team is currently reviewing them and will post our recommendations in the near future.

There can be little doubt that Apple want to own and/or control everything related to the iPhone market. If you use their browser, shop for all your media through their app store, then there is little room for competition. And the recent news that Google are teaming up with Apple to sell advertising just to apple users will only add to their market control.

pimp my rideConsider how many iPhone developers now operate through the iPhone apps store - even when their app is free!

Consider how Apple is continuously working to develop their software so that users cannot unlock their iPhones.

(This, by the way, would be similar to Ford locking car engines and making sure that all suppliers of ANY accessories, engine parts, tires - you name it - sold their products through Ford!)

Unlocking an iPhone - as long as it is done with reputable products - gives its owner the same sort of freedom that comes with owning any other product. That means that we can have access to music, videos, TV shows, etc., that are free, or much cheaper than we can get from iTunes and that we can select from a much wider range than that decided by the Apple marketing machine.

More importantly, it means that there is healthy competition for our $. Competition ensures we get a better range of accessories, apps, software.. etc. and at a better prices!

(Top image is of the smart forfun2 - a design fantasma developed outside the factories of the two cars that have been used to make it - the Smart car and the Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 series)

Free iPhone Social Network Download With An Expensive Afterburn!

November 14th, 2008 by admin

Loopt-techcrunchspacer1.jpgTechCrunch are congratulating themselves for hooking themselves up to the Loopt social network system, arguing that they correctly anticipated its success. The fact that Apple have recently done an ad promoting the Loopt service, though, has clearly helped!

Did Apple promote the Loopt system because of its clear advantage over Facebook? Frankly, weThe image “http://www.loopt.com/sites/all/themes/loopt/images/template/loopt-logo-green.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. doubt it! On the one hand Facebook is so easy and so widely used. On the other hand, the small print reveals that this is a $$ earner for AT&T (and for Loopt? and therefore Apple in a you-scratch-my-back deal?)

And Loopt are mysteriously vague about this $-coupe. According to TechCrunch, since the Apple promo, Loopt have been getting”

tens of thousands of daily downloads

According to Loopt:

Loopt currently requires the use of SMS text messages. Standard data and messaging charges from your carrier apply. In the first couple weeks after registering for Loopt, Loopt will send you a few messages to confirm your registration.
you will find this info at the bottom of the page at “Loopt pricing information“)spacer1.jpg


Monster Cartoon iPhonespacer1.jpgWhy is Loopt so vague? - “a few“? - and how much does each message cost? And why does it take more than one?

Lets just think for a moment….

even if the “few” text messages that Loopt sends are free, the service is not.

That ads up to a nice financial windfall for someone - just AT&T?, Loopt and AT&T?, all three (Apple, Loopt and AT&T) are dancing around the Mulberry bush? And what of Techcrunch and others who are “partnering” with Loopt? Is this a financial arrangement where they get revenue shares for all those they sign up?

Because, frankly, we prefer Facebook. Why promote another social network? Which is why we suspect that $$ are in play. (If you don’t already know how to get Facebook on your iPhone, check out the excellent video below - with the bonus that it shows Myspace and Twitter for iPhone as well)


OK, the map locater that Loopt uses is neat. But not neat enough for the expense of using Loopt.

Our conclusion: “Free to download” but expensive to run - why bother?

An iPhone Nano for Christmas?

November 10th, 2008 by admin

A friend’s (uni student) daughter has been begging for an iPhone for Christmas. But, how fickle is this market? Because, while on a visit to my friend yesterday, I heard him greeted with the excited plea from his daughter - “Can I have a BlackBerry Storm for Christmas… please, please, pretty please?!”


iphone nano


And apparently, she is not alone … at least in that part of the world where all things seem to be topsey turvey…Ireland!

According to a report in today’s Irish Examiner, the Irish Consumer Choice magazine were not wiling to recommend the iPhone as the best buy for Christmas shoppers. Consumer Choice tested 20 phones from the five manufacturers dominating the market and report that:


the Sony Ericsson W890i, with a score of 71% came out tops, closely followed by the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music and the Samsung SGH-F480 Tocco with a score of 70%.

The Apple iPhone 3G (fourth!) was also labeled a “choice buy” with a score of 69%

spacer1.jpgAll this just means that competition is hotting up for the Christmas mobile phone market. And the recession is only going to make the competition for the Christmas $ even hotter. But Apple has proven all through 2008 that it is not just a great design company - it has shown that it knows how to compete - and out-compete - even the big guns. And that it is prepared to be quite aggressive about keeping - and expanding - its market share.

As another recent study revealed, Apple is now in second place worldwide!

smart phones

Is Apple going to do anything special to combat the BlackBerry release so near to Christmas? We all hope so - as all this competition is great for us consumers. Now would seem a great time to release the elusive iPhone Nano.

But, according to Jim Dalrymple reporting for Macworld Magazine less than a week ago, it aint gonna happen:

Despite Internet rumors of forthcoming product releases, an Apple representative confirmed that the company has no plans to release any new products before the holidays


How Smart Are iPhone Business Users?

November 7th, 2008 by admin

A key marketing study released yesterday - that surveyed business customer satisfaction with wireless smartphones - turned up some surprising results. Apple, it turns out, is now outshining the Blackberry!

The study assessed satisfaction by asking users to rate their Smartphone on five criterion: ease of operation; operating system; physical design; handset features, and; battery aspects. And, with the exception of the “battery aspect”, iPhone topped the polls in overall satisfaction score:

Press Release Figure

According to the report, smartphone users are a special group of users that seek, among other things:

  • Internet capability (45%), ability to use e-mail account (41%), overall design/style (39%), Bluetooth capabilities (37%) and keyboard style (e.g., QWERTY) (37%)
  • third-party software (34%). Popular software downloads among business users include games (49%), business applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel (43%) and travel-related programs (36%).
  • spacer1.jpgFrankly, we at iPhonegizmo would also like to have seen the survey check out how smart smartphone users are? Because if they get their software, only (or even mainly) from the Apple store, then we would suggest that they are not that smart at all.

    Because, as regular readers of this blog know, there are plenty of superb free - or nearly free - alternatives to the Apple shop for these type of iPhone downloads.

    Free WiFi Hotspots for iPhone - Courtesy of AT&T

    November 3rd, 2008 by admin

    Free WiFi Hotspots for iPhone - for US iPhone users. After two previous failed attempts to offer this service in May and July, AT&T are again offering this nice freebie.

    According to a release from the caffeine addiction leader, T-Mobile is no longer going to be their Wi-Fi Hotspot provider. This morning the two companies announced plans to deliver AT&T Wi-Fi service at more than seven thousand company-operated Starbucks locations across the United States. (Photo: J. Anderson)

    spacer1.jpgThe service will be available at about 17,000 domestic hotspot locations (OK, mostly McDonald’s and Starbucks locales! but the hotspot network does also include Barnes and Noble, Airports and quite a few other places - and they provide an interactive site where we can do an easy search for hotspots in our area)

    According to the latest version of the AT&T “How to access WiFi” page, getting Wi-Fi hotspots is easy for iPhone owners.

    But, as you will see when you try it - its a bit more involved than connecting to a hotspot with a laptop, or even a PSP. There are about five steps involved - including receiving a (free) text message from AT&T.

    But we do get free 24 hour access from that hotspot, and we can apparently connect to as many WiFi hotspots as we want on any single day. (Hmmm.. we worry about all the free text messages AT&T is saying they are wiling to cop to let us hook into free wifi?)

    Whether “easy” really describes the process is debatable, but the important things is that we finally can access the free hotspots - and we at iPhonegizmo suggest that you grab a go while its still on offer!