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iPhone Games for the Christmas Season

December 29th, 2008 by admin

There are now over a thousand games listed in iTunes and they vary greatly in quality and price tag. So its can be a real nightmare trying to find the good ones. Over the next few posts we will be reviewing some of the recently released games. For now, we will stick to those targeting the Christmas season.

iPhone games - Christmas Puzzlespacer.jpg There are eight Christmas-theme games listed in iTunes - six released in December and two in November. All carry a price tag! What is troubling about these - and other recently released games - is that in many cases the support site and/or game home sites listed for the developers don’t actually have information (or even mention) the game! The game will get a solid rave on itunes, but when we follow the link - nada!

iPhone Game - Rudolfs Revengespacer.jpgTake Rudolf’s Revenge - released at the beginning of November. In this case, clicking the link to the site results in a “The url is not valid and cannot be loaded” message. The support link works but does not send us to the support page on the site. OK there is a clear tab at the top to “support” BUT, the game itself does not get a mention anywhere on their site. It’s been two months, dudes. If you don’t think its worth a mention, why would we buy it? (No, not a freebie)

And much the same can be said for Christmas Trivia (they do have a site - if you count half a page and a few short sentences as a site, but no support). They do mention their game - sort of -iphone game- Christmas Swap apparently, however, its too much work to list the game by its full title, so they haven’t! Nuff said!

Macphun have done a few games for iPhones - but their current offering - Christmas Puzzle - also does not get a mention on their site! For Christmas Swap, we get “New site coming soon”, and its support is “coming soon” as well! Christmas Season also has a “coming soon” for the game details and support. Poor show for games that have a price tag.


iPhone Game Christmas Spellspacer.jpgOn the bright side, there are three games in the list that have good site back-up. These games are also well developed and are, we think, the better games in the bunch. In fact, the iPhonegizmo team have found that the quality of the site backing up the game is an indicator of game quality.

Three out of eight aint bad? Well, unless that reflects the results for all 1000+ games…….!

iphone game EFLrunspacer.jpg

The three games that get good site/product support are: Christmas Spell, ELFrun, and, to a lesser extent, SnapIt - Christmas Edition.

We give the prize for best site support, to ELFrun which goes the extra mile and provides a video trailer for the game:-


The iPhonegizmo team wishes all its readers a happy holiday season.

Vlingo - The Latest Hot Free iPhone Download

December 13th, 2008 by admin

Apple has targeted the business market with great success! (OK the new Blackberry won’t be a storm in a teacup (ha ha)), but that aside - there have been some fantastic business apps released over the last couple of months.

Now there is no point in re-inventing the wheel - so if you want to know which ones are hot-to-trot and the best of the lot, then check out the reviews from thewojogroup and Macworld.

Get vlingo for iPhone.spacer.jpgBecause it has just been released - and so is not mentioned in the above reviews - we wanted to tell you about vlingo. This is one super cool app - and its free.

“Look Ma, no hands” - Vlingo technology allows us to do a whole stack of ordinary tasks through voice instruction rather than by hand! To quote them, Vlingo…

allows users to speak into their device and have many popular applications carry out their respective functions. This includes dialing your phone, sending an email or SMS, creating and saving a memo or task, opening a web browser and performing a web search, composing a social-networking status message and more.spacer.jpg

Pretty cool - in fact, the iPhone team have voted this the best free iPhone app to come out in the last month!

Want to see why? Check out how it works in the following video:

iPhone games Review

December 11th, 2008 by admin

Not all games are created equal. In fact some a just downright awful. Others are just downright expensive. And we can’t always know in advance whether they are worth the expense. As a recent - fairly heated iphone games review - shows, we can easily waste a lot of $$ in ignorance.

iphone game Sparta
iPhone game Sparta costs around $10 and
is one of 28 games developed just by Gameloft

Well, the iPhonegizmo team reckon there is a better option. Rather than hunt around for possible reviews (very tedious and often there aren’t any) we suggest that game enthusiasts invest in a iPhone download membership and then for mere cents per game you can try out all you want!

Google Ads Target iPhones!

December 9th, 2008 by admin

Because our research requires we use the internet - a lot - we get to have a fairly good idea of how it all works. So we sometimes forget that the average internet user is not as savvy.

We have found that a surprising number of people do not understand that when they do a search (on Google, Yahoo, Live, or whatever..) the search results delivers “natural” results and ads. For example, a reader might find this site by typing “iphone downloads” into their favorite web browser. If that were Google then they might get a page that looks like:

google search results
The left side shows the “natural” search results in purple print (the center of this page has been deleted so that we could fit the image into the blog column) . These natural results are web sites that are highly relevant to the search query, deliver quality results and have proven to be the most popular websites for that search term.

The rest of the results on the page are ads!!

The ones in the pink section at the top, pay the highest amounts for their ads so that they can be listed above the natural search results (side step our preferences, as it were). The results on the right hand side are also paid ads (and - again, position depends on which site is willing to pay the most.

iPhone-ad-screenshot-cropped.jpgiPhonegizmo does not buy ads nor do we have adwords or banners etc on our blog. But we figure that whilst much of the internet is still free, it is worth knowing what are ads and what are not!

Especially, as Google has announced today that it is extending its Adwords options for iPhones. This means that advertisers can now target iphones and limit their campaigns to appear just for iPhones. Your Google search results look something like that show in the image on the left.

With the pink result being an ad.

Because these are even more integrated with the natural search results than for internet pages it may be difficult to know whether we are getting a high quality search result or just an ad! And as we are now being classed as a “target group”, we at iPhonegizmo reckons that iPhone users really do need to be aware of the difference between natural search results and ads.
Now you will know !

Are You A Bad Apple?

December 4th, 2008 by admin

Its the silly season, right. Lets face it, we all go a bit crazy at this time of the year (though you lot more than us, of course!) So we can take a momentary break from hunting down new free iPhone download goodies and put you in the way of something else you will enjoy!

We spotted this cool logo (a bit cheaky, but smart - we dug it! They call themselves, by the way, badappleshirts)

Why, you ask? Well, you can work that one out for your selves! But here is the fun part. Each month they give a T-shirt away. All you have to do is become an email subscriber and you will go into the draw for one of thes - an official “bad apple” shirt! :

The Official BAS Women's Dark T-ShirtThe Official BAS Dark T-Shirt

(Just click the images to enter the contest). If you love iPhones but are starting to consider Apple a “bad apple” we figured this might be a prize you would enjoy or just make a great Christmas stocking stuffer!

Actually, we have seen some pretty cool takes on the Apple logo. Here are some of them:

spacer.jpgbad applespacer.jpgfunny apple logo



If you know of more “takes” on the apple logo - funny, sick, angry, happy… send the image url to us at admin.iphonegizmo@gmail.com and we will include them in future posts.