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Free iPhone Wallpapers that YOU deserve

January 31st, 2009 by admin

http://www.ahoodie.com/wallpapers/iphone/thehundreds/new_the_hundreds_iphone_itouch_desktop_background_wallpaper3.jpgspacer.jpg We have already powered through January - and what a month! And all our new years resolutions have been long forgotten - for most. That shiny new-year glow can pass quickly when life happens - as it tends to.

But we have a way to keep it fresh. How you put our suggestion into play is up to you, of course. And that will depend on just what motivates you (more on that later).

We have roped in the iPhone wallpaper feature to help us. Now we are all very visual on the team here at iPhonegizmo, so we are going for imagery to motivate us. But we will make other suggestions, below. Now, the fact is that you can use any photo you want as a wallpaper (more of that below as well). We wanted to use an image that would both remind us of our resolve to bring new ways into our lives as well as inspire us and give us a sense that anything is possible. After a bit of friendly competition we all agreed that these images fit our needs:

The image “http://architecture.myninjaplease.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/05/dynamic-architecture-3.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


The image “http://www.dynamicarchitecture.net/img/images_L400/19.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Why? Well, these are images of a new building being constructed in Dubai. And it breaks all sorts of traditions. For starters, every floor in the building will rotate (one full rotation every 90 minutes). Thats an 80 story building, with every floor rotating! Secondly, 90% of the building is being prefabricated off site - the idea being that it will only take 18 months to build. For us, these pics say “dare to dream”!

OK, you can use your own photos, of course. That includes taking a photo of your list of goals (what else is a new years resolution, after all). Some people have even taken a photo of their business card to use as a wallpaper on their iPhone. (the idea being that people will return their phone if lost) But you can take photos of airline tickets, Superbowl tickets, etc…

Once you decide on the photos, its a simple matter to turn them into wallpapers for your iPhone.

1) Connect your iPhone to your computer. When it launches iTunes, click the PHOTOS tab.

2) Then click sync photos from and browse to your photos folder.

3) Select the photos you want to make into wallpapers. Then click sync - the photos will now be on your iPhone.

4) Now tap the photos icon on your iPhone and you will see all your new photos.

5) Go to your settings menu and tap the wallpaper icon. The images you chose will appear.

6) Tap options and choose (tap) use as wallpaper

7) You can now experiment with position and with zoom .When the image looks right, tap set wallpaper.

8) Admire your work. You now have a unique wallpaper that works for just for you! And you now also know how you can easily update it. Not motivated to make your own? Click the image at the top for some fun free iPhone wallpapers - or check out those we recommended in a previous post.

Taking iPhone Video watching to the next level: get Video Compass

January 24th, 2009 by admin

Veoh have just launched the beta version of their Video Compass browser add-on tool.

Veoh Video Compass

If you are a fellow online video fanatic then you will appreciate this tool, which takes finding and watching videos to a new level of comfort, speed and ease. Why?

So lets say you want to find out about a recently released iPhone game. The tool will automatically display videos about the game and also allows us to watch the videos - if we want to watch them - on the same page. No need to navigate to the video site and then back to our page. Saves a LOT of fuss and bother. It will also tell us about videos that “others who were interested in this topic” also watched, allow us to instantly send the video to friends … and a host of other useful features.

On the negative side, however, Veoh do not appear to offer videos from other popular sources such as YouTube. This is a serious shortcoming. Consider a search for “iphone downloads”:

Veoh verse Youtube

Veoh’s offerings are shown above - and that’s the full offer for this keyword. This compares to over 100 videos on this topic on Youtube. And if we search for Warner Brothers recently released iPhone game - Lego Batman: Gotham City, Veoh has nada! whilst Youtube has three (there were more, but we guess Warner Bros have been busy!)

The Veoh Video Compass™ currently supports Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 browsers, BUT it will soon be extended to Safari. For now, you can download this free tool and start enjoying it from your PC.

Download Veoh Video Compass™

Add to Firefox 3

Add to Explorer 7

Veoh have also made their most popular videos accessible on the iPhone - just type Veoh.com into the iPhone’s Safari browser to access their new iPhone-enabled site. Video viewing from our iPhones just got a lot better!

“Contact to Mobile” App Launched today - And at a huge launch discount

January 21st, 2009 by admin

Just a quickie post to let business readers in on a new business-based iPhone app being released today - ContactToMobile. This app will mean that businesses can respond promptly to customer communications that come through their web sites even when away from the office. They have also developed the app so that it effectively blocks costly nuisance spam !

Contacts To Mobile logo

The launch is being celebrated with a massive discount on the regular price. For today only, it is available at a massive discount from bitsdujour. This is such a useful business app, that it would be a real pity to miss out. (The countdown started at midnight ET and was 1 hour and 35 mins (about) into the countdown at time of writing.)

Contact To Mobile on iphone

Two new iPhone software apps give us Food For Thought!

January 20th, 2009 by admin

Although not of the same caliber as the sustainable food/restaurant site we previously reviewed , these two recently released iPhone software apps provide restaurant-locater services with some appeal.

Urbanspoon for the iPhone appeals for two reasons: firstly it encourages us to be a bit adventurous (whilst playing it safe!) That’s because its a shake-and-tell system (or Russian roulette!). We shake our iPhone and it will deliver a restaurant in the area we are wanting to go to eat. Its not entirely random because the restaurants with the best reviews get top listing (and anyway, we can shake again if we don’t like the result). However, we found that its still pretty light on reviews, and they only have wide coverage in US and Canada.

urbanspoon contestspacer.jpgThe second benefit of registering with this site is that they are running a pretty good contest at the moment. Every ,month, winners get 5 nights at Hotel Pont Royal in Paris and dinner for two at Joel Robuchon’s Michelin Star Rated L’Atelier Restaurant.

The second restaurant guide that is now available on our iPhone is liveonthego - a ‘take out‘ food guide. This already popular site has developed this free app in response to its fans’ demands.

And its easy to see why this is a popular tool. Because it allows us to order our food from our iPhone (nothing new there) But, we can search for restaurants based on our location, view the full menus (for all LiveOnTheGo restaurant partners) and pay for our order. Its an integrated setup that will please many iPhone owners.

As great as this sounds, the service is basically limited to Californian cities, so no use to most of us. But Californians can access the new software by going to LiveOnTheGo from your iPhone and you will be redirected to the new optimized iPhone site.Eat Well Guide

spacer.jpgFor those that are serious about eating well (organic, and/or sustainable foods), we remind of the community based, Eat Well Guide that can be accessed on our iPhones and which covers all of North America and

iPhone Unlock The Easy Way

January 18th, 2009 by admin

We have done several posts about this issue now, and referred readers to the top free software that has been developed to unlock iPhones. The free software is excellent -but not everyone feels technically savvy enough to use it. So we promised to test some of the commercial iPhone-unlock products and report back.

Well the holiday season got in the way, so we have taken a bit longer than planned to do this. But, we have finally completed this self appointed task and have our first offering.

click here to visit site

But first, lets quickly review some of the main benefits of unlocking our iPhones:

iphone-spot.jpgEnables us to use free media & great free downloads not available in iTunes - or only at a price! (many of these great free download are featured elsewhere on this blog - see egs here and here)

iphone-spot.jpgCan use any SIM card worldwide. Can use any contract or even use prepaid Install VoIP software for free long distance calls! AND - as a quick look at eBay will show - can raise our iPhone’s value by $200!

There are several iPhone unlock software options to choose from. We liked this software because it provides plenty of easy-to-follow FAQs on how this software works! And because the software works with “one click”

You can get more details about the software from unlock-the-iphone.com

TV for iPhone, coming……soon!

January 15th, 2009 by admin

The Slingbox Media crew were also at the Macworld 2009 Expo and they also demo-ed their new iPhone product that-is-not-yet-available (really there did seem to be only two types of “new” products for iPhones: old-new products that have been around for months or pre-new products that will be out in months!)

Still, the TV for iPhone will be cool - assuming Apple approve the Sling Media product (how does Apple manage to be the sole arbiter of these things?). There is limited information on their site about the upcoming media player, but fortunately, Satelliteguys videod their interview of Rick Carini from Sling Media at the Macworld Expo - and we can see a brief demo:

New LEGO Batman: Gotham City Game, designed exclusively for iPhone - FREE on iPhinegizmo

January 7th, 2009 by admin

iPhone downloadsspacer.jpgiPhonegizmo has partnered with Warner Brothers to bring you their latest iPhone game for free (today only).

We think the game is significantly ahead of most other iPhone games. That’s because it has more of the feel of a Sega game (eg early Sonic ) than the more simple tilt-and-play of so many iPhone games.

Check out the video to see what we mean:

There are 16 “mini games” that the player has to work through - all linked together by the underlying (and new) batman story. The graphics are stunning and the play is backed by a full orchestra soundtrack. Warner Bros have shown that their team of experts are perfect for developing games of quality AND they have thrown down the gauntlet to other would-be game developers: BEAT THIS!

Lego Batman for iPhone


Lego Batman for iPhone


Lego Batman for iPhone

Sorry, this promotion has now ended. If you would like to be notified as soon as new promotions arise, register below (you will be returned to this blog):


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