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iPhone Battery Reacharge App

March 31st, 2009 by admin

spacer9.jpgYep - believe it - an App that will recharge our iPhone batteries for us! And it is called - appropriately enough as you will see - WebJuice.

Part of the joy of being an iPhone owner is that we get to enjoy the most amazing array of ingenious products and apps that are designed to go with it. And there is a steady stream of exciting new developments - so much so that you’d think it would be pretty difficult to surprise us.

And yet, the announcement by Nakko that they have developed a way to recharge our iPhones “wirelessly” managed to get our pulses racing - yet again!

Iphonegizmo have introduced our readers to the wonders of Nakko before - and we are impressed with their new offer - a free iPhone app that will charge your iPhone without cables!! So folks - put the link in your favorites and follow their advice:

We will be going live early next month. Drop us an e-mail and we’ll let you know when we’re open for business.

To find out more just watch the video -

Of course the old saying goes “If its too good to be true - it probably isn’t!”And April fools day is only just around the corner …. So we will just have to wait and see whether this is legit or not!

Great Free Videos for your iPhone.

March 27th, 2009 by admin

In this post we will show you how to find some unique free videos for your iPhone.

At first look, you might pass by Wizzard.tv as a source of videos because it is a huge audio podcasting site - there were 1.2 billion podcast download requests from Wizzard in 2008 alone! And their site is not as user-friendly as a site of this magnitude and popularity should be.

free iphone videosspacer8.jpgTo find their video offerings all you can do is go to their site and click the link to “shows” in the top bar. Once you click that and are on the new page put your cursor over “Comedy”. You will get a drop down menu. Select “TV & Film” and you will be taken to the page with “This months top TV and Film shows”.

This month there are 10 videos to choose from (yes, only 10 - despite the category, most are audio!!).

But, you ask: “where are last months shows? or last years shows? How can we find them?” And are these really the only videos on offer”

Good questions! And if you email wizzard and ask - they will tell you that you can only find the shows listed under each category!

Ha! Well, not to worry, we worked out how to find hundreds of videos from their site. There are videos to suit all tastes - from cars to cooking to animation -to short films to crazy sport videos.

They go from the funny to the absurd, from the entertaining to the educational and to suit all ages!

Wizzard video for iPhone

Take the connected to life video podcasts for example (above) - these are high quality, high interest videos that aim at giving parents and kids insight into the best ways and places for kids to use the internet. Take a look at this video by clicking the image:

So how do you find the shows? Just click this link to get hundreds of search results for Wizzard video podcasts

We will cover more sophisticated searches in a later post when we plan to review some of the more interesting Wizzard videos. In the meantime - check them out. You will be pleasantly surprised by some (and disappointed in others - OK they aren’t all worth watching!)

iPhone Helping Us To Keep Politics Honest!

March 26th, 2009 by admin

We have been promised - a lot!

spacer7.jpgAnd one of those promises has been “transparency” in government. Helping that to become a reality has been the establishment of transparent-gov.com. This site is fueled by the belief that:

Transparency is the essence of good government!

To help with the transmission of information so necessary for transparency, Transparent-gov has today released of a free iPhone App that will serve as a portal for revealing how the recovery budget will be spent - and where!

The App has been well designed with easy to understand graphs that allows us to see exactly what is going on with the recovery spending and who benefits!

And - if this excites you - there’s more!

Go check out the WhiteHouse site and follow the new Open For Questions experiment that was trialled there today. Its a very ambitious and exciting attempt at promoting open politics (as the video below reveals). Whatever your politics, you will have to agree that:


Getting the best iPhone tips and tricks.

March 23rd, 2009 by admin

iPhone Lifespacer6.jpgThere is only one print mag devoted solely to iPhones and thats iPhone Life!

We get it here - at iPhonegizmo - of course! And we just noticed that there is a special dealio on it. So we are doing a quick post to let our readers in on it - before the offer ends.

They are currently offering 8 Issues for $25.00 - usually over 60 US bucks! Which is a huge 60% discount. (Just type “iphone” into their search bar to get sent to the special)

They specialize in finding ways to get the best out of our iPhones -that’s why we get the mag for. We don’t cover this stuff on our blog, but its been a real eye opener to find out these tricks and tips for getting the max from this great device! And its easy to understand - no need to be a tech head to get value. Don’t forget - just type “iphone” into their search bar to find the special.


Smart App that turns Your Lesser Mobile Phones into an iPhone Lite?

March 21st, 2009 by admin

So you have an iPhone - but in these tight times chances are you are the only one in your family to have one. And the rest of your family drives you nuts wanting to use it (of course)! Or spacer5.jpgperhaps you are just wishing you had one and are saving hard to make the upgrade - and are visiting this site just so you can find out all the cool things you can do with it once you get it?

Whether you are the harried single-iPhone family or a desperate wanna-be, the recent release of Notifier by iSkoot may be just what you need till the next iPhone comes along. This is a very cool application that turns an ordinary phone into a smart phone. (OK its never gonna match up the iPhone, but hear me out..)

The Notifier makes it possible for an ordinary mobile to access your Facebook as you would on your iPhone, read and publish updates on Twitter, get Gmail or AOL and send, receive, and reply to messages. And to

  • Get news feeds from the most popular news, sports, entertainment, politics and technology sites on the web, from CNN to ESPN to Perez Hilton.

So put this great App on the other mobiles in your home and get yourself some iPhone-alone time! You can download this free App here.

BTW - iSkoot has also just released iSkoot for Skype - free mobile app that means that all the great features of Skype can now be used on basic mobile handsets. Skypespacer5.jpgAnd what’s more, AT&T currently offers its iSkoot-enabled phones with a US$15 a month data plan. All this makes this smartphone-lite upgrade a realistic option.

NB: Notifier has only just been released - so it currently only works on20 mobiles brands - LG, Motorola and Samsung and Sony mobiles and on the Nokia: 6555. But iSkoot assures us that it will be available for another 10 soon and it has just released its SDK to any and all handset manufacturers or and other device (maybe the PSP will take it on?) So should be available on any handset in the next few months.

iPhone -The New PC!

March 18th, 2009 by admin

Of course, this is not news! But with some 10,000 new Apps released over the last 2 months, it is easier and easier to do all the things that most of used to use a PC to do, from the iPhone. In many cases its easier and faster and can be done while we commute, for example - previously “wasted” time.

Emphasizing this are Apps like the free Xbox Achievement Guide - which provide a service for the product of a competing game platforms (and there are many more Apps like this one).

UIE Portfolio
The arrival of these types of Apps makes it clear that Apple is aiming to provide a comprehensive alternative to the PC and to fuel the m-commerce revolution.

Because, for much of the world, PCs are still not an option. By contrast, mobile phones are already widely used throughout Asia. For example, a recent report revealed that:

Statistics show that the number of cell phone users in Beijing reached 16.162 million at the end of 2008, and the handset possession rate was 95.4 units per hundred people, 2.5 units fewer than the previous year.

When and if iPhones take off in Asia, the App store is ready to make it easy to choose an iPhone over a PC. However, so far the iPhone has not done well in India (absence of a 3G network had really slowed adoption there) - which is a potentially huge market. And has not yet been made available in China.

In the meantime, viva la Apps!

Free Video Games For our Troops

March 16th, 2009 by admin

Free video games for our soldiers - we thought that was cool. And the story behind the only spacer4.jpgorganization that is solely devoted to this task is cool as well. SPC Jesse Williams founded the (NFP) gamesforsoldiers.org when he returned from active duty in Afghanistan and has been working (singlehandedly, by the looks of the site) to get video games donated to soldiers stationed there and in Iraq.

He started contacting video game publishers whilst still in Afghanistan because they were such a great way for soldiers to relax and get a break. Thanks to SPC Williams, thousands of video games have been sent to armed services personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan!Hordes of Orcs

And SPC Willims is not the only hero here because MrJoy and Freeverse are the ones that came through and donated the latest game -more than 20,000 copies of Hordes of Orcs - to the US Armed Services through Games For Soldiers. (And at around $25 a game that’s equivalent to $500,000)

If you would like to know more - you can get the interview with Jon Frisby of MrJoy, Inc live on iTunes podcasts (episode 41).

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