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An iPhone accessories you MUST HAVE for summer!

April 25th, 2009 by admin

Maybe its the balmy spring days reminding us of summer, maybe its because I am dreaming of my coming trip downunder where I plan to surf at real beaches and dive the coral reefs! So I admit to drooling over the images we captured for this post.

iPhone waterproofNow, if you search this blog you will discover that it’s a rare post that we do on iPhone accessories (we mostly post about free stuff - iPhone downloads and Apps). But we are making an exception for this one! And not just because one of our team (me) has just gone and got one of the armbands (and with holiday spirits souring, is wanting to wax lyrical on all things associated with it). But for two other darned solid good reasons:

Firstly - H2O has beautifully designed and executed pieces ofH2O Audio equipment (you can get waterproof headphones and dive cases as well) that allows us to take our iPhone and iPods with us while we are engaged in water sports - 100% guaranteed to be water proof (or they will replace our iPhone!). And that includes sports where water is likely to be hitting us at some speed - like wakeboarding.

Secondly, its fast approaching water sports season. And most of us are frustrated at having to leave our media/communications center behind - now we really don’t have to.

Just check out these images - ahhh yes… Summer anyone?

iPhone watersports


iPhone watersports


iPhone watersports

I fully intend that bottom pic to be me - and just so you know how much fun I am having - I’ll send pics!

iPhone downloads our Photos

April 23rd, 2009 by admin

spacer3.jpgThe team here has been doing research on iPhone photo apps. And while that is still ongoing - results to be posted in the near future - one site has captured our attention (ha ha).Partly because these people are serious about providing quality photos (definitely suitable for pros as well a the everyday user), partly because their site is the most user-friendly one we have found, and partly because there is an excellent free iPhone App that interfaces with the site and the photo images we store there.

Some of the other benefits that SmugMug offer include: no ads or promotions surrounding our photos; unlimited storage; ability to retrieve our photos anytime; no reduced resolution of our photos (many free sites do!); no “free for a few photos, expensive for more” plans like Picasaweb’s! If you have a wedding, graduation, baptism, etc etc coming up then just bookmark the site - you will want to come back to it! Especially as they also allow unlimited number of video uploads. Which we want for those occasions especially as:

SmugMug brings television clarity to the Internet!

There is also, as we said, a free iPhone App. This App automatically geolocates photos we take with our iPhone (works on all iPhones),

free iPhone photo App

And here, of course, is what we all really want - we CAN browse our SmugMug galleries on our iPhone -including those images not taken with out iPhone, of course!

Watch Your Favorite Movies On Your iPhone For Free!

April 20th, 2009 by admin

If you have paid for a movie, then no-one expects you to pay for it again just so you can watch it on the TV in your bedroom! So why should you have to pay for it again so that you can watch it on your iPhone? You definitely should not.

But - sadly for us - the iPhone is limited because it has been designed to play only certain types of videos. And that basically forces us to get all the movies and TV shows we want to watch on our iPones from iTunes (and while there are the occasional freebies, most movies typically cost between $9.99 and $14.99 to buy or $2.99-$3.99 for overnight rental and TV shows are typically $1.99 per show - convenient, but those charges add up to big bucks real fast!)

Free iPhone Movies

Huh? But that has all changed because a software utility has been developed that can take any video and convert it in to a format that the iPhone understands. TransferMy Video automatically does this - and it places the finished product in your iTunes library, so the video is automatically sent to your iPhone the next time you synchronize.

And best of all this fantastic software is free to download!

free iphone download

Living just got easier with the new free GazoPa iPhone App

April 17th, 2009 by admin

What do the following images have in common?
They were all found using GazoPa similar-image search, using - you guessed it I’m sure - the cross in the bottom left image. The other crosses were among the over 1000 images that were found. Now GazoPa have just brought out a free App that now allows us to use this extremely useful search functionality on our iPhones.

http://www.christusrex.org/www1/giotto/MCR-crucifix-m.jpgalso foundhttp://images.acclaimimages.com/_gallery/_SM2/0071-0803-2510-2948_SM2.jpgorhttp://www.clipartof.com/images/thumbnail/11846.jpgorhttp://static.bigstockphoto.com/thumbs/1/4/1/small/1416735.jpg
“How could this possible be useful” - you say? Just check out the video below to see just what you can do with it. (We love the video search function) This app is great for personal, commercial (find those shoes you wanted) and business use. Can’t see why we would bother with it. Check out the video to see just how much easier this app is gonna make things!

Meet a Woman who Gives new meaning to the phrase “Dare to Dream”

April 14th, 2009 by admin

You have gotta watch this!!!!!

Do watch the original in full on YouTube it is truly heart warming and inspirational - they have limited the viewing to YouTube ‘by request’ (from Britains Got Talent show, no doubt!)

I dare you to claim you did not get tears in your eyes! It can’t be done. And I dare you to watch the original video only once! And BTW its had 0ver 3million views in just 3 days!

iPhone Wallpaper for Easter

April 10th, 2009 by admin

There’s a pleasure, isn’t there in changing our iPhone wallpaper for special occasions - like Easter. We went looking for the latest free iPhone wallpapers for the Easter season and found….. not a lot! Now that the iPhone is a done deal (top of all done deals, without a doubt - but no longer the bestest new toy) - there just is not the same frenzy of “free for iphone” stuff on offer.

Still we did find some - and the best two (we reckon) we include here:

Easter Bunny

This site offers 7 other Easter-theme iPhone wallpapers for you to choose from and they also give easy-to-follow instructions on how to set iPhone wallpapers.

We also found this beautifully done “twelve stations meditation freebie” (use the above guideline to set this as your wallpaper):

iPhone wallpaper

The other 11 stations are just as beautifully illustrated - and free to download (the 12 Stations Meditation is a flash file. This can be viewed with flash player which you can download free from www.adobe.com, or in a web browser with flash plug in - most browsers should have this) - at jonnybaker.blogs

But be warned, several nuisance sites selling spyware products have targeted the search terms related to this post - so if you go looking for your own wallpapers and you get one of these sites, be ready to close your browser in a hurry.

Free iPhone Ringtone?

April 7th, 2009 by admin

http://nakko.com/images/ringtone_icon.gif?1221664243Update on the post on the iPhone battery Appp. Well, it was an April fools prank - or a viral marketing campaign disguised as an April fool’s prank? (The video has had 15,000 views and is still up there on Youtube for viewing!!) And they plan to further capitalize on this by making the video available as an iPhone App - so that we can play the same prank on others (and further spread the word about Nakko?)

Well the site IS great as we have said before - so we won’t be too hard on them for the trick (or viral marketing campaign). And anyway, to make up for their trick - they are giving us a free ringtone! iPhone users can click this link to download the ringtone . Or you can preview the ringtone here (so you know its not another trick - batta-boom!)

Antway - 10 stars for a great trick - Nakko went to some trouble for this - made a video, set up a special page with cool graphics and fancy name for the fake iPhone App. You can just picture the Nakko team giggling all the way through the production.

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