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iPhone Print Anyone?

June 29th, 2009 by admin

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spacer2.jpgHere is something that - when you consider the crazy rush to develop iPhone Apps, and the massive popularity of sites like Vistaprint (in the top 1000 sites on the web) - is quite surprising. There are no decent iPhone apps related to printing or business cards or from the big printing companies.

The big print companies, after all, do huge promotions - like the one illustrated to the left! So why haven’t they developed Apps for us?

Don’t get us wrong! There are hundreds of business apps  - and a few of these offer some printing related service (more of this below). But we discovered that most of the apps that offer printing-related or business card-related benefit get the thumbs down from users - with most rating them a 1/5!

Still, given the huge popularity of printing sites and the fact that there are nearly 2 million searches a month for terms like “business cards” and over 7 million searches for “printing”, we decided to see what apps - with ratings over 3/5 - do offer print related solutions for iPhones.

FREE - The Bump App makes the above two obsolete! And really takes advantage of the iPhone technology. All that is required is  bumping two hands together while holding an iphone and the contact details are transferred. It does need  two iPhones to work! - but is great for exchanging business details with other iPhone owners.  So - eliminates the need for a business card! (3 star rating)

And one printing company has put out an App - HP, of course!iPrint Photo Icon

This one is FREE and is called HP iPrintPhoto. With it we can print out 4″ x 6″ photos from images stored on our iPhone from most HP networked ink jet printers so long as they are connected to a local WiFi network. (Thishas a 3 star rating as well)

The Print App costs $2.99 - But, once we install “Print” app on our iPhone and download the free WePrint software for our desktop/laptop we can then print directly from our iPhone. This appps allows us to printhttp://media.getjar.com/repository/img/21858_thm.jpg out contact address and phone numbers, web pages,  and photos from our iPhone Photo Album. We can also take a photos with our iPhone and print it straight away. Handy!(3 star rating)

The ACTPrinter app costs $0.99 - and acts in reverse of the previous app.It allows documents to be printed to the iPhone.  It allows us to “print” any document from our Mac to our iPhone or iPod Touch. It means that we can stop wasting paper! (3 star rating)

Are iPhone Wallpapers Dangerous?

June 24th, 2009 by admin

Are iPhone wallpapers dangerous? Well - according to recent research - it depends on what sites you go to to find them!

SiteAdvisor   product shotspacer1.jpgBut first - what do we mean by dangerous? Well, we’ve all had that nasty experience when we go searching for sites where we can get information, or freebies or entertainment or news…. whatever, and instead, the minute we click on it, we start having a file downloaded to our computer THAT WE DO NOT WANT! And we hit the panic button, right? These are sites that attempt to access our computer without our consent. This is the work of cyber criminals -  who aim to get us to download a file or program that comes with a malicious payload.

They have many strategies - and not all of them are as obvious as the example above. In fact, according to recent research done by McAfee in conjunction with Hitwise, these cyber crooks target many popular search terms that are related to downloading. So when we go looking for “wallpapers”,  “screensavers”, “software”and so on, we are potentially going to visit dangerous sites and/or download potentially dangerous malaware.

The research found that the most targeted (riskiest) search terms are:

 ”screensavers,” with an average risk of 34.4 percent, followed by “free games” (6.8 percent), “work from home” (3.1 percent), “Rihanna” (2.4 percent), “Wekbinz” (1.9 percent), “powerball” (1.5 percent) and “iPhone” and the “Jonas brothers,” both at 1.2 percent. 

McAfee also provide a free tool that tells us which sites are dangerous. Its free and does take the worry out of our search for downloads - the following screen shots show how it works.

iphone wallpapers download dangers

McAfee has automated testers that continually patrol the web and set the safety rating based on results. Sites are rated as dangerous (red cross, or - as shown above - can be set to be highlighted in red), “caution!” - minor risk (yellow cross or highlights) and SAFE (green cross or highlights).

The following image show some of the results for the search term “iphone screensaver” where we found (using SiteAdvisor) that  15% of the top 100 sites were regarded as dangerous or risky! The first one of these is a site that offers iPhone wallpapers!

iphone wallpapers download dangers

By contrast, the search term “free iPhone wallpapers” only resulted in one site being redflagged - although it was the fourth site in the Google results. And the search term “iPhone wallpapers” also only had this one site redflagged (it was number 35 for this search term in Google. We noticed that some of the sites listed are not rated by the SiteAvisor - because they are too new. This may be a way for cyber crooks to evade beeing red flagged as they are super fast at adapting to means of detection.  We have decided to avoid a site that has not been tested.

But, you will be happy to know that your favorite iPhone Downloads site has been given the green light of puredom by the McAfee:


The tool is actually fun to use - you can download it here.

iPhone Live TV coming soon - from around the world!

June 18th, 2009 by admin

Those who went to the recent WWDC were able to be part of a revolutionary new iPhone experience - at least they could be if they had the iPhone OS 3.0 beta! Those that had it, were able to watch live TV - from Tel Aviv, no less - of the finale of ‘The Amazing Race Israel”. But the stream only worked with iPhone OS 3.0.

So you will want to know what that means for us - the average iPhone user. Well, several things - firstly, the iphone OS 3.0 is being released to developers today. That means that we can expect a pretty quick response from at least some TV stations around the world and be able to subscribe to their networks in the near future.

It also means that we should see the iReshet app released any day now - as the promise at the WWDC was that the iReshet app would be released soon after the iPone OS 3.0 had been released. Reshet is the top/ most successful channel in Israel - you can get a preview of the quality of their shows in the above video.

Finally, the app will allow live TV application for both the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. So keep an eye out for this app - if only to get a look at whatis in store for us with live TV on the iPhone.

And if this new development does not excite you (we don’t believe you) then here is some of the other great new technologies available in the iPhone 3GS:

iPhone and Internet Radio

June 15th, 2009 by admin

There are a number of ways to get internet radio on the iPhone - and we have blogged about some of these in the past. The hot site we are reviewing today, allows us to have access to thousands of radio stations worldwide, and 90+ ad-free, DJ-free channels across a wide range of genres. Good enough?

iPhone radio

Well, its always nice when there is more -and there is with this site. Because it is currently offering free software for watching videos and 10 free MP3s for our iPod/iPhone along with 14 days free access to their massive selection of radio stations! We thought that was good enough to check out.

Its easy enough to sign up for their free trial and checking out the huge choice of radio stations we can get on our iPhones was a real pleasure - the whole team gave it the thumbs up. We were also pleased to find that the free trial was super easy to cancel as well - we know because we tried it out (and then signed up for the membership as we liked it so much). It took mere seconds to cancel. And, they also nicely made it clear we could still continue to use the service till the end of the free trial period, even though we had canceled.

We were impressed.

The Latest iPhone 3GS

June 10th, 2009 by admin

WWDC is sold outThe last two years has shown us all that Apple is not just great at design. Apple also has a fantastic PR machine. And they do know how to throw a media event and do so on a regular basis. The current one - the  Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in San Francisco this week at the Moscone Center - sold out!!

Now for most of us, this event is just a geek-fest. However, Apple always keeps the public involved in its events by announcing exciting new gadgets, updates, software or specials. And this event is/will be no different.

Already, the new iPhone 3GS has been unveiled - with side serves for those of us who are happy to buy the “old” models. Check out the details from the Mercury News “live blogcast” direct from the WWDC event:

New iPhone 3GS

Some of the features of  the new iPhone that may tempt us to upgrade include:

It is said to be twice as fast as the existing 3G model, with greater storage, longer battery life, and the introduction of long-missing options such as cut-and-paste and expanded landscape keyboard functionality.

We’ll keep you posted on any other goodies relevant to us iPhone users as they get revealed.

iPhone Humor in iPhone Apps?

June 7th, 2009 by admin

We know that when the people in the west have a big guffaw, riots can erupt in the middle east. Perhaps the latest rash of Apps can help to explain this - sometimes bewildering - response! We are referring, of course, to the numerous comedy Apps that erupted in response to the Swine Flu pandemic scare.

Is it in good taste, we wondered, to scare our friends with the news “Sorry, but you have Swine flu?” However you answer that question, the artistry and enthusiasm behind such apps have to be appreciate. Check them out:

spacer.jpgiphone-app-swineflu4.jpgspacer.jpgiPhone Appsspacer.jpgiPhone Appsspacer.jpgiphone-app-swineflu3.jpgiPhone Appsspacer.jpgandiPhone Apps
spacer.jpgThese are just a few of the swine flu apps that are listed in the “entertainment” genre. The swine snouts say it all!

But here is another oddity! These apps can only be got for a fee (mostly just .99 cents) But the real Apps - yes, there are Apps that have been designed to provide real information about Swine Flu - well these Apps (listed below, are FREE!!)

One final app we wanted to show the images from  (below)- because they are pretty cool (also the most expensive of the Swine Flu apps - though it is informative as well as entertaining))

iPhone Apps

 Whats that you say - enough of this foolishness? This is a serious subject and you really do want an iPhone App that will help? Well sure, we do serious as well! Here are some free ones to check out:

* Influenza (Swine Flu Info); *  swine flu tracker map; * swine flu tracker; * swine flu (news reader); * swine flu rss; *

And two 99 cent apps:

* Swine Flu (H1N1) Tracker; * Swine Flu

How To Play Real $$ Poker on iPhone

June 3rd, 2009 by admin

We are very excited about this app - not because its new app - its not. But because we have just worked out that with it we can play online poker from any games room on our iPhone!  A couple of us hereon the iPhonegizmo team are mad keen poker players - and know that any reader that plays poker - and has been frustrated by Apple’s refusal to allow poker to be played via iPhones, will also appreciate this app.

iphone poker

Now we are talking real $$’s down poker here - not the “games” that are available  through iTunes (did you know that over 40 poker related apps have been iphone pokerreleased on iTunes in the last two months alone?) Now, if you are not itching to play real $$ online poker, then a good substitute can be got from iTunes called MegaPoker Online (this is the free version - and this is another app which is not backed by a proper site, so be warned).  This app lets us play live poker “with real living, breathing people accross the net”. Its poker using play money, but hey, till now that was the best on offer through iTunes.

Now, we’ve worked out that using  apps called Jaadu NVC or Jaadu Remote Descktop we can play on our computer via our iPhone.  Using either app allows us to access and use our home computer from anywhere in the world. Which means accessing our poker room software as well. (Its not cheap - but if you are like us, you will find it is worth being able to play poker anywhere at anytime!). To see just how cool this app is, check out the following video (its shows Jaadu in use on PCs, not Macs, but its the same benefits on both) :