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iPhone eBooks

July 28th, 2009 by admin

When we look for iPhone downloads, we usually are looking for movies, TV shows, music, games etc. But it also include iPhone eBooks! And there is a growing interest in using our iPhones as a book reader! The recent launch of the Barnes & Noble site with an iPhone interface built in, demonstrates this dramatically.

powered by OverDriveWhat you may not know is that there is a way to read many of your favorite books on your iPhone for FREE!! Using a service called overdrive, books can be downloaded from libraries and read on our iPhone. And Overdrive make it easy for us to find out whether the book we want is available for download. The provide a search service which tells us whether the book we want is available in a library near us (pretty much anywhere in the world!)

As our iPhoneGizmo readers already know, one of our team is a Vince Flynn  fan. So we will use his works as an illustration. All we need to do is type “Vince Flynn” into the “creator” bar at overdrive search and we will get a list of libraries from around the world that lend his books out in this format. An example result for one of the ten books listed, is shown below.

iPhone ebooks

Alternatively, we can search by location or by the name of the library we belong to. Couldn’t be easier. But bear in mind that not all libraries offer the ebooks in compatible formats. Want to know if your iPhone is compatible? You can check it here.

So long as we are a member of the library, we can borrow these books for free - download it to our PC and then  to our iPhone. Now most libraries explain that the OverDrive WMA Audiobook excerpts are delivered as WMA files. These  can be used with any version of Windows Media Player.

To use a full OverDrive WMA Audiobook title, you will need to download Transfer Wizard in OverDrive Media Console v3.2 (or newer) for Windows®and complete a one-time ‘Windows Media Player Security Upgrade’ on Windows Media Player version 9 or newer.

Its not difficult and every library provides guidance to help get us setup. Check it out!

iPhone Radio

July 26th, 2009 by admin



We have discovered - though our fan mail - that a lot of iPhone owners have trouble navigating iTunes. Now this comes as no surprise, as it is not a reflection of Apples usual high quality in design (and does leave us wondering whether there is an unseen purpose in such a user unfriendly store front!)

Anyway, today we decided to show you some simple tools, that make using iTunes a little easier. And we decided to show you how to find free iPhone radio Apps as an example.

It turns out that there are over 200 free iPhone radio Apps. So it is definitively useful to know how to find just these Apps. To do this you need to click on the “store” drop down menu at the top of iTunes and select “search”. That will open a search bar where you have the option of choosing what part of iTunes you want to search.

iPhone Radio

We chose to search the  apps store - so we clicked on that.

iPhone Radio

Another search bar then opens that provides us with several more detailed options: title, developer, category, and device.  This allows us to get very specific about what we want to search for.

iPhone Radio

In our case, we want radio apps - so just typed  “radio” into the “Title/Description” bar, put a tick in the “search only for free applications”, chose the “entertainment” category and clicked search. That produced 250 results - most of which are radio apps (well, it is iTunes, so there are going to be some wronguns in there!) The first few from the list are shown below!

iPhone Radio

Our bet is that you will find at least one radio app that will suit your needs from this list. We like the iheartradio app that has the cool widget we have at the top of this post - simply because we enjoy the Daily Obama News Fix - and the discussion that goes with it.

Free iPhone Apps - for limited time!

July 24th, 2009 by admin

While there are plenty of free Apps in iTunes, it is always nice to get something that normally has a price tag, for free. And that is what appgiveaway.com has set itself up to provide. Every day it adds new apps that are available - for free - for four days.

Currently, it has 19 apps that are free but due to expire from 25th July to 27th July. These apps normally sell for prices between $.99 and $4.99. There are education apps, games, and simple “helper” apps. Check the site out and see if it has anything that appeals - remember they are free!

The above education app Patterns courtesy of KyberVision, for example, normally sells for $4.99 but is free till 27th July at appgiveaway.

Free iPhone Movies just got cheaper!

July 23rd, 2009 by admin

http://www.freepenguin.it/immagini/tux/1112-5035.pngHot offer.  We recently did a post showing  you how to go about getting free iPhone movies. All it takes is two super easy to use bits of software and three clicks of the mouse, and you can watch any DVD on your iPhone (friends got some DVDs you wanna watch?) One of the bits of software is free and does its thing in the background - so no need to think about it again. And the other is super cheap and so easy that it takes just three clicks to get the DVD movie into iTunes ready to sync to our iPhones!

free iphone movies

Well, as cheap as we reckon it was, they have just given iPhonegizmo readers an exclusive offer.

For our readers alone,  TransferMyVideo can now be got for 15% off discount!!

Can’t do batter than that folks! Thanks Avanquest, if I had not already bought TransferMyVideo, I would be in like a shot!

Use the “share” button below to share your good fortune with your friends so they can use the 15% discount link as well!

Free eBook Downloads for iPhone

July 21st, 2009 by admin

Free book downloads for iPhoneBarnes & Noble have launched, what they claim is the worlds largest ebookstore (not sure that Amazon would agree!) They have developed their ebook products so that they can be read on a variety of platforms - including iPhones.

They are also giving away a free eReader, along with five free classic novels - that would normally sell for $4.95. After we download the free eReader, and sign in to our newly created account, “your library” has five free classics and a Merriam-Webster dictionary ready to be downloaded to our iPhone.

The B&N eReader itself, comes with two free Classics - The Last of the Mohicans, and Sense and Sensibility. Once we sign in (or create an account) we get three more classics in our online library: Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women along with Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary.

If you have been wanting to read some classics, then this is going to be a great offer for you. But even if these are not the kind of books that suit your taste, the huge range of titles may get you motivated to look around their store - which they say has over 700,000 of them - including hundreds of new releases and bestsellers. These sell for $9.99 - $22.39 - not so cheap when you consider there is no hard copy!

We wondered whether the free eReader would just work for Barnes & Noble books. It does look as if it only works with the Barns & Noble store - so is, for them, an efficient customer funneling device! However, we do get access to:

more than a half-million public domain books from Google, which can be downloaded for free

To be honest, no-one on the iPhonegizmo team have ever found a book we wanted in that collection - but we had fun looking around.

With all that in mind, and if Barnes & Noble publish the kind of books you read, then some features of the eReader that might interest you are:

the ability to modify type size and font and annotate and bookmark text, as well as an innovative auto-scroll feature enabling users hands free reading.

Take a look around their store and see if the eReader is going to be of interest. Its certainly going to be an easy and convenient way to get a book. Only experiencing it will let you know whether this is an easy way to read a book.

Checking the store I did find that some of my favorite authors - Vince Flynn and David Baldacci - are available in their ebook store. But quite a few others are not (yet?). I also noticed that Divine Justice costs more to buy as an ebook than I just paid to get it as a real book!!

Free ebook downloads for iPhone

New Way to Get Free iPhone Music Downloads

July 19th, 2009 by admin

Why is it that software developers make their offerings so user unfriendly? And their “help” menus so that they don’t help? Doing the reviews on the best ways to download free movies to our iPhones was a real nightmare, as we had to download and trial  a stack of software - most of which made no attempt, it seemed to us, to make their software easy to use for the average user!


Now, we really want to let you know about this great new way to get legal free music for your iPhone (and iPod). Potentially, all the music you could ever want! But……

The darned thing is another bit of software that is not intuitively easy to use. Having said that, its free to download and try out the software - so it only costs a bit of time to explore and see whether you like it - and, whats more,  the free version lets us download 40 MP3s of our own choosing! AND - like all free software, there is no demand for credit card details etc. SO free means free!

Here is the blurb on the way it works:

“To find the music you want to download simply select your favorite artists, add them to the MusicFinder’s wish list and Radiotracker will do the rest! It downloads the matching MP3 music as soon as it’s played on any of 2000 continually monitored Web radio stations. And you won’t wait long for your music! On average, Radiotracker will find the music you want in just 25″ seconds!

Now that is how the full version works. They have limited the functionality of the free trial so that it does not work as easily as the full version. We reckon that’s a mistake on their part! However, its still worth giving it a trial - after all we get 40 free MP3s of our own choosing for our effort. We liked it.

Just follow our link to download the free trial. And let us know what YOU think of it!

Apple’s Choice - Best Free iPhone Apps?

July 15th, 2009 by admin

The App store has turned one years old and to celebrate Apple has provided us with its list of the best 30 Apps - 15 Free Apps and 15 Apps with a range of price tags.

The 15 best free iPhone Apps are listed below.

http://www.cutemachine.com/wp-content/themes/thesis/rotator/stanza.jpgStanza With millions of downloads around the world, this electronic book reader App has been a very popular with over 40,000 people rating its various versions as three star and 64% of  9584 raters giving the current version the thumbs up (three stars or better).

Other information sourcing goodies included in this list of best free iphone Apps are Daily Finance, Dictionary.com , New York Times, AP  Mobile (from Associated Press) and Google Earth, with ESPNYelp and Fandango providing more specialized information on sport scores, top local hotspots and movies showing near you .

Best free social networking Apps in the Apple’s list are Facebook and Loopt - though loopt only manages a 2..5 star rating in both older and current versions from over 55,000 raters, the Facebook App has amaasive 4 star rating by almost 250,000 raters with an amazing 5 star rating given to the current version by 61% of 36,432 raters.

Best free music Apps, according to Apple are Shazam (3.5 star by over 100k raters) and Pandora radio (3.5 star by over 160K raters)

And finally, Apple have included a couple of  Apps that give iPhone access to buying commodities/stocks - eBay Mobile and E*Trade Mobile Pro. Both received 3.5 star ratings - though by fewer raters than any of the above apps!

Its not clear why these Apps made the top 15 chosen by Apple, but they are either well rated or have had huge downloads (usually both) so probably represent the best Apps of their type. Links have been provided though we guass that most people already have most of these in downloaded already!

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