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iPhone Downloads or iPhone Apps - When is enough, enough?

August 29th, 2009 by admin

OK- We are probably going to annoy readers who are accessing our site from the comfort of their iPhone. But we just could not resist bringing  you the two takes on the latest Apple ad for the iPhone 3GS. One is the latest official ad from Apple in the USA and the second  is from our British cousins - ever ready to see the funny side. And lets face it, its not that hard to view these vids as they are from YouTube!


And the UK “take” on the whole “lets advertise some more apps!” scene, is:


OK, OK, the next worst thing to friends who send you iPhone apps updates is friends who send you YouTube updates! But, well, we say -”share”!!

More Ways To Get Free iPhone Music!

August 27th, 2009 by admin

The iPhonegizmo team have discovered and posted about many ways to get free downloads for you iPhone - including free music! So here are another two hot tips.

,Miss Derringer

1)  Become a Shockhound  member (its free) and get free MP3s from the musicians that they promote. Here are ten free MP3s from a variety of artists that you can download. The really big artists like Pink, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, etc - well, you won’t find too many freebies from them. Why would they?

But, many other artists offer free Mp3s to promote their new albums and you can find them without here, too much effort! The link above will get you to free MP3s from:- The Architects (see video clip below),  Aspects of Physics, Miss Derringer, Volcano Choir, Johnny Polygon and others (quite a variety)

2) And/or join DJTunes - again its simple and free. Just provide your email address and they give us ten free MP3s. Their pick - but check them out as it might just be the music you love!

iPhone Play - Or Something More Important?

August 24th, 2009 by admin

,iphone fun

This post does not have any links to free iphone music/radio, or to free iphone movies/videos/TV shows, or to free iphone ebooks.  While the iPhonegizmo team works hard to bring you great links to quality free downloads for your iPhone (see the above links for some of these posts), this post is just for fun!

One of our team came accross this video, and  we reckon this may be a sign of the next stage of technology. iPhones have been adopted by the armed forces - so its technology has the respect of top tech users, not just us consumers. But, this video shows the iphone being used as a component in a “higher order” unit - the next stage evolution??

Is Apple a Thief?

August 21st, 2009 by admin

As iPhone owners we get access to a LOT of great free Apps, games and sometimes free music and the occasional free Movie. Most of us assume, I am sure, that we get these freebies because developers are seeking  brand recognition, to get traffic to their site, to onsell us to more expensive versions of their product etc (ie, we all get that there is no such thing a s free lunch). But a news item today  suggests there may also be a more sinister reason!

The Nelson Law Firm, PC filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on August 19, 2009.  The suit alleges that Apple is liable for copyright infringement for the use of Mr. Psihoyos’  famous “1000 TVs” image in an iPhone application without Psihoyos’ permission.  The application, i.TV was formerly one of Apple’s most popular iPhone applications.

We all know this famous image:

Louis Psihoyos 1000 TVs

The law suit is pretty modest - its for only $2million - pocket change for Apple. So the iPhonegizmo team are all puzzled that this situation would ever arise.

But wait, there’s more! Because  apparently Mr. Psihoyos is not alone! SMH reports that a Swiss company last month sued Apple for using its book-reading app technology without permission. And back in March,  a Texas company sued Apple allegedly for using its technology to send digital audio to the iPhone and iPod music player without paying for it.

Apple - on the other hand - has vigorously used copyright law to protect its own bottom line. As readers would know, the iPhonegizmo team has expressed dismay in the past over some of Apple’s fairly blatant moves to use the law to squash competition.

Its great to have the iPhone technology - but we all know that Apple is making a mint from it. So there is no excuse for pillaging other (smaller entities)  property! And the ongoing challenges from around the globe do make it look as if Apple has been caught with its hands in the cookie jar.

We say - let Apple know that we EXPECT them to respect copyright laws as well!! Apple does NOT provide an email address (like many big companies, it seems that they do not want to hear from their customers), nor do they have a customer complaints department!! But they do have a Public Relations department - and have a big selection of people that can be contacted regarding Apple market place behavior. So if you feel like giving them a phone blast - here is a link to a good selection of people to call!

TV on iPhone?

August 20th, 2009 by admin

http://www.rlyslow.com/Random/iPhone/Final/YouTube.pngBack in May - at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) we reported on the new and exciting “live streaming” TV application that was reported to be due for release in a “few weeks” - because the promise at the WWDC was that the iReshet app would be released soon after the iPhone OS 3.0 had been released.

Well, time has gone by and the team here have continued to watch the iPhone store  - with increasing disinterest as the app has failed to appear. We continued to watch the news for mention of its imminent release and to surf the web for any clues to the state of play.

Nadda! Just a void where we would expect ongoing PR releases in anticipation of this - we thought - exciting development in an App. In a world where dozens of uninteresting apps are released weekly, this promised to be the forerunner to a whole new world of iPhone entertainment.

Finally, we see some action. From Applicaster, one of the companies involved in streaming live TV to our iPhones. And here is what we first see when we visit their site:

TV on iPhoneTV on iPhoneTV on iPhoneTV on iPhone
So we get the distinct impression that they are attempting to lay a very large egg - that just won’t come out!!

In any event, they are now assuring us that:

The iReshet App will soon be available on the iTunes store

For weeks this link has just been the left over site from the demo they ran at the WWDC, so this notice shows that something is happening and the developers are not completely dead!

To find out why we are so keen to see this app released when other TV Apps are on offer - check our next post!

And, as already promised, we’ll keep you posted!

Free iPhone Movie Downloads - a reminder

August 17th, 2009 by admin

http://www.freepenguin.it/immagini/tux/1112-5035.pngThis is a first for iPhonegizmo - we are doing a reminder post!! To remind you of a special deal we got for our readers,  And because we noticed that one of our most useful posts has dropped off the front page. (Maybe that means we need to add a “most popular posts” widget into the sidebar - which would be way more useful than banner ads that get universally ignored, anyway!)

OK, so this post is to remind readers free iphone moviesthat with two simple-to-use bits of software, you can download and watch free movies on your iphone. The first is  DVD43, and is free. The second is TransferMyVideo and is the best of its type according to our extensive survey/ review.

Even the brain dead  can use these two bits of software, they are so user friendly. We showed you how to do it  here,  and how to get an exclusive-to-iphonegizmo-discount on TransferMyVideo, here.Or you can just follow this 15% discount link Take advantage while the offer lasts! (And tell all your friends so they can get it to)

Free iPhone Music Downloads - 104 Free MP3s!

August 13th, 2009 by admin

Here is a free iPhone Music Downloads scoop for you all. You can get 104 free MP3s - and all you have to do is provide an email address and your zip (post code)!! And the music is gratis from one of the worlds great music publishers …..

Free iPhone Music

Universal Music…. well, Universal Music Australia, as its all available from their site down-under.

But that’s cool as plenty of Aussie music is hot to trot. Just take a look at the line up on the Universalmusic free download page and download yourself some great free music! Next post we will be featuring some top artists that have free iphone music downloads, so check back soon!

Don’t forget to share your find with your friends


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