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17 Free Queen iPhone Ringtones

December 31st, 2009 by admin

Queen fans - or anyone looking for a ringtone that gets attention! - here is a New Years bonus for you.  Now, this site looks to be a fairly new site - and frankly - it looks like a fly-by-nighter! So go grab your free Queen iPhone ringtones while the going is good.

There are 17 free ringtones on offer, and you can grab them all. Its very easy to do. Click download, extract the files, then choose iTunes to open the file. Take a look, you will find the Queen ringtones listed in your iTunes library under “ringtones”(we downloaded four):

Free iPhone Ringtones

Now just a few easy step to get the ringtone you want working on your iPhone:

First, go to your iPhone home screen and tap the “Settings” icon. Then tap “Sounds”. Once in Sounds,  tap the “Ringtone” menu. Now you will see the list of all Queen ringtones you just downloaded. Tap one to preview how it sound. Once you have chosen your favorite - just tap to select!


How To Watch Your iPhone Movie Downloads On TV

December 28th, 2009 by admin

Whether you just got a new iPhone for Christmas, or a fat iTunes card (and are looking longingly at some of the videos you can watch) or are a pro iPhoner but have not really explored the outer limits of the iPhones capability - you are going to really appreciate the video we have for you today.  Because this video goes through the few very easy steps it takes to watch your iPhone movies on TV.

Now, admitedly the video refers to iPods. But the same cables are available for our iPhones. So, now the iPhone can be used to easily rent out a movie from iTunes and then watch it on the big screen. (And don’t you love the cheesy message “its so easy that even the little old ladies and kids can do it”)

Best Non-Mainstream iPhone Downloads for 2009

December 23rd, 2009 by admin

 In our search for cool free iPhone downloads, the iPhonegizmo team has come up  with hundreds of thousands  of free MP3s and numerous ways to get free movies and TV shows.But we also found some other pretty cool iPhone downloads as we went about our search. As part of our continuing celebration of a million visitors, today’s post showcases the four best “non-mainstream” links that we found in 2009. They are:

powered by OverDrive1) Unlimited top-selling  free iPhone eBooks

2) 60 Free Comics for our iPhones

3) 27 Free - weird - iPhone wallpapers

4) Free make-it-yourself  iPhone ringtones

BTW - these are just the best - use our SEARCH feature to find others (you might like them better 8) )

Now Tourists Can Get Local iPhone Downloads!

December 21st, 2009 by admin

It can be really frustrating to visit a country and to not be able to buy music (in particular) - or any other iTunes product from there. The fact is that even though you are living there, iTunes will not let you buy local if you do not have a local credit card. iTunes will NOT sell to tourists.

If your credit card is not from the country you are in - then no deal!This is a serious disadvantage with the iTunes store and - as far as we know - it is the only business that refuses to sell to tourists who visit the country.

Well, the iPhonegizmo team have discovered a work around - and for all tourists who can provide a local in-country address, this is entirely legitimate.

And it is very simple to do, because the iTunes stores allows people to sign up as a member with only a gift card code.

And these can be bought quite easily by non-country dwellers through Ebay and other sites.  We have given this a trial run (a friend from Australia tried it out for us with a $15 USA gift card)  and so we know it works (see images below).

Step 1) Purchase Gift Card - the code is emailed to you (we show this one from USA Ebay, because you don’t have to be in-country to buy an iTunes Gift Card. This means you can get your account set up in advance of travel and be all set to use when you get here)

iTunes Gift Card

Step 2) When you set up your account, you will be asked to provide the Gift Card Code, not your credit card details:

iTunes Gift Card

3) Enjoy using the iTunes store of the country you are visiting!

Not letting tourists buy from an iTunes store is a serious disadvantage, and - as far as we know - Apple is the only business that refuses to sell to tourists who visit the country. Well, now you know how to get around this - and for all tourists, this is entirely legitimate.

Free iPhone Christmas Music By Top Musicians

December 17th, 2009 by admin

Both iTunes and Amazon are offering us some really great Christmas music this year - for free!

The Amazon collection of 25 carols are done by popular artists like Lady Gaga, Tori Amos and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - and even includes some old time favorites like Frank Sinatra.

Each day, Amazon has been releasing a new freebie  (17 already available)  -  with apparently David Archuletta and Rascall Flats to come!

But maybe you like your Christmas music as carols and done in a more traditional style? If so you are going to just love the free music on offer at iTunes done by TheUniversity of Utah Singers. Check out one of these in the following video:

The iPhonegizmo team give this collection of 8 free carols a ten star rating! They are truly a generous offering from the U of Utah Singers.

To get their free Christmas Carols for your iPhone, you need to  go to iTunes (this is available for all countries we checked)  Type in “Chirstmas” in the search bar. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a  list of free MP3s.  They have given us eight beautiful carols: I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Love Came Down At Christmas, Sing We Now of Christmas,  The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Secret of Christmas, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,  We Need a Little Christmas (Mame), Were You There on That Christmas Night?.

Or, you can just ollow our link straight to the U of Utah Singers free song on iTunes. Then just click “name” to get their free songs organized alphabetically to more easily find the Christmas carols on offer.

And remember - always - to share you good finds of sweet free songs with your friends (just use “share” below,  its that easy)

One Million iphonegizmo Readers Have Gotten Free iPhone Movie Downloads!

December 14th, 2009 by admin

iPhonegizmo celebratesContinuing the celebration of our millionth visitor, in this post we provide links to our three best  free iPhone Movie, TV and Video downloads posts. Now the iTunes store is great - but rental movie selection is poor there and it is still too expensive to purchase movies just for our iPhones.Ever on the lookout for ways to get free movies, we have found some “outside the box” strategies for get legal free or reduced price movies and TV shows to watch on our iPhones.

1) Best post - Unlimited  free Movies to watch on our iPhones.

Free iPhone Movies

2) Free iPhone Movies and TV shows for two weeks. Like National Geographic, TLC, the Discovery Channel etc to watch?  This offer gives us free access to Online TV as well as movies - all for free! Great for the Christmas holidays (And if you are giving an iPhone, you can include this in the gift!!)

Free iPhone TV Downloads

3) Free iPhone Movies for the connoisseur of movies (how many are free depends on where you live in the world!)

Free iphone movie downlods

There is another way to get free iPhone movies that we have not yet done a post about. That post is in the works and will be uploaded later this week - in time for Christmas!

Our Best Free iPhone Downloads

December 11th, 2009 by admin

iPhonegizmo celebratesCongratulate us! iPhonegizmo has now had more than one million visitors!

Although we post on whatever we think our readers would enjoy and value, our purpose has always been to provide you with links to the best free iPhone downloads as they become available.

To mark this great occasion, over the next few posts,  we are going to provide you with links to our best, most interesting and most unusual iPhone download posts from 2009. Over the last 12 months, we have found and let you know about a wide range of iphone downloads - from music and movies to ebooks, ringtones, and even comics (there were plenty of special deals and contests as well - but as they are finished we will leave them in the archives).

In today’s post we are focusing on the links we found to free iPhone music downloads. Altogether, the six best free iPhone music downloads posts provided links to over 300,000 free MP3s!! Not only that, but this huge collection covers all the music genres - so there is free music to please everyone!

1) BEST free iphone music downloads
2) How to use vuze to get free iphones music downloads
3) latest free iphone music on offer

4) more ways to get free iphone music
5) 104 free iphone music downloads

Free iPhone Music

6) Massive Bonanza of  free songs for our iphones

Give your friends an early Christmas present of free iPhone Music by sending them the link to this post (click on “share” below to do this easily).

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