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More Free Kids Stories To Download To Our iPhone

January 28th, 2010 by admin

Kiddie Records Weekly 2005

This post is just a quick post note from the previous one, to let you know about another stack of great free kids stories that can be synced to our iPhones.

Kiddierecords has taken it upon themselves to collect together the “forgotten treasures” from the forties and fifties.. This was the era when records were made of children’s stories, and, according to kiddierecords:

“Many of these recordings were extravagant Hollywood productions on major record labels and featured big time celebrities and composers.”

Who can resist that primer?

There are over 200 stories in their catalog, including such favorites as:  stories by Dr Seuss, Peter and the Wolf by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, TweeitePie , Woody WoodPecker stories, Pooh Bear stories, and many more treasures for you to find.

The original record covers for each story are also provided for our pleasure! The only cautionary note we have is that we could not see any information regarding the legality of downloading these stories, or the rights of the people who have provided this music free of charge for us to enjoy. If this concerns you - then you can use the “listen” option that has been provided for every single story listed on the site.

Remember, as always, to share this great find! –>

Free iPhone Childrens Stories To Download

January 25th, 2010 by admin

Everyone knows that there is a lot of great - and sometimes truly marvelous - free downloads available for our iPhones in iTunes. Usually, the problem is finding them! Or even knowing about them!!

After one of the iPhonegizmo team saw this cute video on the YouTube, we decided to take a look and see just what free iPhone downloadswe could find for kids - music, videos (not likely), and stories. Happily for our readers,  we found some exceptional stuff!

We decided to do this post on one gold mine we found - literally hundreds of audio stories - suitable for pre-schoolers  as well as older kids. For example there are over 80 Aesop Fables, 19 Beatrix Potter stories, and half a dozen or so stories each by  The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen

There are also some great stories for older kids.


The selection of Sherlock Holmes stories, for example, is bound to gladden many a heart! And there are heaps of other big-name choices.

So go check out the Lit2Go site and see just what is there.

You will have noticed by now that all the links in this post are to the site not to iTunes.  That’s because it is way easier to see just what is on offer on the web site (and some of the links in iTunes were incorrectly set) . But you can download your choices directly from Lit2Go on iTunes as well..

PS: We will be showing you more great free iPhone downloads for kids in the next post as well.

Top Free iPhone Game Developer Releases New Games

January 20th, 2010 by admin

Nothing succeeds like success - and Artificial life is counting on that to help them with their latest iPhone games releases - Spartacus and Red Bull Racing Challenge. And they have every reason to feel confident, despite the price tags that go with the new games. If you take a look at the effort they have put in over the last 12 months, it is clear that they are serious about getting games out there that we will want to download. According to a press release by Artificial Life this week:

as of December 31st, 2009, it has produced and released 24 games for the iPhone and iPod touch. So far, the top title was downloaded for close to 2.1 million times, the second most for over 1.5 million times and the third, which was launched in early December, 2009, achieved over 1 million downloads in just one month.

Now, obviously, they are out to earn $ along with our appreciation. But consider the recently released Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition .

Free iPhone Games

The original version of “Amateur Surgeon” is probably their most successful game (the lite (free) version is probably the game that has reached 2.1 million downloads) and given the game has a price tag of $2.99, they have done well with this game - it has a 4-star rating from over 9,000 reviews!!).

And yet, they gave us the Christmas version for free (there has already been 42,935 people rating this game at 3.5 stars)! They were smart and released a lite version first- which has had a massive 135, 080 people giving it a 3.5 star rating!

Their other big successes (big numbers downloading the game and giving it a 3 star or better rating) are: iSoccer Backstreet Lite (over 4500 people give it a 3.star or better rating), and BMW Sauber F1 Team Racing 09 Lite (over 2,600 people giving it a 3-star rating or better)

, Free iPhone Games

Free iPhone Games

Other free iPhone games they have released that have received a 3-star or better rating are:  iDroidsMania Lite; Pandorum Lite; and iSink u lite.

If you  have not tried out any of Artificial Life’s games then we suggest you start with the free games listed here.

The two just-released games have price tags. Sparticus has a split response so far. Those that have given it a rating clearly either love it or hate it (predominance of ‘5′ or ‘1′ star ratings). But its official release is not till Friday 22nd Jan - so its not been widely downloaded as yet. If that gets you interested, then check out the official video demo of the game:

Help Haiti - Twitter, SMS or TXT - Its All Good!

January 17th, 2010 by admin

Typical Twitter message going out across the US Twitter-sphere at present:

If you have not done so already… please consider texting the word “Haiti” to 90999 to automatically donate $10 to help

Messages like this have been spreading at amazing speed and getting big responses so that the Red Cross (via the US State Department) has raised $1.7m in 24 hours and over $10m in a matter of days in the USA. The message is spreading so rapidly that messages like this - tweeting the details for how to donate $10 - are being sent out at a rate of around a message a minute!

The spontaneous and random ordering-force of kindness in the face of chaos -Wow!

And it hasn’t just been happening in the US! The UK has set up DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal and has raised £3m over the last 24 hours through web and phone donations - the SMS amounts have not yet been counted! The typical tweet has been:

Text GIVE to 70077 to donate £5 to Haiti. £5 goes to DEC. Please RT

Social Media has enabled this spontaneous  outpouring of heartfelt care to find expression in solid material aid. Not sure how to do it? Check out this video for a simple demo:

Best Free iPhone Games

January 14th, 2010 by admin

Currently there are some 3700 plus free games listed in the US iTunes App store.That’s a lot of free games for us to play!

But which ones do we choose? How can we possibly find our way through that many opportunities? Well,  each game can be ranked (not all are - usually because they have had too few people try them out). Rankings do provide some help - we can check to see how many people gave the game a 1 to 5 star rating.

iTunes does also provide a list of the top free games - but the rankings are often old and, in our opinion (the iPhonegizmo team), do not represent the best games on offer.

Well, we decided to find out!  We have a very quick quiz we would like our readers to do. Just one word (usually) is all that’s asked! We want you to tell us (and, eventually, all other readers) what your fav iPhone game is. Just click the image below to let us know:

Best Free iPhone Games

In case you don’t know how to find all the free games, we will go through two quick ways to find them:

Free iPhone Games

1) Click on the “store” tab at the top left of iTunes.  In the drop down menu  click on “search”.  Then click on all results and choose applications from the drop down menu. A new window will open. Click on categories and choose games from the drop down menu. Make sure you also put a tick in the “search only for free applications” box. When the results come up, click on “show all”

All game results are shown as an icon. The advantage of this is that you can see at a glance the type of game on offer. But it is also a bit tedious as there are only 180 icons per page.

Free iPhone Games2) An alternative method is to go to the iTunes home page. In the top right hand side column you will see  the “browse” option.  Click on that and when the new page comes up click “App store” - then “game” under category, then “all” under subcategory (or choose the game genre you like).

Now these results can be organized according to various preferences. Because we want all the free games, click “price” to get the list ordered in with the free games at the top. If you scroll down you will see that there are 3709 free games!

Now you can see the problem. So many games, so much choice - arghhh.

So check back for the results of our quiz to get the heads up on which free games are the best!

PS: Click on the game icons above to check out these two complete newbie games - not even been rated yet as they are so new.

Free Action Sport Magazines for iPhone Download

January 12th, 2010 by admin

Factory Media has just launched 10 iPhone Apps for its action sport magazines (with three more also soon to be released).

wille yli luoma big Wille Yli Luoma getting high

And whilst they each do come at a 99 cent charge, they also come with a free copy of the latest action mag!

Now Dirt, for example, retails at $12.99 a mag - so we Free iPhone Magazine downloadsreckon that is a good freebie for anyone who is into action sports! And there are ten to choose from (or get the lot and snag over $100 worth of free mags!)

Here are the links to the Action Mag Apps that have just been released by Pixel Mags (links are to the USA store but apparently they have been released to over 70 countries!):

Moto, Dirt, Boards, Cooler, Kingpin,, Sidewalk, Surf Europe, The Surfers Path, The Bicycle Buyer, and Whitelines. With Ride Onboard, Dig BMX,  and UK BMX,  soon to be released as well.

So go grab some great free magazines and incidentally, you can see whether you like getting your magazines this way?

Pardon me: Can I Watch That iPhone Movies too?

January 8th, 2010 by admin

What do tile markers, “green” whiteout and iPhones have in common? Well, that’s what we wondered when we saw this new TVHat on display at the SKM Industries Inc stand at the 2010 CES show currenlty running in Los Vagas.

iPhone Movie Hat

The TVHAT was launched at the CES by SKM Industries Inc (note the T-shirt in the pic - we’ll come back to it!)

Now SKM are serious developers of  chemical products useful to businesses - like the previously mentioned “green” whiteout (correction fluid). So we were surprised to see them demo-ing a product so out-of-the-hat :) as it were, compared to their normal product lines!

As with most of the new products launched at CES, there is no mention of the TVHat on the SKM website  as yet. But the concept is obvious from the pic - its a portable mini-movie room!

Looks pretty geeky, as well - so not sure this product is gonna add much to the company’s bottom line. After all, ya can’t even use celebs or beautiful women to promote it!!

TVHat for iPhoneRemember the t-shirt we mentioned? Take a close look at the logo on the guy sporting the TVHat.

Notice that part of the url is  tvhat.com? And anyway that is the brand name - so its likely that at least some people are going to search for tvhat.com. And boy are they going to be surprised.

Not sure how much market research went into the name but currently there is an out-of-date anti-America, Arab site sitting at that url!! At first glance it presents itself as a music site. But the latest “music videos” are clearly political and religous figures from the Arab world. And when the Google translator is used, we find phrases like:

The promotion of hostility between America and Islam

Is it just us, or is this super weird?

What do ya’ll think?

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