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Free iPhone Game - For This Weekend Only!

February 26th, 2010 by admin

Free iPhone game

Just a quick post to let you know that Gameheart (of Guacamole / Smash Fiesta! fame) are giving away their iPhone  game - Hoppy  -  over this coming weekend. If you tried and liked Smash Fiesta, then you will love this game as well. But it is one of those super addicting games - so be warned.

You can get a taste for the game in the following demo:


And, as always - remember to share!

No Free iPhone Downloads Here!

February 24th, 2010 by admin

What - we wondered - are the most expensive iPhone Apps?

We spend our time finding great free iPhone Downloads for our readers. But we wondered just what we  can get for big bucks on the iTunes store? Here is a quick run  down on what we found:

Most Expensive iPhone AppsBusiness and Health were the biggest provider of expensive apps Lextech Labs, for example provide the most expensive business apps - the iRa Pro for  $899.99 and iRa Direct for $499.99 (no prizes for guessing what these apps do!);

Next most expensive apps are listed under the Finance category (but still “business” for us lesser mortals) The most expensive apps in this group MATG - SAP BusinessOne and, MATG - Dynamics GP  - are by MyAccountsToGo and cost $499.99.

The next big price ticket apps are in Health and Fitness - Lexi-Comp Medical have released numerous apps for both health professionals and individuals priced from $75.00 to $299.99. There are other apps, of course but the Lexi apps had the biggest price tags.

Now there are some other big ticket items in the app store - for example, the most expensive education app is Proloquo2Go at $189.99, a  high tech app for people who have difficulty speaking. And the most expensive Music app is TuneLab - a piano tuning app that costs $299.99.

Well, you get the message - there are some pretty high-end apps on offer. Very specialist, very handy. But would you ever be willing to pay that much for an app no matter what it does? Let us know in the comments section, below!

Great Free Audio Downloads For iPhones

February 22nd, 2010 by admin

Have you tried using audio books on the iPhone? This is a great way to get some downtime - relax, close your eyes and let that magical voice transport you to a completely different world!

There are several methods for getting free audio books onto our iPhones. We previously showed our readers how to get some of the hottest, recently released books as free audiobooks for their iPhones from libraries.

In this post we are introducing another way to get free audio books for your iPhone. Because - if you know how to look - you can get free audio books and/or other free audio downloads) from Audible!

Now, you do have to register (its free, and you don’t have to give any personal info) to get the free downloads. But, if you do not have a Mac, you will also have to download some software that then lets you download the free ebooks to iTunes.

But then, you just add the free audible title to your cart and then download. It is auto added to iTunes for syncing to your iPhone. So its a very simple process. Here are some of the free titles currently to be found (if you know how to look):

Entertainement: Don Katz Interviews Jane Fonda and Mixed Comedy

Fiction novels include: Beauty and the beast and Summer’s Path

Non fiction titles include: Haitian Creole: Lessons 1 to 5: Learn to Speak and Understand Haitian Creole and Free, the book by New York Times best-selling author - Chris Anderson -  showing businesses how they can profit  from giving things away.

Check them out - you might discover this type of free iPhone download is quite addicting!

New Free iPhone Game Wins Grand Prize

February 19th, 2010 by admin

Just a quick post to let you know about a new free game that got the thumbs uo at the MacWorld event yesterday. The press release says it all:

Austin, TX (February 18, 2010) – Gendai Games, in conjunction with IDG and the Macworld Expo, is pleased to announce STUNT SQUIRRELS by Fire Maple Games as the Grand Prize winner of the Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge. Stunt Squirrels, a fun new physics puzzler, features blasting death-defying daredevils safely to a goal, while navigating tricky mazes and high-flying obstacles.


The light version is free. We like to see new developers on the scene because that means new (and often free) and better games keep getting put out there. Check the game out and let us know if you agree with the judges decision.

iPhone, Plus Twitter, @ win a free iPad x5

February 16th, 2010 by admin

The iPhonegizmo team have been great fans of the “win a free iPad/iPhone” contests and have done several posts directing you to some pretty fun contests.

Win an iPadNow, of course, the time is ripe for a “win an iPad contest” and with the Twittershere proving to be such a popular medium for running contests its now often a simple matter of “follow and twit” to get a chance to win something. So we went looking and found - yep, there are several “follow and tweet” contests already up and running, with an iPad as the prize. Here is five to get you all started:

1) Follow Geeksugar on Twitter

Then tweet at geeksugar with the message: “To win an iPad, I’d _________. RT @geeksugar http://ow.ly/13czw #geekipad”. Tell them what you are willing to do to get an iPad (they are looking for funny/entertaining)

But hurry as this one ends today!

2) Follow @Shutterstock on Twitter and send out send out their required tweet:

“Congratulations @Shutterstock on your 10,000,000th image! Pick me for the iPad giveaway! http://bit.ly/ssipad”

3) This one requires a bit more input - but is more fun. To help get the news out about their new Groundhog Day video (view below) mail2web.com is running an online contest with an iPad as the major prize.

This is a trivia game run through Twitter - so have fun and good luck!

4) Mediarecruiter have an iPad up for grabs - to win you just have to be a friend or follower on facebook or twitter.


5) Logos Bible software also have an iPad up for grabs. To enter for a chance to win, simply follow Logos on Twitter and Tweet this:

(Remember to read contest rules before you do anything else).

Haven’t yet got yourself set up with a great Twitter app? Check out the iPhonegizmo recommended Twitter apps.

And, just for fun, you can also check out who’s Tweeting near you using Twitter maps by Bing. In fact, we can eaves drop on the chatter in any city we want. Checking out the Olympics chatter at Vancouver, for example, has been quite entertaining!

Twitter Map

NB: Unfortunately, Twitter Maps is not available as an app for iPhones and uses flash - so you will have to use your computer to play with this app.

Free Live TV For Our iPhones.

February 14th, 2010 by admin

Want to watch FREE live TV wherever you are - on 3G or wifi? Of course you do! How about 50 channels  including music and sport (yes, right now that means live Olympics coverage!).

Free Live TV On iPhones

Well, if you live in the UK - that is exactly what is on offer with this fantastic great service called TVCatchup  - a service which lets you watch 50 UK television channels online and on our iPhones for free.

Unfortunately the service is not yet available anywhere else.

For UK readers, all you have to do to get this service is go to http://iphone.tvcatchup.com via your web browser and follow the directions.

For the rest of us - if you have access to a good proxy service you might at least be able to watch free UK TV on your PC - as the service can also be accessed from PCs.

“Holy Guacamole” Batman, Apple’s Been Thrashed!

February 12th, 2010 by admin

Or is this better called: the case of the missing Guacamole?


iPhone game developer, Gameheart, report that they have been forced to change the name of their game - till now called Guacamole. Apple were contacted by a bevy of lawyers from “the world’s biggest toy manufacturer” and told to remove the game from the App store. Apparently they (the biggest toy manufacturer) own the name!

Now understandably, Gameheart are surprised to learn that the word  “guacamole” is owned by anyone.  But the iPhonegizmo team are even more surprised that we could find out so little about it.

iPhone Game Rename

Mattel claims that it is the world’s biggest toy manufacturer. So we figured it would be easy to track down the Guacamole game - or whatever - that they were so concerned to “protect” (more on this below). But - no luck. As you can see in the following image - a search of their site turned up nadda.

Toy manufacturer

But, hey, why should we take Mattel’s word for it that they are the biggest? So we checked out the next two contenders: Hasbro and BanDai: “Nothing”!


But there is more to the mystery of the missing Guacamole, Batman!

Because a game of that name - from Mindware - is available at Amazon and also at Funagain.  However!!!! There is no mention of that game on the Mindware site!

We suspect that the “biggest toy manufacturers” lawyers beat us there! And that while suppliers are gonna sell out their stock (can’t you see Amazon giving them the finger? well, only a bit of a finger as their listing changed from “Guacamole” to “Mindware Guacamole” overnight!)  We fear that game won’t be seen again!

Well, you can’t keep a good game down - and Gamehart have smartly renamed their game as Smash Fiesta. Now the game used the ingredients of guacamole as the basis for their fun game - so it made sense to call it Guacamole.

But here is the truly sorry part of that tale. The game has only ever been rated by 170 odd people (and 7 out of 10 give the current version a 4 or 5 star rating). The sad truth is that it is a virtual non-entity. A David to the biggest toy manufacturers’ Goliath! The thugs of the commercial world are afraid of the competition from this tiny, obscure and barely know little app developer. Pathetic really.

But the mystery of the missing Guacamole goes deeper. Because like Gamehart, we were surprised that the name guacamole could be owned by anyone. So we took a visit to the US Copyright Office. There were some 3316 names listed for Mattel, 1723 names listed for Hasbro, and 645 names for BanDai.

And not one of them are called “guacamole” !!

Maybe they are keeping this on the down and low so we all won’t get peeved and NOT buy their game? There is bound to be a backlash - there always is when big boys play bully boys!

Anyhow, we suggest you all go check out what the “worlds biggest manufacturer of toys” is so afraid of that they had to send in their bully boys in to kapow, kabam Apple!

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