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More Ways To Make Free iPhone Calls?

March 29th, 2010 by admin

A few posts ago we asked whether people were interested in making free calls from their iPhone? In that post we were introducing you to the great service by Nimbuzz.

In this post we will mention a couple of other providers of free iPhone call services and also share with you another - completely different way - to get free calls from our iPhone.

free iphone calls

1) Perhaps the most well known is Skype. Free calls or messaging anyone else also on Skype. And given how widely Skype is used, this means a lot of free calls. Skype is perhaps the most popular voip service with an App with 55% of 18K iTunes raters giving it a 4 star rating (and it getting an average 3.5 star rating, overall)


free iphone calls

2) Fring - also provides free phone calls, video call, live chat etc. The interesting thing about this app is that whilst a massive 19K people have rated the app (with an average 3 star rating), it does seem that users either love it or hate it! On the one hand, 35% gave it a 4+ star rating, on the other hand - 30% gave it a one star rating!

There are other apps - but few iPhone users have taken any interest in the others - or, if they have, they have given the app a decisive raspberry! After all, the important question is: -

Who can we call for free?

And the answer is - anyone else who has the same free software on their mobile! So the front runners are going to be those services that already have been widely adopted!

Google 411

Finally, here is a trick for getting free calls to any business within and between the US and Canada, using any of these voip services even if they are not a voip customer:

1) Download the Google411 app (it costs $0.99 but its worth it).

2) Using Google 411 you can make free calls to any business listing in US and Canada. To use this service all you need is a voip application installed in your iPhone and you can call 18004664411  from your iPhone and follow the voice command to make free calls from your iPhone.

You can check out more about the Google 411 service at the Goog 411 site.

By the way, the app is not produced by Google.

iPhone, Plus Twitter, And Win More Free iPads

March 25th, 2010 by admin

One of the great side shows that goes on when a new Apple gizmo hits the stores is that there are heaps of easy, free, legitimate contests on offer. We have had several blogs in the past covering the best ‘win a free iPhone’ contests, the best ‘win a free iPod Touch’ contests.

This time is a little different. In the beginning…..  finding good contests took hours, days even, of searching and pruning (a lot of contests are from basically spam sites). But with the evolution of Twitter search, its just a case of:

win an new iPad

Now, we are not gonna leave you completely in the lurch, because these three entries are worth further http://images.eforcity.com/cdn/efc/ad/banner/idx_twittergiveaway.jpgmention.

1) eForCity have a free Wi-Fi version of the 16GB iPad (of $499 value) to giveaway in a “follow and tweet” contest running till April18th.

2)  PastorGear is a brand new site and to get people pumped they are celebrating their launch with a “follow and tweet” contest running till - “whatever day it (the new iPad)  really arrives ” - its due on the 3rd April - so still time to be in this comp. Up for grabs is a a brand new 16GB iPad.

3) We left the Digg contest till last because they have gone bananas over their new free Digg app and also want to pump the public by offering a a “follow and tweet” contest for:

a ColorWare custom, very limited edition Digg iPad every day for 2 weeks!


So that is fourteen iPads up for grabs just for following and tweeting! Contest starts today (rules are in tiny white print above the “winners so far” table you will find when you scroll down the digg.taptaptap contest page.)

So if you get straight at it you could be the first winner!

And - if you want more “win a free iPad” contests then just use Twitter search  to find more.

some great

Get The Free Podcast or Pay For The App?

March 21st, 2010 by admin

Wizzard Media is one of the biggest distributors of podcasts in the world. We have posted about Wizzard in the past, because there is a huge and rich selection of podcasts on a wide range of subjects in both audio and video form to watch or listen to on our iPhones. And all of the podcasts free - whether video or audio.

This brief update is to let you know that Wizzard Media is now providing some of its podcasts on Apps. To date they have created over 125 app alternatives to their Podcasts (21 released so far this month). There is some extra convenience in getting our podcasts via an app.

Wizzard Media Apps

But - just be aware - there is also a charge for this!

Free iPhone Podcasts on Brain Science

A typical example is the podcast series - Brain Science Podcasts - which provides 75 free podcasts by Dr Ginger Campbell on a fascinating range of brain-related topics, plus interviews with renowned authors on topics related to brain science. The Podcasts are all free, but the app costs $4.99.

There is an opportunity to automate - in a sense - the delivery of new podcasts. We just have to decide whether the extra cost is worth the time it saves us to sync our iPhones and get the latest podcasts. And on whether we think the podcaster is worthy of our support!)

Free “Get Involved” iPhone Downloads

March 16th, 2010 by admin

FBI: Gotcha


Open Government? Sounds good in theory - but from what we have seen, it means actually having to put in effort!! - Darn!!

Its so much easier to just opine over a beer or wine!

Still we can’t fault the gov for its efforts to deliver the opportunity to get down and dirty in government and politics. They have been rolling out have-your-say, and this-is-what-we-are-doing and get-involved, sites and widgets, and applications all over the place!

Some have been around for a while  - like the FBI “Most Wanted” iPhone App. Others as we covered in  our last post, were just released this month.

The White House


And, of course, there are the  White House offerings - The White House News App (with up-to-date news from the Obama administration direct to our iPhones) and President Obama’s Podcasts (296 episodes with the latest one released yesterday titled “Health Insurance Reform Right Now“)

So we have eased our conscience and told y’all about the important stuff.

Now to share what we really like! Some  fun stuff from the FBI - check it out:


Now for some reason, this widget size can’t be adjusted - so we are stuck with the left side bit being chopped off. But, it does not affect our ability to watch their cool videos. Use the left hand side bar to scroll down and choose different videos.If you are viewing this post from your iPhone, then you will have to go to the FBI channel on YouTube to watch these videos.

The FBI also has a series of Podcasts we can watch (or listen to) on our iPhone. The iPhonegizmo team like this Open Government initiative (probably for the wrong reasons) because of all the cool media being produced!!

Free iPhone Videos That Will Blow You Away!

March 14th, 2010 by admin

The iPhonegizmo team - as you can appreciate -has its fair share of geeks. And what do geeks love most? They lovvve technology that goes boom! And the free iPhone videos featured on today’s post do that with flare and style. Check out some samples of these beautifully produced videos:

How to smash a helicopter

Climate Change As Seen From Heaven

OK - so now you know we are posting about NASA. Because NASA has launched (yeah, lousy pun - but ya gotta do what ya gotta do) three free apps already in 2010 that are worth getting.  PLUS they have also launched NASACast Video through iTunes which provide free video podcasts from NASA including a weekly update TV show which we can download and watch on our iPhone - the latest one from just two days ago is shown below:

Now you may have noticed that all the videos shown in the post are from YouTube. Well, NASA has four YouTube channels as well. So you can see these videos there - but there is a bit of work finding videos on any particular subject. For once, its easier to use iTunes! Either by downloading the NASA Video Podcasts:

Free iPhone Videos from Nasa


Space Images

Or by downloading any or all of the apps:

1)  The first Official NASA App  (with 10,000 ratings at 3.5 star since Dec 2010, so its been popular) provides incredible footage of shots of the planet from space.

2) The Second app (first released at the end of Jan 2010) provides stunning images of stars and planets.

3) And the third app (released only a few days ago) is a FREE GAME - the NASA Lunar Electric Rover (LER) Simulator. Now we can pretend that WE are astronauts! because this game gives a a glimpse of life on an outpost on the moon.

And the good news is that you don’t have to live in the USA to enjoy these beautifully produced NASA videos !

Free iPhone Videos About Everything You Always Wanted To Know!

March 10th, 2010 by admin

Can drinking coffee good for us? Or, more importantly, will it help us to charm on our first date?

Is it better to be bitten by a dog than a human? Or, more importantly, is it a “silly sog” or a “dilly dog”?



If you are fascinated by the finer points of life and science then you will be as delighted as we were to discover the  Indiana Public Media site- where a whole host of podcasts have been produced by smart, dedicated people passionate about their interests - on issues such as flowers, food, science, arts, music, you name - they have top quality audio and video podcasts on offer.

Free iPhone video

So go check them out - and let us know what you think.

Who Wants To Make Free iPhone Calls?

March 7th, 2010 by admin


Interested in making free calls from your iPhone, free chats, and sending free messages (and even files) from your iPhone?

Well, you’d be crazy to say “no”!

Which is why, when the people at Nimbuzz contacted us, we were excited to pass on their hot details to our readers. The software is free and the free service they provides is fantastic. And with a new users signing up every 2 seconds, we are clearly not alone on thinking this. In fact, Nimbuzz tells us they now have over 16 million registered users.

But so what, right? What we need to know is “Who can we call for free”? Well, all you have to do to make sure that you can get everyone you want to call or chat or message for free - is get them to put the free software on their mobile! Nothing spreads faster than good news, so if you want to be the first to let your friends in on this great service, you better be quick. But first, check out all the neat benefits of getting the free app - which are demo-ed in the following video:

By the way, Nimbuzz also supports Skype, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, etc. They also:

* Have a Live Contact Lists - which puts all our phone & social network contacts in one place, so we can see who’s doing what right now!
* Give us free ‘Push Notification’ alerts and/or Inbox messages - for when a friend is trying to make contact when we’re offline
*Let us personalize our account with profiles and avatar pics, if we want.

So - just send this post to all the friends you want to make free mobile calls to by using the “share” button, below!!

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