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Free iPhone TV Show Updates and Prizes Plus Win An iPod!

May 30th, 2010 by admin

With the power of the Apple promotion machine in constant full blast, it is easy to forget some of the straight “phone” goodies that are also on offer.

We have been happily reminded of this by the USA Network with their current invitation to join their White Collar Mobile Fan Club! Some of the goodies on offer include:

* iPhone Wallpapers: a new one each week!
* White Collar Watch to Win:  win customized White Collar  prize packs!
* Tune-in Reminders…etc


FYI:  The USA Network hit series, White Collar,  is produced by Fox Television Studios, Inc. - the TV production arm of the News Corporation’s Fox Entertainment Group. The show will start its second season in July 2010 (on July 13).

In the meantime, there are iPhone wallpapers, games, quizzes and other goodies on offer from the network.

Does it cost? Well these are sent as text messages so if you are on an unlimited plan - then NO. Otherwise, check your charges before you sign up!

And just for good measure, USA Networks are providing us with an opportunity to win an iPad each week till the end of June. USA Network are “powering” the  CharacterArcade site who are running the contest. Apart from being a USA resident, all you have to do is either play the “game of the week” once - or just email them with your name and address to go into the draw to win. There is no cost to entering this contest.

By the way, if you are a fan (and the iphonegizmo team are all devotees already!) then do their “profiler quiz” to find out which character you are most like! Here is my result:

iPhone TV Show

He’s my favorite, somaybe that biased the results?!

More Free iTunes Music for Your iPhone and iPad!

May 26th, 2010 by admin

Starbucks are kindly giving away ten free songs from iTunes in their “free Frappuccino® Beverage Music Mix” as part of their promotion of their Frappucinno brand.

The music mix includes ten excellent selections (band - song): Frightened Rabbit - “Nothing Like You“; Hot Chip - “One Life Stand“; Wintersleep - “New Inheritors“; Goldfrapp - “Rocket“; The Bamboos - “On The Sly“; Macy Gray - “Kissed It“; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - “Bad Blood“; Yoav - “Greed“; Shout Out Louds - “Walls“; Wye Oak - “My Creator“. All great music to frappucinno by!

Downloading the music is easy - just copy the code (sorry only valid in US and Canada), open the iTunes store,  select “redeem” from quick links in the right hand bar:

Free iPad and iPhone Music

Then enter the code, and click redeem again :

Free iPhone and iPad Music

Your free music will begin downloading immediately. So …. what are you waiting for? (And tell your friends.)

Almost Free Top Navigation App!

May 22nd, 2010 by admin

NDrive USA

Mostly the posts on this blog are about cool free iPhone downloads. But we are not prejudiced. If there is a super cool discount - we will let you know about it. Especially if - like this app - its for an app we know is highly desirable!

This just-released app is currently on offer for $2.99 to the first million downloaders! That may seem a lot of downloads - but with navigation apps, our guess is that this massively discounted app will disappear fast. Why? Well, you might remember a post we did revealing that navigation apps are the most popular stolen apps? And the fact is that the previously released  NDrive app for the United States is still currently retailing for more than $30 in iTunes!

NDrive claims they are the top navigation App in Europe, Germany and other European countries. Prices there vary from £6.95 (UK) to £52.98 (Morocco). According to NDrive:

NDrive turns your iPhone into a powerful navigation system up to house number accuracy!

In other words, this is a pretty cool app - and worth grabbing at this low introductory price.

Free iPad and iPhone Downloads

May 21st, 2010 by admin

Free iPad Apps

We recently did a post revealing the huge range of free iPhone downloads that can now be downloaded to Ipad! Heaps of music (thousands), plus movies and TV shows. Check the post to find out all about it.

What’s more, 1477 Free Apps have been released for the iPad. This is across all genres with EzTweet Plus Friends being one of the first (released April 1st) and the Flickr Wallpaper app being one of the latest apps released for both iPad and iPhone .

some great

Free iPhone and iPad Wallpapers - Stretch Yourself!!

May 19th, 2010 by admin

Free iPad wallpaper

There are already free iPad wallpaper apps in iTunes. In fact Photobucket had an App released on 1st April. But, despite beating Cool Wallpapers for iPad by a day, they have not been as popular with only 270 reviews (with average 3 star rating) compared to 2328 reviews  (also with average 3 star rating) for Cool wallpapers. It has also been pipped at the post by backgrounds HD which was released two weeks later but has had 1122 reviews (again 3 stars).

The fact that both these are the most popular wallpaper apps for iPhone has probably helped their acceptance with iPad owners.

Still, we suggest that both iPhone and iPad users can do better! There are some pretty exciting wallpapers on offer on other apps and outside iTunes. We suspect that these two apps have been so popular (the iPhone version of backgrounds HD has had over 179K reviews - with a whopping 3.5 star rating) because of the variety of wallpapers they offer. Single purpose wallpaper apps (eg, car wallpapers) have done poorly! Also, “do it yourself” wallpapers have not gone over well. It looks as if browse-select -click is what iPhone users, at least, are wanting.

So the release, yesterday, of the first Flickr wallpaper app (free, of course) for both iPhone and iPad may not get the attention it really deserves. This app allows us (iPhone and iPad users) to choose free wallpapers from some of the most stunning images from around the planet. How cool is this?

iPhone Screenshot 2

Of course, there are some web-based wallpaper sites that are also providing some stunning wallpapers for our iPhone and iPads. These are now often ignored as sources of wallpapers because of the simple browse-select -click action that apps allow us. But they do chew up less battery juice and give us extra options so are worth a look. Check this out:

Free iPad wallpaper

Stretch yourselves folks - there are plenty of exciting images just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed!

Would You Like 200 Free iPhone Music Downloads from iTunes??

May 14th, 2010 by admin

Or perhaps you have been hankering to get some iPhone accessories that just seem a mite too expensive to buy - like the cables that will hook you up so that you can watch iPhone movies on TV?

Or perhaps you have been drooling over the new iPads? or would love a 13″ Mackbook Pro? All are up for grabs in the “Win An Apple a Day” retweet contest announced just three hours ago on DealsPl.us.

Every day for the next week Dealspl.us will be giiving a way (in random order) a $25 iTunes card, an iPod Nano, an iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, iPod 3GS, a 16GB iPad, and the 13″ MacBook Pro.

So where are the free 200 iPhone music downloads from iTunes? Well, the small print in the contest says:

  1. iPhone 3GS winners will receive an Apple giftcard in the amount of $199.
  2. MacBook Pro winners will receive an Apple giftcard in the amount of $1,199.

Which means you have a choice about how you spend that giftcard! So, how many iPhone Music downloads can be got for $199? That’s right - over 200 (depending on whether you buy singles or albums).

Just click the link to get the details of how to enter this Twitter-based contest. If you already have a twitter account, then one click is all it takes to enter the contest! It doesn’t get better than this.

Just Released: Free iPhone App For Making Hot Shot Movies

May 12th, 2010 by admin

1stVideo - Networks Edition

Love taking movies with your iPhone? Been wanting to take your iPhone movie production to the next level?

Then the just-released FREE App from Vericorder may be just the shot (yuk yuk). This cool new app allows us to record, edit and send broadcast- and podcast-ready videos from our iPhone (3GS).

While earlier versions of iPhone are not supported by this app, there are several good free apps that do enable earlier iPhones to  produce videos. For example, Video genius released last month is currently available as a free App (so grab it before they start charging). This app allows 3G and1st generation iPhones to record video.

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