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Free iPhone Ringtones - The Safe Way!

June 28th, 2010 by admin

Eminem Ringtones

For some reason ringtone sites tend to be horribly spammy. One we visited today, for example (having been directed there from a tweet), was covered in tricky invitations in amongst the “free” ringtones (which never loaded!) to enter our mobile number. All team members here have a habit of FIRST and ALWAYS checking the bottom line. In this case typing in our mobile number meant automatic agreement to a  “$10/wk and $5 sign-up.” Not free and not cheap!!

There are only two good ways to get free iPhone ringtones:

1) Free iPhone Apps that offer free iPhone ringtones. There are a LOT of free iPhone ringtone apps - but they are nearly all universally hated (largest % of 1-star of any app!) and average 2-star ratings. But some get an OK reception - for example the Eminem Ringtones app has managed a 2.5 star rating.


2) Make your own iPhone ringtones

We have done posts about this previously. This post we have included two cool easy-to-follow tutorials that show us how to make our own free ringtones for our iPhone The first one is for PC owners and the second (a bit older - but still a goodie)  is for Mac owners.

How to Make Free Ringtones - For PC Owners

How to Make Free Ringtones - For Mac Owners

Send us your creations to share and we will do a feature post of the best ten. We recommend Audioboo for this.

Free Video App For iPhone 2G/3G

June 22nd, 2010 by admin

Record Video On iPhone 2G/3G - iCamcorder Lite

We are impressed with this free App from dw-c, that turns our iPhone into a video camera. It takes a maximum of 15 sec of video - but for most purposes that is enough as it means we can do a quick shot and then “share” to our facebook, Twitter, YouTube or (as we did) by email.

For bloggers out there, we sent this to our (again free) PixelPipe account which then posted it (below) to the iPhonegizmo blog (but we could have sent it to Facebook, Twitter or a whole host of other destinations so don’t feel you can’t sign up just because you don’t blog!) . Could not have been easier! And all free.


The clip is an excerpt from the YouTube video: “Funny hippo dance remix”  Oh, and iCamcorder can be used on an  iPhone 2g or 3g. We just aimed the iPhone at the computer screen and hit record! Pretty good - which means that we  can also send interesting snippets to our friends of any videos we see while we are surfing the web. Go check it out.

Update - Now We Can Watch Facebook Videos On Our iPhone!

June 20th, 2010 by admin


And this was almost great news!

The iPhonegizmop team went into immediate action on hearing about this update, which - according to facebook means:

You can now watch Facebook videos on iPhone.

OK, sweet, we thought! Finally a way to get round the restrictions of watching videos on our iPhone. So, having first updated our facebook app to version 3.1.3, off we trot to CBS and grab the latest NCIS vid:

Facebook Videos on iPhone

Then, we send it to Facebook. And yes, that worked - we could watch the video there (OK, so that’s as expected). Looking good, so far.

Facebook Videos on iPhone

Yep, here is Ziva being sworn in as a US citizen.

Step 3, open our iphone facebook app. And, yep - there is the video - woo hoo!

Click “play” and get:

Facebook Videos on iPhone

So, what videos can we watch? Well, YouTube, of course. But now we can watch the YouTube Videos posted to Facebook on our iPhones. Hmmm - we are underwhelmed.

Now what was the latest NCIS episode called again? Oh yeah: Rule 51 - which happens to be “SOMETIMES -YOU’RE WRONG”. Something for Apple to think about!

Stop fighting you guys and just fix it so we can watch all the great videos out there on our iPhone. We don’t CARE what your argument is about! Just wanna watch this stuff on our iPhone. This is just too bad.

Oh, and BTW - there is no designated video button we can use to view the videos our friends have posted (like on Facebook). And THAT means we have to wait til one of our friends posts a video and then catch it in the “stream” before it passes by!!

We are underwhelmed by the update, I’m afraid. Coulda been good. Just too little to really get excited about it.

iPhone4 Sets A New Record!

June 17th, 2010 by admin

Win an iPhone4 - Twitter comps

Given the incredible hype that surrounded the release of the first iPhone (people were lining up b y the thousands, remember) it seems hard to believe that the latest version could ever top that! Yet incredibly, according to the NY Times, that is exactly what has been happening:

It was the largest number of preorders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions,”

And according to Apple, more than 600,000 orders for the new iPhone4 were placed on Tuesday!

As we have already reported, this is a very sweet device - and for all those iPhone owners who are ready to upgrade, this is gonna be a lucky time to do so.

And to help you along, we have a half a dozen “win a  free iPhone4″ links for you (some are pretty unusual):

InsideScoop Twitter competition (Ends June 24 2010)
iPhoneContest Twitter comp (Ends September 1 2010)
WearHipsters Twitter comp (ends July 31 2010)
DeallsPl.us daily twitter contest http://dealspl.us/product/an-apple-a-day-giveaway-win-apple-products-everyday
Stocu - stock-prediction plus twitter competition, where:

you make one or more one day predictions on Apple Inc. (AAPL) between Tuesday, June 8th and Wednesday, June 23rd. Once you’ve made a correct prediction, you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.

Churchskinny - By placing a free add in Churchskinny, you get auto entered into the draw for an iPhone4.

Good luck - and let the iPhonegizmo team know if you are a winner!

Waze To Win An iPad..

June 14th, 2010 by admin

Waze – Social GPS navigation, traffic & road reports + geo-gaming

The iPhonegizmo team get all excited when they find another free iPhone download that is designed to work on user-juice! Waze is one of these apps - and is also currently offering users a fun way to get an iPad as well!

Waze is running a competition along side the world cup fanfare. All you have to do is compete in the “International Waze Worldcup”  for a chance to win a new iPad! The way it works is best explained by the people at Waze:

Like in the regular world cup competition, it’s an epic battle, country against country, to see who’ll come out on top – and in the Waze Worldcup, the final country left standing will not only get all the glory, but three lucky users in that country will also get a brand new iPad! Woo hoo!

You can get all the details from the Waze site Basically it involves collecting - or “munching” soccer ball goodies from all over ‘the map’ (Waze is a user-generated traffic warning system).  Users from the winning country will be in for a chance to win the iPad.

You just need to click on the Waze image above to get the app.

Get Free iPhone Games Worth over $10

June 10th, 2010 by admin


You will have to be quick to grab these great iPhone games that are on offer FOR FREE for a short period (the time they will be free is not announced but often it is for only a day! They are all normally priced at $1.99 but are currently (as at the time of posting) available for free download. There are 6 games listed below - so that is $12 worth of iPhone games up for grabs for free.

The games are varied - some have recently been released and so are somewhat untested and others have been around for some time and have been rated at 3 stars or more by over 12K raters.

The five games are: BLOOD LINE + HAYPI KINGDOM (which has had over 12000 raters giving it a 3-star thumbs-up) + SPACE BUBBLE, + CUBZ + TANK - RUN AND GUN!, and WORLDWAR V2 which has had over 16,000 raters give it 3.5 stars.

Don’t forget to share with your iPhone game buddies!

Dick Tracey - Eat Your Heart Out!

June 7th, 2010 by admin


Most people in the baby boomer era grew up with all the super stars that now draw huge crowds at the movies: Super Man, Iron Man, Batman, etc…  But one super hero we don’t hear about is Dick Tracey. OK - he was not a super hero -  but he was a super cool catcher of bad-guys all the same. And as BB-geners will tell you, nothing was more desirable than the wrist-video-phone that he touted.

And they tell me that, back in those days ( the 60’s Beatles era, hippies, flower power etc - and the 70’s ) there was just no concept that they would be seeing that happen “in their lifetime”.  I’m guessing that Steve Job remembers that time as well. Because he makes the point in his latest tweet that:

No one used computers until Macintosh. No one listened to MP3 players until iPod. No one made video calls until iPhone4

Now, we guess he means that no one made video calls on a mobile phone till now (after all we have been making video skype calls for years) and - he also seems to have forgotten that Dick Tracey has been doing this for decades!!.

So this is a truly momentous occasion. Dick Tracey, we have finally caught up with your tech prowess - thanks Apple. (And btw, the other features are great as well).

Now we just have to wait for all the “win a free iPhone4″ contests to start!

Oh - that’s right THEY ALREADY HAVE! here, and here and… well you get the picture so go look for yourselves!

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