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Free TWiT Network Live Streaming TV Show On Our iPhones

August 26th, 2010 by admin

Its random, unplanned and amateurish - but strangely compelling. The show is called this WEEK in TECH, or TWiT. It has several radio-presenter-types all gathered together (in person or via Skype) that chat about the week’s tech news and other related gossip on live streaming TV. Take a look at one of today’s shows and to see whether you want to get the free App:

Watch live video from TWiT Live on Justin.tv

The free app is called JustinTV Now there are some game-based channels also available to watch via this app - but they are very targeted in the audience they appeal to - so not much use to most of us!But the TWIT Network is gold! Go get it!The team here predicts that JustinTV will get BIG. This is just the start and it is so far relatively undiscovered by those that love to entertain.

Five More Free Top iPhone Music Downloads

August 22nd, 2010 by admin

Some great free music from some of the best musos in the business:

1) http://cache.umusic.com/web_assets/scarsonbroadway/extras/avatar2.jpgThe first one is a free single from Scars on Broadway – the experimental rock group founded by the former System Of A Down lead guitaris, Daron Malakian and former drummer John Dolmayan.  This MP3 is provided free in the strategy of promotion used by quite a few musicians now: twitter to unlock the free song! Just visit the armageddoncomealive.com site, click share and then click “facebook” or “twitter” and the song is yours!

2) In a completely different genre is this free iPhone download from The Drums: Down By The Water. Its a slow romantic track for and a complete shocker against the first song in our list. But that’s what makes this list so great - variety, talent and good times!

3) Our third free iPhone download track is our first girl artist: Colleen Green singing (of course) Worship You - listen to it below and get the free download here. Its good, solid “girls in the garage” style music!

4) More grungy and - if you agree that music with more grit is the good stuff - worth getting, is this free MP3 from The Black Angels: Telephone. You can listen to the song below and download it here (have to give your email address to get the free MP3). There is a definite 60’s flavor to this track!

5) And for a dose of angry rock, check out the latest free MP3 from All That Remains:

You can get the free MP3 here also in exchange for your email address.

Don’t forget to share this great list of free music with your friends (click share below)

Free iPhone Music Downloads - Bonanza!

August 19th, 2010 by admin

There is a real Bonanza of free MP3’s on offer round the net at present as new albums are due for release.  These are free to download to our iPhones. They are top ranked songs and some of them are  provided below - with more to come in our next post:

1) Can a band that has been around as long as The Melvins have anything new to offer their fans? According to the enthusiastic review given by Drew Tewksbury in the LA Weekly, their latest album:

The Bride Screamed Murder has been filtered through pulsating electro, uptempo dance jams, and bowel shaking dubstep, taking the Melvins into uncharted territory.

Free MP3 of “Electronic Flower” shows just how cool their music still is.

2) Broken Records return has a new album about to be released and is giving away their first track - ‘A Leaving Song’  - as a free mp3.  Don’t you just love the way music is sold these days? Free tasters to fill our iPhones iPod with!

3) Here is  Black Country Communion performing their hit single “One Last Soul” - the link to the free download for the single can be found below the video.

4) Track taken from Black Country Communion Album: “One Last Soul” Digital Download

Download a free MP3 of the single, The Hustle, here

5) Colleen Green is also offering a free MP3 - “Worship You” - you can listen before you download, of course, but this is hot hot music!

Great Free iPhone Download Just Released!

August 17th, 2010 by admin

Twitpic Poster

We have done a few posts recently about some great new free media Apps for our iPhone - including video and audio apps.

In this post we introduce this just-released free App that allows us to quickly and easily post pics from our iPhone to Twitter - called, appropriately enough, Twitpic.All that we need to do is:

1. select an image or take a picture
2. upload to twitpic
3. enter twitter messag

Three taps - done! Get it!

Playboy App for iPad Causing A Stir - And Some Interesting Competition!

August 13th, 2010 by admin


iPhonegizmo gets a constant stream of emails from App developers and App publishers. Most of them get ignored as they are of no particular interest.  But the latest one proved too weird to ignore. So the iPhonegizmo team checked it out!

The hook: This was not an App - it is a webcam site that can be accessed from the iPhone. As they so politely informed us in their email

It only requires you point your phone’s browser at …. site, to get started. (registration required and adult content)

Thus, it side-steps the issue Playboy has with regard to their application and Apple’s no-nudity policy

So cleverly playing on the current news flap around the latest Playboy App released for iPad - which has some punters agitated because of Apple’s no-nudity in Apps rule.

OK - so we saw it as our duty to our readers to check the site out  - clicked the link and got:

iPhone Porn

OK, we thought, that’s a bit weird! Or maybe these are porn providers with a conscience? Or perhaps they are trying to get to the adult market that have kids and want to reassure them that the content they watch cannot be accessed by their children?

So we clicked on the first link for the “child protection” sites and got:

Parent Web Control

Are they referring to their own sites, we wondered?

But wait, there’s more! Because not all the links provided there were valid. The surfwatch site is no longer available from Google via IE, and - according to domaintools - the site was a malicious site! Here is a screen shot of the site just before it got dropped:

Malaware site

One of the team members here at iPhonegizmo used to work for Google and had the dubious pleasure of having to check adult sites for black hat and malicious tricks. Which they all too often use.

The moral of the story (HAD to say it)  is this: beware of porn sites bearing gifts! One great thing about iTunes is that it is safe to use - for you and your kids!

Jailbreaking Our iPhones Is Now Legal: Part II.

August 6th, 2010 by admin

We recently posted the good? news that it is now legal to jailbreak our iPhones (under certain conditions). We also looked briefly at some of the pros and cons of jailbreaking our iPhones,  and some excellent posts have since appeared elsewhere on this issue.

One of the reasons that jailbreaking has been made legal is so that iPhone owners can access a wider range of service providers. The recent release of user satisfaction survey results by ChangeWaveResearch, for the Phone4 are particularly (though unintentionally) revealing on this matter. The survey results reveal that iPhone 4 owners are pretty happy with their iPhone 4. BUT that they are less than happy about the performance of their AT&T service provider. Consider the following graph, for example:

Dissatisfaction with AT&T are the top two reasons people gave for being unhappy with their iPhone 4 and make up 3 of the top four complaints. This issue is highlighted even more by the following graph, where it is clear that dropped calls are far more prevalent with AT&T than at other service providers and that the situation has been deteriorating for some time.

However, unless the iPhone is jailboken, iPhone owners are stuck with AT &T.

This must be raising some big questions at Apple. Because the last thing Apple wants is for users to jailbreak their iPhones. Their exclusive deal with AT&T has come back to bite them.  Because, clearly, the single biggest reason people have for considering getting their iPhones jailbroken is to get away from AT&T.

Five Star iPhone Movie For 99¢!

August 4th, 2010 by admin

This recently released movie is called The Weathered Underground. Its USP is that it’s an interactive film - well,  actually, its an App that allows us to decide how the movie ends (so its gotta be a five star film, right!). The App  is currently on offer for the next week at 99¢ instead of the usual $3.99. It is billed as having hundreds of choices with dozens of endings.

The App was released about a month ago and has rave reviews (all are 5 star ratings - maybe a little help from friends?).

Take a look

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