iTune Ping

11 Sep

  With the latest update to iTunes (iTunes 10) comes Apple Ping its (long overdue?) social network for music.  And, for a change, this time Apple is playing catchup (with Zune, for example, who has had a social network for … Read More »

The iPhone Game Center

5 Sep

The iPhone has already dished up major competition for other game platforms. Not just other mobile devices, but other platforms such as the PSP, Nintendo and – we would argue – even the PS3 and X-Box. Now you might think … Read More »

Apple 2010 Music Event

2 Sep

At the Apple Music event yesterday, Jobs outlined the key improvements on offer in the next software update for our iPhones – to be released next week. These include: Other features: cheap TV show rentals, (HDR) high-dynamic range photos, the … Read More »