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Free SAFE iPhone Wallpapers for Halloween

October 28th, 2010 by admin

Every year at this time we like to post the best Halloween wallpapers on offer for iPhones. This year we decided to begin our search in iTunes. And were shocked to discover that the latest offerings were just as  spammy and and the sites just as risky as we had found in the past with sites that had not been (supposedly) vetted through the Apple selection process.

Free Halloween wallpapers for iPhones

So our selection of great Halloween wallpapers will also save you the trouble of visiting bad sites! First up is a selection of some 30 wallpapers that have been uploaded to Flickr - so you know that getting them is going to be risk free. There are some great selections here as well (see above pic for a sample - though we did like the apple icon-as-pumpkin as well!).

http://indeziner.com/freewallpapers/indezinerpack5/midnigh-watch-640x960.jpgThere are three free Halloween wallpapers for iPhone on the Indenzer site (see right side pic). We quite liked these wallpapers. They are also available for iPad.

The third site only has a couple and is really for for all the Angry Bird fans out there. They have a fun take on the Halloween theme. The site offers the wallpapers for iPad as well. We loved these so had to include them.

Most of the others we found were either not very good or from suss sites. But we invite you to check out the free Halloween the wallpapers for iPhone listed in previously as they are still on offer, and we think, have some great wallpapers.

Finally, because these wallpapers are not available in iTunes, some readers may not be sure how to put those images on their iPhones as wallpapers. We have done a post in the past in this and you can get the easy-to-follow directions there.

And Remember: share your find with your friends!!

What does LOVE and “special iPhone Apps” have in common?

October 25th, 2010 by admin

Well, Frank and Kasey, you have got our attention, so don’t keep us in suspense!

Clearly this cute little video has been staged (well that’s the iPhonegizmo team consensus, but the more romantic are still arguing its legit!) But what we want to know is:

“Is the mention at the start and finish of special iPhone apps a telling inclusion?”

Is this a PR stunt aimed at promoting a new iPhone app? Take a look and see what we mean:

What do you think? Staged or real romance in action? And if its staged, is there enough drama to capture attention and push it viral? And what the heck type of iPhone app are they gonna launch?

We’ll keep you updated (yeah, we are obviously suckers for this kind of thing)

Win a free iPhone Game: Arcade Cats

October 25th, 2010 by admin

Arcade Cats: Magnificent puzzle adventure


The iPhonegizmo team have found a  super cool new game that has so far had a very high 4 to 5 star rating!

AND we are giving readers the chance to win a free downloads of the game!

All you have to do is “like” our recently developed iPhonegizmo facebook page - and if you are one of the first twenty to join from today, you will go into the drawer to win one of the three free Arcade Cats games. Could not be easier.And to give you a taste of just how great this game is, check out the video:

90 Free Fashion Videos for iPhone

October 22nd, 2010 by admin

There is a HUGE number of free fashion video productions available for us to play on our iPhones. These are all up-to-date, state of the art videos showing the latest that fashion houses around the world are providing. Some have ultra superb clarity and are just plain gorgeous to watch. Others have celebs being interviewed at various top fashion events around  the planet. Still others provide fashion for special events such as wedding gowns. The makeover ones are also cool to view. We will showcase one of these makeovers throughout this post:

free iPhone fashion videos

We have painstakingly (its a tough life here at iPhonegizmo!) had to browse through the fashion videos on offer and selected the top 6 free video productions that can be watched on our iPhones. To do that we have had to watch videos that go from wacky to egocentric to dead boring!

 free iPhone fashion games

So give us a huge hug for our stamina and willingness to find the best on offer for our readers.

Free iPhone fashion videos

So here is our list of the top six free fashion videos for our iPhones:

1) MODTV - current (three videos released in the last month) , high quality videos of fashion shows and includes interviews with celebs.

2) Global Fashion Vews takes an in depth view of high fashion. It also is very current (7 videos in the last month covering Jason Wu, Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada etc) these are also very high quality videos and a must-have fashion video collection.

3) Style  With over thirty quality videos released just in the last month and over 190 videos in the collection so far, this is another must have video fashion collection for viewing on our iPhones.  The videos are usually around 3 minutes in length, and include interviews with top fashion gurus like Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Celine - to name a few.

4) Fashion Network also has released over 30 videos over the last month, but these are typically around 10 min vids.While these videos also have an international reach they also include substantial coverage of the US market, including such events as the recent Miami Swim 2011 event, and the Spring/Summer 2011, New York Fashion Week.

5) Who What Wear TV has a focus more on bridging the gap between fashion runway and end user. They have released 9 videos in the last month, four of them going through an impressive makeover:

free ipgone fashion videos

6) mobilefashion.tv is our final collection of fashion videos to watch on our iPhones, and has been included because it focuses on wedding-related styles. Whilst these videos are not the same superb quality of the previous five productions, its focus on this hot topic makes it worth including. These videos are also current - with 15 released in the last month and covering global runway events.

Let’s see - that’s over 90 free fashion videos from these collections for just the last month!

Don’t forget to share these video collections with the friends you know who absolutely love fashion.

Free Latin Music Video for iPhones

October 19th, 2010 by admin

With the 11th annual Latin Grammy Awards being held next month (in Las Vegas on November 11, 2010), we decided to go looking for some videos from previous Latin Grammy events. This proved to be difficult. The event is staged and managed by the Latin Recording Academy, and they are very efficient at keeping their exclusive rights exercised.  It is possible to see a couple of videos on their site (but they can’t be watched on our iPhones) - but little can be seen elsewhere on the web.

This is a fantastic annual music event and is filled with fun, glamor and beautiful people! You can get some idea from the following snippet of the closing ceremony of the 10th annual Latin Grammy held last year:

But we wanted more - so we went searching iTunes, and sure enough, found some free Latin Grammy goodies to share.

First up we have to give a plug to the video podcast channel ES Musica that provides regular music, breaking news and videos about whats happening in the Latin music world. If you scroll through their podcast you will come to their video podcast of last years Grammy (number 99 on the list - which shows there have been nearly a hundred podcasts in the 11 months since then).

Free Lating Music Video Podcasts for iPhones

This is a super quality video that introduces many of the top performing Latin Music Artists - many of who give an impromptu performance for ES Musica! Its worth a watch just to see and hear the beautiful people sing! And if you can’t understand Latin, perhaps its time you took advantage of the free Latin lessons you can download to your iPhone for easy learning!

secondly, we found this great video of the press conference held last month announcing the 11th Annual Latin Grammy Awards nominations. It is in both English and L:atin - so no need to get those free lessons for this one!:


Look at all that talent! This is going to be a fantastic event this year.

Free Animation Videos for our iPhones

October 15th, 2010 by admin

Origins of American Animation

This is just a quick post to let you know that the Library of Congress  has made over two dozen animations available for us to watch on our iPhones. The animations represent some of the earliest ever made in the USA and are also some of the best early animations made. The collection includes animations made between 1900 and 1920 - so one hundred years ago now!

All sorts of  animation genre have been included: clay,  pen drawings (those early forms are really fascinating), puppets and cut-outs. So check out this collection of free videos to watch next time you have a trip and want to watch something you haven’t already seen two dozen times before!

Free iPhone Apps For Love

October 12th, 2010 by admin

Love Messenger - Send Romantic Messages via MMS Text Messages and Email


Of course there have been a huge number of iPhone apps developed to help us with dating /love / sex. In fact if you type “sex” into iTunes search and and select for “free apps”, you will get over 400 apps delivered, 360 for “dating” and some 1100 free apps about “love” (but that includes apps like “I Love India” and “divorce Jokes” !!)

We have chosen 6 free apps around the love and romance theme to give you an idea of what can be found in this genre of Apps:

1) Before the love and romance,  we first have to meet Mr or Miss right!  So we begin this list of apps with Flirt Maps, which lets us know who is nearby, compatible and wanting to flirt right now! With FlirtMaps you can actually find them on the map, see their profiles and even arrange a date (hmmm - this all seems pretty risky!) Well, virtual flirt might be OK. And then use the next app before going any further!!

2) iHeart Love Compatibility Obviously, before romance can go anywhere there needs to be compatibility! Based on numerology, astrology and the Chinese zodiac, this app provides us with guidance from the “stars” about our compatibility with another. You will need name, birth date and zodiac sign in order to get a compatibility score out of ten!

So now you have met Mr/Miss Right. Now what? Well there are a whole stack of apps to help make the romancing just that much easier:

Yoga For Sex


3) love Messenger, for example, which offers us thousands of romantic messages, clip art, emoticons and even videos to send to our sweetheart. Or perhaps you have trouble figuring out what do on your next date? That’s where the next app -

4) Date Movie Advise can help you to plan your next perfect movie date! Or, if you are the wine-and-dine types, then -

5) Sexified Foods could be just what you need. This app provides a long list of romance-enhancing foods!

And finally, for those that want to take the romance to the next level, here is an app that provides you with the work outs you need to allow you go to go that extra distance!!

6) Yoga for sex - this app is quite cool - it goes through various yoga poses and explains how they will help your love life. For example, the basic Cobra pose - opens the “heart chakra - where love energy and breath come from…”

And if your love life is improved by these apps - do let us know so others can benefit.

NB - you must be over 17 to download most of these apps.

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