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Two Years Later - iPhone Downloads Review

January 31st, 2011 by admin

Ever wonder what happened to….? So often a story is written and that’s it, we never get to hear the outcome. Well, over the next few weeks the team at iPhonegizmo are going to do some follow-ups on stories we did two years ago.

Our first recall is the Veoh post we did in Jan 2009. Our review back then was that the site was limited in the videos that were on offer through their interface. We also hoped that in due course, their service would be available through iPhone.

So where is Veoh today? Well, for starters it is one of the highest ranking sites in the world:

Veoh rankings

(Source: Alexa)

It now does stream Youtube - along with a host of other sources. And according to Alexa, “Veoh is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 18-24, have no children and browse this site from home.”

But it is still NOT available as an app for iPhone!  :(

Check it out for the current top-of-the-news issue: Egypt. This is one way to get a good coverage of news from a wide variety of sources.

One warning - if you decide to download the Veoh player, we recommend that you use the “custom” option as Veoh will otherwise set themselves up as your default home page:

Veoh install guide

You can enjoy using Veoh from the Veoh site - so no real need to download the player - and as the average user stays a mere 2.8mins, hardly seems necessary. But if you decide this is for you then consider our guide to downloading:

Veoh install guide

According to Alexa, “Average Load Time for Veoh.com (is) Very Slow (3.418 Seconds), 86% of sites are faster.” So it could be a real nuisance to have to wait for it to load every time you start up. Better to load it when you need it.

The other reason for choosing the “custom” option is that in the very last screen, Veoh prompt downloaders to also download a registry clean product:

Veoh install guide

We reckon this is seriously uncool. But increasingly, free downloads of software are coming preset with these kinds of recommendations. So it is increasingly necessary to check the settings of each and every page of the download process and READ what we are agreeing to!

So… things have changed in two years. This site has blossomed and whilst there is no app, the site can still be viewed from iPhone via safari (though not as easily as on laptop, as fewer search options)

New Free iPhone App for Wine Lovers and would-be Connoisseurs

January 26th, 2011 by admin

Another recently released iPhone app that we consider news worthy is the Vivino app that has some pretty cool features. Firstly it is built with “recognition software” that allows us to use the iphone camera to photograph the wine label on the bottle and then send the image  to the Vivino data base. Second, the image is then checked against some hundreds of thousand wine labels stored in the Vivino database.

If the wine is in the database (1 in 3 chance at time of app release - and growing daily) then it will show on the screen with any ratings given by other users. With a simple click, we can add the wine to our own personal list along with our own rating for a permanent record of wines that we love or hate!

We can also, depending on our passion for wines,  add wines to the Vivino database in a collaborative effort to get every wine in the world listed there!


Update on NPoll - free iPhone App

January 20th, 2011 by admin

Free iPhone App - Npoll

In our last post we introduced you to the newly released app - Npoll. It was then just a day old and had only been downloaded by a few people. But since then - all of three days ago! - big things have been happening. And the people at NPoll are not shy about their success! According to the email they sent to the iPhonegizmo team:

The app received more than 28,000 downloads within the last 96 hours. Almost 50% of the total users are from the United States.

Now that is what we call a successful app launch!!

Results of the first few polls are also available already so if you answered the poll: “Are You A Mac or a PC”,  you can find the results of the poll - beautifully presented in color graphics -  in the app and viewable on your iPhone. Here are a couple of sample iPhone screen shots:

Free iPhone App - Npoll

Apparently there were 1000 responses worldwide to the quiz about music use:

Free iPhone App - Npoll

With the astonishing results that 32% of the users never purchased music on iTunes! Of course, the figure was much lower in the US with 25% of users never purchasing music on iTunes. (BTW we proudly say we have contributed to this figure as you will discover when you search for free iphone music on our blog- there are thousands to be found)

Free iPhone App - Earn Money!

January 17th, 2011 by admin


This is a fun app - but lets deal with the “catch” before we get to the make-money-while-having-fun part.Because there is a catch - isn’t there always? This app was only released yesterday, so its hot off the press.

The app runs fast, easy to answer, polls on topics we are all likely to be interested in. And we get paid to answer them. BUT, what they don’t tell you on their site - in fact they run a video where this bit of info is actually missing!! - is that an add runs along the bottom of the screen. However, it is fairly unobtrusive and you don’t have to read them and so long as you don’t go an provide your phone number for anything, no harm no foul!

So, how does the “get paid” part work? Here is what they say on the NPolls site:

free iphone app - NPoll

The app is free, so no pain to try it out.  There are 4 polls on it when  we trialed the app - so we have already earned $.80. That beats having to PAY for an app LOL.

But the “Win” in the title gives us pause.

So far only23 people have given the app a rating but 70% have given it a 5-star and over 80% have given it 4 or more. We liked it - but it is early days and we will get back to you in a couple of weeks for a follow up.

Free iPhone Apps that Rock!

January 15th, 2011 by admin

For something a little different, we are sharing today some apps we came accross when exploring LinkedIn …. yes LinkedIn! You have to know how to search it (a secret we may share with you in a later post) but if you know how to do it, you can find some veeery interesting stuff.

On this occasion we did a search that included”iphone apps”, and had another universe of apps revealed to us! The first one we wanna share is one that this particular guy did the video for:

FYI, the App is called “Museum Explorer“. Now, I did NOT know that “Lucy” was at the American Museum for Natural History did you? (LOL - I bet you don’t even know who Lucy is, do you?)

Free iPhone App Museum Explorer

And I did not know they had a REX, either. So, next time I get the chance, I’m gonna go there and have a look. And how cool is that ’something-a-saurus’ in the entrance foyer - reminds me of Jurassic Park (only nicer). This is a free app, so go grab yourself something different!

Some other apps in this genre include:

Musée du Louvre

MEanderthalThe Museum of Modern Art App,

MEanderthal from the Smithsonian,

Or the  app from the Musee Du Louvre (left)

So grab some culture folks - these great apps are all free. Unfortunately, some other museum apps are not free so are not included here. But if you are about to travel somewhere where they have a really top notch museum - eg The British Museum ($4.99), then it is worth checking to see if there is an iPhone app for it.

iPhone Checkpoints

January 12th, 2011 by admin

If you haven’t yet tried the fascinating App called Checkpoint, or you have but are one of the few why were not impressed- we suggest that you give it (another) try. Checkpoints have just released a new version of the App and it has already received a solid 4-star rating (with more than half rating it as a 5-star app) and that’s from over 500 people who have downloaded the new app in the last 4 days.

And there is good reason for this strng positive response. Check out why we are impressed:

With this app you can begin to start getting bonuses when you shop. This is in addition to any points you already collect from using your credit card to shop etc. The app also lets you know which brands and which products IN THE STORE you are shopping in, offer bonus points. Could not be easier. There are all sorts of bonuses/rewards  on offer including - if you prefer - the option to give the rewards to select charities.

Here is the comment we found from one recent rater of Checkpoints with a very useful tip included:

I just got a $25 itunes gift card by using the app checkpoints!! It is free and when u first register (free) and enter the code tkoytime55 then u can get a free gift card!! Merry christmas!!

We think its great but are keen to know what others think of it - so let us know in the comments below.

Keep The Christmas Spirit Going With These Free iPhone Games

January 9th, 2011 by admin

In a post-Christmas fit of generosity some game developers are giving their games away free (for a short time). And some game developers made special Christmas versions of their highly popular games - also free! Check out our selection of the best:

Angry Birds Seasons Free

First up - of course - has to be  the Angry Birds Seasons Free game brought out specially for Christmas (though it did not get released in time and has only been in the App store a few days. All the same, it already has over a hundred ratings and most of those seem to be for a 5 star rating. So go grab a great free iPhone game!

Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
Next is the highly popular game Amateur Surgeon with its Christmas Edition. This has already had over 300 ratings with the majority giving it 5 stars. Note you must be 17 or over to get this game, as there is infrequent mild realistic violence, frequent profanity and crude humor, frequent fantasy violence (your average bugs bunny style animations with bad language thrown in - so be warned. Mind you, that hasn’t stopped the over 75,000 downloads of all versions of this game!

Crazy Penguin Christmas Free

The third top free game from the loving season is Crazy Penguin Christmas! While this has received an overall 3.5-star rating we have to point out that over 40% of raters game it the 5-star accolade. AND..

its had over 5000 ratings (and who knows how many more downloads from people who cannot be bothered to give it a rating?). Its level of downloading is another good indication of the games quality. Go grab a great game - and remember its free!

We are also throwing in what we think are cool newbie free iPhone Christmas games:

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift
Chriistmas Pong (was .99cents and now free)
Christmas solitaire (was $1.99 and now free)

These last three are too new to have received any ratings yet - so make your mark people: - download - enjoy -rate!

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