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iBooks tops the million downloads mark!

March 19th, 2011 by admin

If you are a keen reader but have not yet trialed the iBook store then maybe the fact that Random house has jumped on the iBook distribution wagon might get you to think about checking the iBook store out.

At the recent Apple event, Jobs ventured back from medical leave to deliver a host of impressive stats about Apple successes (as he usually does if he can) over the last year. This included the impressive results from the iBook store - due in no small part to the iPad, no doubt!

ibooks on iPhone

In fact, Jobs announced that in less than a year, there have been one million books downloaded from the iBook store. This is gob-smacking and a real testament to the Apple platform.

Jobs also announced that Random House have joined the more than 1500 publishers that now distribute books through the iBook store.

ibooks on iPhone

And was the last of the big 6 publishes to distribute through iBook store.  Random House will be adding some 17,000 new titles to the iBook selection - so that is a pretty exciting update for the iBook store.

BTW - there are plenty of free books to grab from the iBook store as well with books from authors like: Lewis Carol, Charles Darwin, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Scott fitzgerald, Freud, Ghandi, James Joyce,  Rudyard Kipling, and even A. A. Milne …..

iBooks for iphone

I am in for Winnie, how about you?

Donate via iPhone to the Japanese Disaster Appeal

March 13th, 2011 by admin

The internet has made it possible for the ordinary person to respond generously and quickly to disasters that hit others  - whether near and far.  The Haiti disaster set a new standard for what could be achieved - not just by the quick response teams that train for these type of events and are ever ready to move into disaster zones, but by the ordinary person who can now immediately respond by providing the much needed financial support that such areas need.

Donate to the japane disaster appeal

And we - the ordinary people and companies that have only watched mutely from afar in the past! We have learned how we can use social media for our own form of quick response. This time companies like Google,  Twitter, Microsoft and Apple have all quickly provided communications or donation channels to assist people in the Japanese crisis.

Donate by iPhone

The Japanese Google team were working on Google’s Crisis Response page within minutes of the quake! Within hours Google had its Person Finder Web site set up! Helping people to locate their  missing loved ones or post data on those who had been found is a huge help to the recovery effort.

Many companies are pointing people to the Red Cross for donations.  iPhone users can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Apple is also allowing users to donate to the Red Cross using their iTunes accounts. They assure us that 100% of the donation goes to the Red Cross. You will have to update your iTunes software to iTunes 10 (but you’ve already done that, right?) and then just follow  the  [iTunes link] to donate between $5 and $200 to the effort.

iphone Apps for Severe Weather Warnings

March 11th, 2011 by admin

With the horrifying disaster of earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan yesterday we have yet another reminder of the power of nature to dominate and terminate human affairs. But it is also clear that the better the warning we have, the more chance we have of sidestepping nature’s brutal fist.

What better time then to be aware of the iPhone apps that have been provided by services such as  The Weather Channel and Accuweather.com that provide severe weather alerts so that we can be warned and prepared as much as possible. Currently both sites provided warnings about the impact of the tsunami on USA. For example, both sites provided information about the arrival time along the West Coast:

Both sites have free apps for iPhone - Accuweather for the iPhone and The Weather Channel for the iPhone. 
With the recent earthquake in New Zealand and now this huge one in Japan we can be excused for wondering if the next one is going to be along our own West Coast!