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A Royal iPhone Wedding!

April 27th, 2011 by admin

A royal wedding seems to get everyone’s heart a fluttering. All that pomp and ceremony - I mean glamor -  around true love at its best…..

And doesn’t the media love it! And travel companies, and wedding planners … anyone who stands to make a buck from the masses of people lining up to watch or participate. And iTunes is no different - if you are in the UK, or Australia or (as it turns out) in Canada. iTunes has the Royal Wedding front-and-center on the iTunes store for these three countries:

A Royal iPhone Wedding!

But iTunes is betting that we in the US are not so interested as  the closest we get to anything UK-ish is “Harry Potter” on the front page!

A Royal iPhone Wedding!

But are American’s really not that interested?

Well, there are 74 royal wedding related apps for iPhoners in UK iTunes store, there are 71 royal wedding related apps in the iTunes Canadian store, and there are over 76 royal wedding related apps available (serious and comedic) in the USA iTunes store.

You work it out!

Some freebies on offer that are worth getting include:

NBC app for the wedding

BBC America’s royal wedding insider app

Hello Magazine app for the Royal wedding And for Canbadians,

And for Canadians, there is the Globe and Mail’s new mobile app bringing the news of the big day for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Superb Variety of Free Videos to watch on iPhone

April 17th, 2011 by admin

If you haven’t looked recently at the range of video podcasts now available for FREE in iTunes, then read on…

Because we have just updated our data base of free videos and checked out the latest on offer there. The range is HUGE. Just take a look at the examples we have selected to demonstrate to range and quality:

* First Aid Instructor http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/itg-first-aid-instructor-e/id386403709
* Everyday Aromatherapy
* DIY Honda
*The design and Illustrate podcasts
*Free Videos for iPhone
*Pilot-in-control Learning
*The Aviation video
*Forex Market Updates
*Entrepreneur secrets
*The Success Formula

And for a final one in our list for today’s post: Free Magic tricks

This list does not even begin to scratch the surface of the videos available. So if this lot prove interesting go and check out the videos from the podcast section of iTunes.

Songs For Japan

April 5th, 2011 by admin

Again our super- stars  have stepped up to the plate and are donating the earnings from their talent to the needy.

This time a benefit album called “Songs For Japan” has been released with 38 songs from top artists for just $9.99 - that’s less than .30c a song! And with the line up of top artists (see 15 of them below)  as hot as this one, it is a fantastic way to raise $$ for the people of this devastating tragedy .

Songs For Japan

Just click the image to go to iTunes and purchase the Album.

Oh, and BTW check out the ratings: 5994 Ratings give it 4.5 stars

Of course, if you already have the songs, or are not keen on the ones chosen for the album, you can donate directly through the Red Cross.

This has been listed in the “free iPhone downloads” category for the simple reason that we basically get 18 songs for free on this album!! - Share this with all your friends and get a big result happening for Japan –>

I’ll Take My iPhone With Wine And Candy Thanks!

April 2nd, 2011 by admin

What I really love about my iPhone is how easy it is to access the internet and all that goes with that. Instant news, instant entertainment, instant access to info about where local organic restaurants, ice cream and food retailers are, instant access to games ….whatever!

My latest  passion is buying direct from my iPhone. Not from auctions (I just never do well with those!) but from farms, wholesalers and manufacturers. Not the stuff I wanna touch and see in the flesh - like furniture (though I know plenty of people that buy Ikea stuff that way. Personally I like to touch and feel those things before I buy.

But food? You bet! The quicker I can get it to me the better. Take all the candy currently being advertised everywhere. I just don’t get time to stop and shop - so I am buying MY stuff online (already have) Look at what I’m getting:

LOL! But lets face it - while the candy is great - to be really festive, I gotta have some sparkly with it. Can I get that from my iPhone. Of course! nothing new there!

Wine clubThis is what I have on order for Easter:- Now you might say that’s a bit of overkill! Some Easter Chocolates and 12 bottles of wine! But I gotta tell you why I went for 12 bottles. Firstly, this a really nice wine (I had some at a friends recently). Secondly, not only is it only like $5.90 a bottle when we buy 12, they throw in a 4 Luigi Bormioli Wine Glasses and “tasting notes and binder” (sounds interesting but not at all sure what this is!) So I decided to get 12 bottles and then I’m set for Easter.

I’ll let you know what other goodies I have gotten via my iPhone!