9 Free MP3s to Download to Your iPhone

8 Nov

If you know where to look you can get free, SAFE to download, legal free music by the TON! Here are nine super free songs to download to your iPhone. Be quick as some are only gonna be for free for a limited period. Maybe one day we will share our secret of how we fin d all the cool free music we share with you on this blog (use our search function to find the hundreds of others we have revealed on the site)

Our selection for today are:

http://www.aamulehti.fi/euroviisut/blogit/4823455-big.jpg1) Jann Wilde: Song for the Movie

2) Manuel Da Costa: Swimming

3) Get Set Radio: Talking in Circles

4) Heart Strings: Good Times Are Coming For To Get You (have to sign up to get  this one)

5) Uberbyte: Money Shot

6) Passionate People: Passionate People

7)  Half Way To Winter:   Tom Cruse Control

8 ) Tom Teasley: Sheba’s Dream

9) Cradle Of Filth: Lilith Immaculate