Apologies to all iPhonegizmo FANS and check out this freebie!

16 Aug

The iphonegizmo team apologizes for the lengthy “holiday” we were forced to take over the last three weeks. This is the first time since its inception four years ago that our site has ever been “off the air” for any reason. So you could say the holiday was overdue!

Air Playit - Streaming Video to iPhone

However, it was an unplanned holiday- so we missed out on all the fun of looking forward to it!

We are now back and atem  – and will be doing our usual posts about hot new iPhone download freebies for you.

To kick the show off, we recommend you take a look at this great deal – a super easy way to get movies onto your iphone to watch – for free!! (Of course)

You will need to download the free Air Playit App from iTunes and also need to download the “cloud-based” Air Playit server to your desktop (works with both PCs and Macs. Then, wherever you are – if you can access wifi,  you can down load a movie from your PC/Mac to your iPhone and watch it at your leisure!

e:A couple of helpful pointers for you so that you get this great free movie downloader with ease.

1) TheAir Playit  site is quite busy. Take a look at the image below to see where to go to download the server software you need:

free movie downloader

2) Either follow our link to the app -or make sure you spell it right in iTunes – its “Air Playit”. iTunes has gotten sloppier as its gotten bigger and if you type in, for example,  “Airplayit”, you will be served up everything BUT the app you want!

3) Follow the directions given on the site in their User Guide

Note: we found we had to disable the firewall for the connection between the local server and the iPhone to work.

Oh, BTW – Air Playit does not support media files purchased from iTunes  (and so are protected by DRM). Apparently,  the next version will support DRM protected videos.