Apple 2010 Music Event

2 Sep
iPhone software update

At the Apple Music event yesterday, Jobs outlined the key improvements on offer in the next software update for our iPhones – to be released next week. These include: Other features: cheap TV show rentals, (HDR) high-dynamic range photos, the ability to upload high-definition video over Wi-Fi, iTunes Ping (a new social network) and more.

There will also be a major new feature called Game Center where users can play interactive games online with friends or other online players. Our next post is devoted to this new feature – which we think adds a whole new dimension to an already exciting platform. And the post after that will look at the new iTunes Ping in detail.

The event began with the usual “mine is bigger than yours” routine. And of course, with Apple this is not just a vain hope. Take a look at some of the latest stores that Apple has opened across the globe:

1) The latest Paris store (it was an opera house) is just extraordinary – and, according to Jobs, took 18 months to restore:

Iphone Shop - Paris

The inside is even more spectacular:

iPhone store - Paris

2) In complete contrast is the new store they have built in Shanghai – a 40 foot high glass cylinder:

iPhone Store - Shanghai

– just look at the environmental context of this thing:

iPhone shop - Shanghai

If you thought that building beautiful architecture – or maintaining it was a thing of the past – well, Apple has just proved you wrong.

These building project seem so apt. After all, Apple is in the business of elegant designs-for-living. It seems totally appropriate that they use some of their massive profits to create wondrous buildings for our enjoyment and use.

The iPhonegizmo team give Apple – one again – the thumbs up for being design leaders.