Best iPhone Games To Download – Ever!

17 Feb

We got these recommends right from the coal face of action!`We did a Twitter search for “best iPhone game” and got 7 top rated games in the first 15 results that show. Which we consider a great result. Prices vary from zero to $6.99 but all actually do have 4+star ratings in iTunes. So proof this is a good way to find great iPhone games.

Here are the conversations in the order they appeared in Twitter:

1)  JayFrechette: Really enjoying Battleheart for iPhone/iPad. Great art & combat. Anyone else playing it? ABIFont: It’s really really good. Probably one of, if not the best iPhone game I’ve played
Our research: – Battleheart  for iPhone has received a solid 4.5 star rating with the latest version just released.  But comes with a price tag of $2.99 and no freebie version.:(

Battleheart for iPhone

2) MissBlossyMUA: Photo: Tappi Bear xD best iPhone game everrrr!
Our research: – Tappi Bear has 8 versions of the game @ $.99 each – some versions get a 4 to 5 star ratings. There is also a recently released free version

3) maydaymag: Associate this- best iPhone game
Our research: – Associate This is an unusual game with 4 different versions – all are free and all get 3.5 stars or more.

4) MDearworth: Wow. NBA Jam for the iPhone is stellar. Best iPhone game I’ve played in a while. Two other rave revues including –  RYANESN: RT @jo5h11a: Can’t nap due to all this BOOMSHAKALAKA action. Hands down, best iPhone game EVER!
Our research: – NBA Jam is one of the Electronic Arts products – so also one of the more expensive games at $4.99. The game was recently released (1 week ago) and already has 61 raters giving it a 4.5 star rating!

NBA Jam for iPhone

5) KevinWiebe: Spiderman is by far the best iPhone game I’ve played.
Our research: – Spiderman was released last October and now has 234 raters giving it a 4.5 start rating. It cost $6.99 but there is a free version to try out and see if you like it. Free version has had 916 raters giving it a 4 star rating – so Im convinced!

Spiderman for iPhone

6) AdamMcAvoy: Played game dev story (the best iPhone game in history) for 3 hours straight,
Our research: – Game Dev Story has had 484/576 raters gave it a 5 star thumbs up! That’s a pretty amazing result. Costs $.99 and there is a free version with similar good ratings

7) jonnyrockunit: Dead space on the iphone is seriously good. Best iphone game so far
Our research: – Dead Space is another Electronic Arts game with the usual high price ($6.99 for this one) It was only  released jan 25 and has already received 153 ratings giving it 4.5 stars.

Dead Space for iphone

Now neither NBA Jam nor Dead Space have free versions out – YET! We say that because Electronic Arts have 25 free (Lite) versions of their games on offer in iTunes for iPhones. It is quite possible that they will eventually bring out free versions of these two games as well.

Our conclusion? Tweets are a great way to find great iphone games. In iPhonegizmo’s last post we asked readers to let us know how easy / hard they find iTunes to use and so far 42% have rated it at “hard” to “super hard”.

In this post we have shown you a way to make finding good games a bit easier.