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Thousands of Top Ranked Audio Books - For Free on iPhones and iPads, If You Know Where and How!

November 30th, 2010 by admin

OverDrive Media Console

Overdrive is making it possible for us to enjoy books for free on our iPads as well as our iPhones. That is because Overdrive provides us with free software that is also used by hundreds of libraries around the world, and allows us to borrow books and enjoy on our mobile devices.

Now lots of libraries offer the service and while only some books are available in this format, many libraries now have hundreds of books that can be “read” on our iPhones. A quick check at overdrive will tell you whether there is a library near you that offers this service. And remember, its free! Potentially hundreds of books  can be enjoyed this way!For example, I am a Vince Flynn fan - and 5 of his books have been published in the MP3 format, including “Extreme Measures” which I am currently reading (again) in anticipation of his latest release, American Assassin. Overdrive shows that this title is available at dozens of libraries around the US. When I click the link to the South Jersey Regional Library,  for example, there it is!

Free audiobooks for iPhone

So long as we are (or become) a member of the library, we can borrow this book for free - and enjoy it on our iPhone. For details of how to get the software, just visit the overdrive site. You can also download the free Overdrive Media Console App, which provides access to over 10,000 libraries world wide. Apart from the freeness, and the extraordinary ease of access, these audiobooks automatically expire when the borrowing time is up - so no late fees!!

A final note - at this stage music and videos cannot be borrowed this way from libraries (and very few mobile devices are able to do this) but:

 OverDrive WMA Music Support “Apple Devices - Special Considerations

(many) OverDrive WMA Music titles can be transferred to Apple devices on a title-by-title basis (where permitted by the publisher or record label) using the Transfer Wizard in OverDrive Media Console v3.2.0.5 (or newer) for Windows®.”

Its not difficult to borrow books this way and every library provides guidance to help get us setup. Check it out!

Black Friday iphone Download Specials

November 24th, 2010 by admin

As per our promise, we have some great App specials for you.

First up is the Readdle special. These guys have an impressive line up of specials:

1) ReaddleDocs ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

2) Scanner Pro ($6.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $6!!

3) OneDisk ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

4) Flash Drive ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

5) PDF Expert ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

6) Take a Note ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99)  - save $4

7) BookReader ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

That’s a total saving of $30! Not sure what some of the apps do? Who cares, with those savings it is definitely worth checking them out. Its all explained on the Readdle site, anyway. You will also get the chance to win one of three iPads. Only open to those that have purchased an App though!

OK - and we also have some Apps on special from Vitotechnology
star, constellations, planets on your iPhone1) Star Walk top ranking stargazing guide
for iPhone (usually $2.99) - $0.99
for iPad (usually $4.99) - $0.99

2) Solar Walk 3d solar system model
 to do list, task management, project sharing, organization tooluniversal for iPhone and iPad (usually $2.99) - $0.99

3) Geo Walk - spinnable globe of fun facts
for iPhone (usually $0.99) - FREE
for iPad (usually $2.99) - $0.99

safe pain and symptom relief4) Family Doctor - symptoms and diagnosis home medical advisor
for iPhone (usually $4.99) - $0.99

For a total saving from VitoTechnology of $14

So $45 off all these apps altogether. That’s pretty cool.

Best Free Music iPhone App Now Also For iPad

July 16th, 2010 by admin


A year ago we included the Shazam app in our list of top thirty iPhone apps. At that time Shazam had been reviewed by a massive 100K users and managed an impressive 3.5 star rating. Impressive because it is difficult to keep that many users happy - much more likely that differences in interests will spread the ratings and result in lower scores!

We are in the process of putting together a new list of the current top 10 apps and decided to check out how those in last years list were doing, today. Impressively, Shazam has been rated by a further 200K users since our report 12 months ago and has maintained its 3.5 star rating.

So if you are a new iPhone owner (or have just joined the Apple family as an iPad owner), we recommend you download this free app and try it out.

For the benefit of those that are not familiar with the app, it identifies the song that are playing on the radio or (more often) a video:

Just point your iphone towards the music source to identify track

If you are keen, the app makes it so that you can even then buy the MP3 from iTunes. But we think its just a really useful way to ID that tune! And obviously we are not alone!

Waze To Win An iPad..

June 14th, 2010 by admin

Waze – Social GPS navigation, traffic & road reports + geo-gaming

The iPhonegizmo team get all excited when they find another free iPhone download that is designed to work on user-juice! Waze is one of these apps - and is also currently offering users a fun way to get an iPad as well!

Waze is running a competition along side the world cup fanfare. All you have to do is compete in the “International Waze Worldcup”  for a chance to win a new iPad! The way it works is best explained by the people at Waze:

Like in the regular world cup competition, it’s an epic battle, country against country, to see who’ll come out on top – and in the Waze Worldcup, the final country left standing will not only get all the glory, but three lucky users in that country will also get a brand new iPad! Woo hoo!

You can get all the details from the Waze site Basically it involves collecting - or “munching” soccer ball goodies from all over ‘the map’ (Waze is a user-generated traffic warning system).  Users from the winning country will be in for a chance to win the iPad.

You just need to click on the Waze image above to get the app.

Free iPhone TV Show Updates and Prizes Plus Win An iPod!

May 30th, 2010 by admin

With the power of the Apple promotion machine in constant full blast, it is easy to forget some of the straight “phone” goodies that are also on offer.

We have been happily reminded of this by the USA Network with their current invitation to join their White Collar Mobile Fan Club! Some of the goodies on offer include:

* iPhone Wallpapers: a new one each week!
* White Collar Watch to Win:  win customized White Collar  prize packs!
* Tune-in Reminders…etc


FYI:  The USA Network hit series, White Collar,  is produced by Fox Television Studios, Inc. - the TV production arm of the News Corporation’s Fox Entertainment Group. The show will start its second season in July 2010 (on July 13).

In the meantime, there are iPhone wallpapers, games, quizzes and other goodies on offer from the network.

Does it cost? Well these are sent as text messages so if you are on an unlimited plan - then NO. Otherwise, check your charges before you sign up!

And just for good measure, USA Networks are providing us with an opportunity to win an iPad each week till the end of June. USA Network are “powering” the  CharacterArcade site who are running the contest. Apart from being a USA resident, all you have to do is either play the “game of the week” once - or just email them with your name and address to go into the draw to win. There is no cost to entering this contest.

By the way, if you are a fan (and the iphonegizmo team are all devotees already!) then do their “profiler quiz” to find out which character you are most like! Here is my result:

iPhone TV Show

He’s my favorite, somaybe that biased the results?!