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iPhonegizmo Christmas List

December 6th, 2010 by admin

iPhonegizmo Christmas List

This year the iPhonegizmo team have decided to help our readers to get organized for Christmas. Basically because a couple of us have gotten caught out being hopelessly disorganized and have run out of time to get gifts to distant loved ones.Group think revealed that (obvious. when you think about it) strategy of using reliable online suppliers. We decided on Amazon simple because they have been tried and true deliverers of brand products. Which means that we know that we can trust both the products we select AND that they will be delivered on time for Chrissy.

So we got together and put together a short list of out faves to recommend:
(just click any image for details or even to purchase!)

Get to it people, as good as they are (check out their great prices as well), even they would need a Santa Sleigh if you leave the ordering too late!NB: Check our next post for great free iPhone downloads to include in your Christmas stocking

Black Friday iphone Download Specials

November 24th, 2010 by admin

As per our promise, we have some great App specials for you.

First up is the Readdle special. These guys have an impressive line up of specials:

1) ReaddleDocs ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

2) Scanner Pro ($6.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $6!!

3) OneDisk ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

4) Flash Drive ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

5) PDF Expert ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

6) Take a Note ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99)  - save $4

7) BookReader ($4.99 ⇒ $0.99) - save $4

That’s a total saving of $30! Not sure what some of the apps do? Who cares, with those savings it is definitely worth checking them out. Its all explained on the Readdle site, anyway. You will also get the chance to win one of three iPads. Only open to those that have purchased an App though!

OK - and we also have some Apps on special from Vitotechnology
star, constellations, planets on your iPhone1) Star Walk top ranking stargazing guide
for iPhone (usually $2.99) - $0.99
for iPad (usually $4.99) - $0.99

2) Solar Walk 3d solar system model
 to do list, task management, project sharing, organization tooluniversal for iPhone and iPad (usually $2.99) - $0.99

3) Geo Walk - spinnable globe of fun facts
for iPhone (usually $0.99) - FREE
for iPad (usually $2.99) - $0.99

safe pain and symptom relief4) Family Doctor - symptoms and diagnosis home medical advisor
for iPhone (usually $4.99) - $0.99

For a total saving from VitoTechnology of $14

So $45 off all these apps altogether. That’s pretty cool.

iPad - The New iPhone Accessory?

April 2nd, 2010 by admin

iPad news

ipad newsWe could argue that without the iPhone already in popular use, the iPad would not be the success we suspect it is going to be. The App store is a proven success and as Apple is touting:

Right now, you can choose from over 150,000 apps in the App Store including entertainment apps, productivity apps, social networking apps, games, and more. iPad works with almost all of them. So if you already have apps for your iPhone or iPod touch, just sync them to iPad from your Mac or PC. They run in their original size or you can expand them to fill the iPad screen.

So a ready-to-go supply of fantastic apps to choose from. And because we all have the apps we love to use, we know which ones we would just love to see on the bigger screen. Take the New York Times App that was demoed at the iPad Event back in Jan.  Their iPad app has just been released on 31st March - in time for the iPad release tomorrow. Take a look:

iPad - NYT App

The iPad is going to be a superb interface for the traditional “newspaper”. In fact, we can already imagine the businessmen of the world tucking their iPad under their armpits where once there was a folded, ink-covered, newsprint called the New York Times.

iPad - NYT App

It is impressive. And it saves paper as well!

But, would it get any purchase in the market if the iPhone had not already paved the way? And would you buy it instead of your iPhone? We suspect that it will make a nice addition to the Apple family of gadgets, a nice accessory as it were. But I know that I would pick my iPhone over the iPad if I had to choose!

iPhone, Plus Twitter, And Win More Free iPads

March 25th, 2010 by admin

One of the great side shows that goes on when a new Apple gizmo hits the stores is that there are heaps of easy, free, legitimate contests on offer. We have had several blogs in the past covering the best ‘win a free iPhone’ contests, the best ‘win a free iPod Touch’ contests.

This time is a little different. In the beginning…..  finding good contests took hours, days even, of searching and pruning (a lot of contests are from basically spam sites). But with the evolution of Twitter search, its just a case of:

win an new iPad

Now, we are not gonna leave you completely in the lurch, because these three entries are worth further http://images.eforcity.com/cdn/efc/ad/banner/idx_twittergiveaway.jpgmention.

1) eForCity have a free Wi-Fi version of the 16GB iPad (of $499 value) to giveaway in a “follow and tweet” contest running till April18th.

2)  PastorGear is a brand new site and to get people pumped they are celebrating their launch with a “follow and tweet” contest running till - “whatever day it (the new iPad)  really arrives ” - its due on the 3rd April - so still time to be in this comp. Up for grabs is a a brand new 16GB iPad.

3) We left the Digg contest till last because they have gone bananas over their new free Digg app and also want to pump the public by offering a a “follow and tweet” contest for:

a ColorWare custom, very limited edition Digg iPad every day for 2 weeks!


So that is fourteen iPads up for grabs just for following and tweeting! Contest starts today (rules are in tiny white print above the “winners so far” table you will find when you scroll down the digg.taptaptap contest page.)

So if you get straight at it you could be the first winner!

And - if you want more “win a free iPad” contests then just use Twitter search  to find more.

some great

iPhone, Plus Twitter, @ win a free iPad x5

February 16th, 2010 by admin

The iPhonegizmo team have been great fans of the “win a free iPad/iPhone” contests and have done several posts directing you to some pretty fun contests.

Win an iPadNow, of course, the time is ripe for a “win an iPad contest” and with the Twittershere proving to be such a popular medium for running contests its now often a simple matter of “follow and twit” to get a chance to win something. So we went looking and found - yep, there are several “follow and tweet” contests already up and running, with an iPad as the prize. Here is five to get you all started:

1) Follow Geeksugar on Twitter

Then tweet at geeksugar with the message: “To win an iPad, I’d _________. RT @geeksugar http://ow.ly/13czw #geekipad”. Tell them what you are willing to do to get an iPad (they are looking for funny/entertaining)

But hurry as this one ends today!

2) Follow @Shutterstock on Twitter and send out send out their required tweet:

“Congratulations @Shutterstock on your 10,000,000th image! Pick me for the iPad giveaway! http://bit.ly/ssipad”

3) This one requires a bit more input - but is more fun. To help get the news out about their new Groundhog Day video (view below) mail2web.com is running an online contest with an iPad as the major prize.

This is a trivia game run through Twitter - so have fun and good luck!

4) Mediarecruiter have an iPad up for grabs - to win you just have to be a friend or follower on facebook or twitter.


5) Logos Bible software also have an iPad up for grabs. To enter for a chance to win, simply follow Logos on Twitter and Tweet this:

(Remember to read contest rules before you do anything else).

Haven’t yet got yourself set up with a great Twitter app? Check out the iPhonegizmo recommended Twitter apps.

And, just for fun, you can also check out who’s Tweeting near you using Twitter maps by Bing. In fact, we can eaves drop on the chatter in any city we want. Checking out the Olympics chatter at Vancouver, for example, has been quite entertaining!

Twitter Map

NB: Unfortunately, Twitter Maps is not available as an app for iPhones and uses flash - so you will have to use your computer to play with this app.

New iPhone TV Download App at CES

January 5th, 2010 by admin

CES 2010 is about to hit the iwaves as hundreds of exhibitions go on show to reveal the latest round of consumer electronic wizardry, yet again. This is one of the big events of the year and well worth following. However, we suggest that, instead of doing it second-hand this year - through sites such as MacWorld - you follow the event direct on the CES site.

The organizers have really gone all out this year to make it easy for us to attend the event vicariously. One of the most popular search terms, for example, has been iPhone accessories. And there is plenty on offer in that category. Being kids at heart, we liked the game grip for iPhone that will be showcased there (  sneak view below):

Cool, hey? Now most of the accessories being showcased are things like cases, battery chargers etc. But, if you browse through you might find that super cool accessory that puts you at the front of the new adopters.

The iPhonegizmo team are always on the look out for the latest TV-on-iPhone developments. Easy peasy - we just typed “iPhone TV” into their search bar and got directed to the Apps and tech gadgets/dongles that are about to be released!

Take the new iPhone dongle produced by Mobidik. This device receives mobile TV broadcasts - such as NBC, CBS, Fox (see the biggies on the list in the pic to the right)  - and streams them to our iPhone via WiFi. But - you will have to wait for the release!  If you visit the imovee site now, you will be told that the App is available at the iTunes store - but it is not yet on offer there!

Lets hope that iTunes does actually time the release of the Apps  to coincide with those demoed at the show and that we don’t see a repeat of the fiasco over the iReshet TV App. That App was dramatically released at one of the 2009 Apple shows but failed to get delivered as promised and was delayed for months.

iPhones Can Now Dangle some cool Dongles!

December 3rd, 2009 by admin

Two hot new iPhone dongles are about to hit the market: Squareup - a small dongle that accepts credit card payments using the iPhone and Eneloop Stick Booster, a usb dongle that can power-up our iphones.

(…. dongles, squareups and eneloops! New stuff require new names and the new way is just to make them up!)

The Squareup is probably the hottest new dongle  as it has the potential to revolutionize the way we will pay for our goods. The dongle is in beta at present and so we won’t see it in widespread use till 2010 - but, trust us - this is gonna take off.  Because it offers a super easy way for retailers to accept credit card payments.


The dongle just plugs into the audio socket of the merchant’s iPhone.  As you can see in the above pic, the dongle is actually a credit card swiper. The squareup system allows the merchant to do a visual ID check with a photo sent to their iPhone. What adds to its appeal is that the system is paperless - receipts are sent by email! This new dongle  may mean that all those stores (and market stalls) that currently and annoyingly don’t accept credit cards, will now be able to with this easy to adopt system. 

And if its great concept is not enough to convince you this is gonna be the next big thing, then let us mention its pedigree: this thing was developed by Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter!

OK - next big Dongle is the Eneloop Stick Booster by Sanyo. It has just been released in Japan, but its not clear when it will be released to the ROW. The dongle requires two AA Eneloop batteries and has the ability to power up our iPhones for an extra 90 minutes.


If you want more - easy, just pack more batteries. These are pretty cool batteries, as well - as they can be recharged some 1500 times! Looks like the Stick will sell for around $35 (based on the yen price) and a set of 8 Eneloop AA batteries plus recharger also retails for around $35. Well worth it for the back up it offers - and a great stocking filler for Christmas (or would be, if we could get it!!)

PS: See our next post for the lowdown on pirating of Apps!

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