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Great iPhone downloads…but wait…. there’s something wrong!

February 29th, 2012 by admin

What problem do these  high end fashion sites have in common?

Go on… take a peek and see if you can work it out? (just click on the images)




Gorgeous products that are too expensive for our budget?

High end fashion that is too high for the ordinary guy or gal?

Somethings we all drool over but cannot buy?

hmmm … Getting warmer!!

But Nope!

What they have in common - is a serious and regrettable - problem.

Have you worked it out? C’mon, don’t cheat - go take a look (and anyway these sites do have gorgeous stuff)

Worked it out?

Well if you saw anything you wanted to buy you would quickly find out what the problem is…

And that is that we cannot buy any of these products easily by iPhone!!

Of sure, we can use our credit card - but there is no real advantage in that - we can do that from our laptop.

Why hasn’t  AT&T, T-Mobile,  BT, etc setup an iphone-based payment system where we can charge our purchases to our phone bill? Millions of people in India do just that!

Ever since the iphone was launched I have been waiting for this to be setup. What is the hold up guys?

(But see the news about the new Cisco deal with 7 carriers aimed at allowing iPhones to switch easily, securely and automatically between cellular and WiFi networks - that’s something, I s’pose. )

The Smart Way To Use Your New iPhone

December 27th, 2011 by admin

Hmmm - I have a friend who is hoping to get into management consulting with one of the big three companies that do this (no need to mention them here).

But the thing is, in the work up to get attention from these big-time companies, he has been reading and researching what he needs to do.  He has discovered that one of the ways to impress them is to have a good GMAT score.

So I have been researching this and have found this super site that helps get people prepared - and as always, wanna share here as well.

Check it out or tell whoever you know that might find this helpful. Whether its the GMAT, MCAT, PCAT or whatever CAT!! Its got that covered for you.

What I like about it is that it is iPhone and iPad friendly.

See link in side bar as the team here were so impressed we decided to put in a site wide link to the site ->

Easy Photo and Movie Share from Cool New iPhone App

July 3rd, 2011 by admin

Perhaps the most popular area for non-game apps is the photo and/or movie apps that have been developed for iPhone users. There are so many apps that it is tempting to ignore recently developed apps. And generally we do!

But this app was recently drawn to our attention by several readers and we reckon that it is worth doing a post about it (and we rarely do a post on an app that has to be purchased (even for .99cents!) as our claim-to-fame is that we provide our readers with ways to get legal free downloads of one sort or another - see sidebar).

The app is Pro-Share and here is what they have to say about it:

With Pro-Share it’s a snap to capture cherished moments with your iPhone and share them with friends and family. In just a few short clicks you can post photos and videos to your favorite social network, including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa and YouTube.

They have made a really nice youtube video to promote the app and show what it can do - so check it out:

Mailshot Shortly Shooting Shots Again!

May 21st, 2011 by admin

Free Group Email App

Mailshot is a super easy to use App that allows us to send up to 50 emails at a shot to a group of friends or even clients. We have been planning on doing a post about this neat little app for some time.

Now the team here got interested in the App when we were asked by an up-and-coming personal trainer if we knew of any way to send out an email to a small group of people so that he could quickly and easily keep his clients updated. He did not want to learn how to use email clients or even Twitter. He is mobile savvy and anyway his clients tend to be in the older age group and not really Twits!

We were reviewing Mailshot at the time and got him to give it a go. And it was exactly what he needed.

Because we are impressed with this little utility, we were sympathetic when the developers wrote to us asking if we could help them to communicate with existing clients - as they have discovered a BIG problem with iTunes. It turns out that if an App has a temporarily problem, then it is removed from iTunes - with no place holders allowed. So then no-one knows what has happened to it! Here is an excerpt from their email:

“We released a new update (1.40) yesterday which added a lot of new features. Unfortunately within a few hours of the release we learned of a (small) problem … we felt it best to pull MailShot from App Stores worldwide …

Unfortunately there is no way to roll back an update on the App Store, or of even informing customers what has happened …

so we hope that you may be able to let some of them know through your news pages. A fixed version has already been resubmitted to Apple, and we expect to be back on the App Store as soon as it is approved- probably within 5 to 10 working days as Apple are quite quick at the moment.”

Clearly these are good guys. If you have not tried the App then keep an eye out for it and give it a go. It is super easy to use and just perfect for those small email send outs to your club, or for family parties etc. Can’t give you the link as - of course - there is not one at present. We will keep you updated and let you know when it is available again.

And as a further kick in the teeth for this developer, Apple is serving up a similar-sounding app in its place!! That is, when you type in Mailshot, amazingly, iTunes delivers a different-spelled but similar sounding app. It is never usually so “helpful”!!

If you want the real deal then MailShot is the way to go. For more information about the App go to the Mailshot website

iBooks tops the million downloads mark!

March 19th, 2011 by admin

If you are a keen reader but have not yet trialed the iBook store then maybe the fact that Random house has jumped on the iBook distribution wagon might get you to think about checking the iBook store out.

At the recent Apple event, Jobs ventured back from medical leave to deliver a host of impressive stats about Apple successes (as he usually does if he can) over the last year. This included the impressive results from the iBook store - due in no small part to the iPad, no doubt!

ibooks on iPhone

In fact, Jobs announced that in less than a year, there have been one million books downloaded from the iBook store. This is gob-smacking and a real testament to the Apple platform.

Jobs also announced that Random House have joined the more than 1500 publishers that now distribute books through the iBook store.

ibooks on iPhone

And was the last of the big 6 publishes to distribute through iBook store.  Random House will be adding some 17,000 new titles to the iBook selection - so that is a pretty exciting update for the iBook store.

BTW - there are plenty of free books to grab from the iBook store as well with books from authors like: Lewis Carol, Charles Darwin, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Scott fitzgerald, Freud, Ghandi, James Joyce,  Rudyard Kipling, and even A. A. Milne …..

iBooks for iphone

I am in for Winnie, how about you?

iphone Apps for Severe Weather Warnings

March 11th, 2011 by admin

With the horrifying disaster of earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan yesterday we have yet another reminder of the power of nature to dominate and terminate human affairs. But it is also clear that the better the warning we have, the more chance we have of sidestepping nature’s brutal fist.

What better time then to be aware of the iPhone apps that have been provided by services such as  The Weather Channel and Accuweather.com that provide severe weather alerts so that we can be warned and prepared as much as possible. Currently both sites provided warnings about the impact of the tsunami on USA. For example, both sites provided information about the arrival time along the West Coast:

Both sites have free apps for iPhone - Accuweather for the iPhone and The Weather Channel for the iPhone. 
With the recent earthquake in New Zealand and now this huge one in Japan we can be excused for wondering if the next one is going to be along our own West Coast!

Random Acts of Advice for the Best iPhone Apps…

February 21st, 2011 by admin

Best iPhone Apps

The great thing about twitter is that people share the results of their hard work quite freely with the rest of the world. So if we want to get hints and tips - we no longer need to read those boring “best 5/7/10  tips on …. whatever” articles. We can just go to Twitter and browse. The upside is that we get exposed to a really wide set of results. Much more interesting, too!

So today we asked Twitter to find us what people (at 5PM ET) were saying was the “best iPhone App”. And, as always, we got an interesting array of results:

1) @MarKByZzLe try @Twitbird it’s the best iPhone app for twitter - free version

2) Phone2Anything #Best iPhone #app is available in the #appstore. This  iPhone app is mainly for travelers with the aim of helping them to find anything anywhere - its free.

3) @finaorio: Best iPhone app TigerText, deletes messages from the sender and the recipient’s phones
Free texting to anyone else who also has this app. (App is free)

4) walter25: Just have to say #boxcar is the best #iPhone app ever. Manage all your social media with this one free app.

5) eliseSMILE: Best iPhone app “do good” just one little deed a day… Provides hints for ways to “do Good” and also the means to do it. (Free App)

6) rowjoelane: So what is the best iPhone app you have found “free” of course? Currently
I’m using Viber and am rating that as my current #1.  Phone anyone who has vider app for free. Worth getting all your friends and family using the app!

7) ADanGrenier: OMG! Just discovered the best #iPhone app ever! @audiogalaxy is amazing! Streamin my whole iTunes library & its free! Keepin playlists too! Stream all your music and videos from your computer to your iPhone.

8 ) _creebby: @jaydez just get Echofon its the best iPhone app! That’s what my sister uses: Another Twitter streaming app that is also free.

I’m getting boxcar!

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