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Great iPhone downloads…but wait…. there’s something wrong!

February 29th, 2012 by admin

What problem do these  high end fashion sites have in common?

Go on… take a peek and see if you can work it out? (just click on the images)




Gorgeous products that are too expensive for our budget?

High end fashion that is too high for the ordinary guy or gal?

Somethings we all drool over but cannot buy?

hmmm … Getting warmer!!

But Nope!

What they have in common - is a serious and regrettable - problem.

Have you worked it out? C’mon, don’t cheat - go take a look (and anyway these sites do have gorgeous stuff)

Worked it out?

Well if you saw anything you wanted to buy you would quickly find out what the problem is…

And that is that we cannot buy any of these products easily by iPhone!!

Of sure, we can use our credit card - but there is no real advantage in that - we can do that from our laptop.

Why hasn’t  AT&T, T-Mobile,  BT, etc setup an iphone-based payment system where we can charge our purchases to our phone bill? Millions of people in India do just that!

Ever since the iphone was launched I have been waiting for this to be setup. What is the hold up guys?

(But see the news about the new Cisco deal with 7 carriers aimed at allowing iPhones to switch easily, securely and automatically between cellular and WiFi networks - that’s something, I s’pose. )

What Are iPhone Downloads And How To Get Them - in 2011!

May 11th, 2011 by admin

Free iPhone Downloads

In a continuation of our theme to look back and see what has happened in iphone world since in two years, we look at the May 2009 posts and discover the post looking at an range of ways to get free and/or nearly free iphone downloads .It will be interesting to check and see whether any of these options are still available!

But first, a reminder  of what we means by iPhone downloads. As we said then:

Traditionally, when people were searching for “iPhone downloads”,  they were looking for free (or a better/wider range of) music, movies, videos, TV shows, iPhone games - and to a lesser extent, ring-tones, wallpaper, and software than was available from iTunes.

Fortunately, the “buy/rent every single media file” model that iTunes uses is just way of delivering music and movies - and the most expensive! 

So back in 2009 there were five alternative methods that we found for getting free or cheaper-than-iTunes music etc for our iPhones. These were: free trials with free downloads (still available!); subscription sites (new ones on ofer since then);  Free music /media sites (eg seeqpod); free podcast-style sites where we must watch an ad before we watched the video - eg Wizzard Media; and finally an array of quality sites that provide some free iPhone downloads that are located near to ads.

Since then the use of free MP3s as a way of promoting a new album, or collecting our email addresses for future promotional purposes, has really taken off (and we regularly list the current best of these on the iPhonegizmo site -  just type “free music” into the search tab to find the hundreds of free music links listed here or here)

BTW:The “iphone magic” download site image to the left belonged to a now-defunct membership site - as most are today!

How Hard Is It To Find Good iPhone Downloads in Itunes?

February 12th, 2011 by admin

The iPhonegizmo team reckon it is shamefully difficult to find apps - ANY apps - in iTunes. That is what we think. But are we alone? We decided to ask:

Please get your friends to answer the quiz as well by clicking “share below!

Merry Christmas From the iPhonegizmo Team

December 25th, 2010 by admin

iPhonegizmo SantaIf you have been fortunate enough to be given an iPhone for Christmas then you have landed on the right site to optimize your good fortune. iPhonegizmo specializes in finding top downloads for iPhones - most of them free.

Just click on a category in the right sidebar or use the search function to find the type of iPhone download you are keen to get hold of - we have links to thousands of FREE legal music downloads, along with movies, ringtones, wallpapers, comics, books etc.

All these music, movies, ringtones etc can also be downloaded to your new Touch or iPad - so check them out!

And from the iPhonegizmo team - Have a great Christmas everyone!

Free iPhone Downloads for Christmas

December 9th, 2010 by admin

Free iPhone downloadsAs promised this post we show you how to find great free iPhone apps to stuff the Christmas stocking with. Now at first glance, you might think that giving free apps is a bit cheap. But, that is because you have not seen what we are suggesting. Because whilst the apps you give might be light on $$ they are heavy on time, care and value.

How so? Because we are going to show you how to find apps that will be of value and interest to the person you are gifting.

1)  Consider what your loved one is passionate about? For example, my sister is mad keen on fitness and health but does not have the time or inclination to find apps that might be of value for her. So fitness is going to be the theme of this demonstration.

2)  Open iTunes and begin your search using the topic you have selected. Click on “store” located at the top left of iTunes and select “search”:

iPhone fitness

2) Select for the area in iTunes you want to search - in this case we are looking for “apps”:

iPhone downloads - fitness

3) Once the app search box has opened, type in your keyword (in our demo we are using the keyword -”fitness”), select the device you are seeking an app for and check “search only for free apps”:

iPhone downloads for fitness

4)A small selection of apps for  this keyword will then be displayed. To see all the apps results for your keyword simply click on “see all”. For the keyword “fitness” the result is over 400 apps:

Free iPhone downloads for fitness

OK so that is the easy part. Now for the blood, sweat and tears:

5) You have to find which of these 400 hundred apps are actually useful!! Awww, we hear you say! Check through four hundred apps!!No way hosay.

Well, there are some tips you can follow to make this easier.

a)For starters its a good idea to only consider those apps that have received good reviews. We recommend only considering those apps that have a 3+star rating. That means that any app that has been recently added is not going to be considered because they will not have received enough ratings yet.

b)  Tighten your search term. For example, instead of looking for fitness,look for “calorie counter”. There are only 23 “calorie counter” apps to review.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Body Fitness FREE - ULTIMATE Exercise Journal, 320+ Exercises

The end result will be some apps that will be of great value for your friend or family member. For example, the two apps I will be sending to my sister are: Body Fitness Free Ultimate (left icon) - which has received a 3 star rating from over 12,000 raters; and Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker (right icon) - which has received an amazing 4.5 star rating from over 40,000 raters.

The fact is that Apple have made the finding of good apps ridiculously hard.  In fact, we believe that they are running the risk of squandering their technological lead. At present Google’s android phone is a serious competitior for the iPhone.The only thing holding back many people are the apps we can get for the iPhone. But Google’s expertise is in search engine technology. Google is going to make finding apps - once they are built - super easy to find. And the best apps will automatically get ranked at the top of the search results. That’s just how it will be.

So unless Apple pulls their finger out and  starts making it possible to search for apps, they are going to get pipped at the post (AGAIN). Last time by Microsoft, this time by Google.

Free iPhone Music Download For All You Romantics

November 14th, 2010 by admin

Free music, free apps and lotsa love? Again we have a viral love-video made using iPhone apps. This one is a beauty  and has gotten over a million views in month since it was posted:

Now, we know you are all going to want to do your own romantic love video, so we thought you would all want to know which iPhone apps were used in the making.

First up, the skywriting was done with the Swakker skywriter app. (Side story: the viral promo for Swakker has been so good that the developer  is gonna give the happy couple free plane tickets to Hawaii for their honeymoon as a thank you to Chad!). The Swakker app is free.

Then there is the 3d drum kit which is also a free iPhone download. We have recommended this app in a previous post. This is used to play some of the beat for the song “Addicted to You” along with the - Nlog  Free Synth- a cool free synthesizer that makes a pretty good sound, don’t you agree?

Also recommended in a previous iPhonegizmo post, is the love calc - an essential guide for all romantics!

We could not find the Tetris app used in the video (side story: we suspect it may be an app called Tris that was forced out of the app store by the Tetris Company).

Chad WAS also offering his song - “Addicted to You” - as a free MP3 download but it must have been sufficiently popular for him to turn it into a pay-for song in the  iTunes store. :(  He is still offering A free song, but it does not really have the same appeal as the one from his video. Still, we can’t blame him for taking advantage of his windfall - kinda guess he did not expect to get an audience of over a million!

If you decide to have a go of making your own romantic video from iPhone apps, then let us know and if we like it, we will post it here to help it on its viral way!

Free Audio Books for iPhone on Offer

November 5th, 2010 by admin

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

If you know how to look, you can get some neat freebies from Audible , even without being a member! Before we show you how to find them, we will just take a moment to explain what an audio book is, and why we think they are the best thing since the fizzy hop drink was invented!

An audio book is a digital audio edition of a book. So instead of reading it, you listen to it!! And at the end of a hard day, listening to an exciting audio of Vince Flynn’s latest (American Assassin) is my idea of a great way to unwind! Especially if I get it for free (as I did) instead of $27.99!

Audiobooks purchased from Audible do not get downloaded directly into iTunes. But its super easy to get them as there are just two easy steps:

1) American Assassin | [Vince Flynn]Use Audible’s own download manager to automatically import these tracks into iTunes, (or they can be downloaded manually to PC or Mac and then import into iTunes like you do for any other audio file).

3) Enter your Audible username and password the first time you attempt to import or play an Audible audiobook.


Note that while most of the audio books available from Audible are also available on iTunes, all the audiobooks in iTunes cost bucks (very few publishers will give their work away for free)! So because audiobook does offer free books and whopping discounts on future books, we reckon you should check it out.

The very best subscription option is the AudibleListener - Gold Free Trial Membership Plan, which offers a 14 Day FREE Trial, that includes:

  a) 1 free audiobook credit;

b) 30% discount on future purchases;

c) AND a Complimentary subscription to the New York Times or The Wall Street  Journal (worth it just for that alone! iPad owners will tell you these subscriptions cost a small fortune!

We were amazed to discover that Audible has over 75K titles including all the latest and greatest from the top writers. Whatever your genre, they have most likely got it (they are an Amazon company, we think, so its gonna have a heap of books).

To get freebies from Audible without becoming a member, click this link , then type “free” into the search bar. The results will be dozens of free books (you will have to scroll through some that are not free but have “free in their title).

Let us know how your free trial goes.

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