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Be A Beta Tester for a New iPhone Game and Get The Game For Free

June 24th, 2011 by admin

Invitation for Beta Testers for Goop!

We thought this looked like a fun invitation (and btw the beta testers get the game for free).

The people over at Fine and Dandy Games are calling for people to sign up as beta testers and help make this cool looking game even better:

We need beta testers and if you have an iPod touch, … iPhone 4, or iPhone 3GS, sign up here and we will contact you in about one week regarding beta testing. We’ll respond and let you know if we’ll be able to use your help.

Have a look at the graphics for the game that they are showing on their blog and we think you will agree this looks like another fun game about to hit iTunes:

Fine and dandy Games have already been to the playing public in their determination to develop a game that has strong appeals Back in April they held a contest that got  future players - Goopers? -to help them name the game characters:

So all you game playing enthusiasts - here is your chance to have a say in how the game develops from here.

All you have to do is go to the Fine and Dandy Games website and sign up as a beta player

GDC - What are the Best Handheld Games for 2011?

February 25th, 2011 by admin

Game Developers Conference

Every year at around this time the Game Choice Awards are announced at the GDC  annual game show event. There are several categories and while they are all interesting to gamers, for iPhone (and iPad and Touch) owners it is really the games in the handheld class that are of interest.

That means the Best Handheld Games Award is the one to check out for insight into top games. This award recognizes the game that was the “overall best game commercially released on any handheld platform during the previous year.

Last year the winner and nominees in this category were:

Winner:  Scribblenauts (5th Cell) (not on iPhone platform)


  • Flight Control - This game is available on the iPhone platform in both the  free (lite) and full versions for $.99
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - This is also available for play on our iPhones in the free (Lite) and full ($9.99) versions.
  • Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor - This is available for play on iPhones but only the full version at $2.99. This game has received a 4 star rating from over 400 players.
  • Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (Nintendo EAD) Not available for iPhones.
Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Although quite a few of these nominated games are available for play on iPhones there are still some really top rated games that we cannot play. Hopefully more developers will realize they are missing a huge market and will develop an iPhone version of their games! Unfortunately, quite a few of the games nominated this year are NOT available for play on our iPhones.

This year the  nominations for the Best Handheld Game 2011, are:

  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Ready At Dawn/SCE Santa Monica) not available on the iPhone platform
  •  Cut the Rope (ZeptoLab) - currently my favorite game with several free versions available on the iPhone platform plus a full version for $.99
  •  Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Kojima Productions). Not available for play on our iPhones.
  • Game Dev Story (Kairosoft) - there is also a free version of this game on the iPhone platform plus a full version for a mere $.99. This has had very good reception from iPhone raters at an average 4-stars.
  • Dragon Quest IX (Level 5). Also not available for play on iPhones.

Pity so many of the good ones are not available for us on iPhones as the ones on this nominations list that are available for iPhone are really excellent games. They are also pretty cheap as well.

Best iPhone Games To Download - Ever!

February 17th, 2011 by admin

We got these recommends right from the coal face of action!`We did a Twitter search for “best iPhone game” and got 7 top rated games in the first 15 results that show. Which we consider a great result. Prices vary from zero to $6.99 but all actually do have 4+star ratings in iTunes. So proof this is a good way to find great iPhone games.

Here are the conversations in the order they appeared in Twitter:

1)  JayFrechette: Really enjoying Battleheart for iPhone/iPad. Great art & combat. Anyone else playing it? ABIFont: It’s really really good. Probably one of, if not the best iPhone game I’ve played
Our research: - Battleheart  for iPhone has received a solid 4.5 star rating with the latest version just released.  But comes with a price tag of $2.99 and no freebie version.:(

Battleheart for iPhone

2) MissBlossyMUA: Photo: Tappi Bear xD best iPhone game everrrr!
Our research: - Tappi Bear has 8 versions of the game @ $.99 each - some versions get a 4 to 5 star ratings. There is also a recently released free version

3) maydaymag: Associate this- best iPhone game
Our research: - Associate This is an unusual game with 4 different versions - all are free and all get 3.5 stars or more.

4) MDearworth: Wow. NBA Jam for the iPhone is stellar. Best iPhone game I’ve played in a while. Two other rave revues including -  RYANESN: RT @jo5h11a: Can’t nap due to all this BOOMSHAKALAKA action. Hands down, best iPhone game EVER!
Our research: - NBA Jam is one of the Electronic Arts products - so also one of the more expensive games at $4.99. The game was recently released (1 week ago) and already has 61 raters giving it a 4.5 star rating!

NBA Jam for iPhone

5) KevinWiebe: Spiderman is by far the best iPhone game I’ve played.
Our research: - Spiderman was released last October and now has 234 raters giving it a 4.5 start rating. It cost $6.99 but there is a free version to try out and see if you like it. Free version has had 916 raters giving it a 4 star rating - so Im convinced!

Spiderman for iPhone

6) AdamMcAvoy: Played game dev story (the best iPhone game in history) for 3 hours straight,
Our research: - Game Dev Story has had 484/576 raters gave it a 5 star thumbs up! That’s a pretty amazing result. Costs $.99 and there is a free version with similar good ratings

7) jonnyrockunit: Dead space on the iphone is seriously good. Best iphone game so far
Our research: - Dead Space is another Electronic Arts game with the usual high price ($6.99 for this one) It was only  released jan 25 and has already received 153 ratings giving it 4.5 stars.

Dead Space for iphone

Now neither NBA Jam nor Dead Space have free versions out - YET! We say that because Electronic Arts have 25 free (Lite) versions of their games on offer in iTunes for iPhones. It is quite possible that they will eventually bring out free versions of these two games as well.

Our conclusion? Tweets are a great way to find great iphone games. In iPhonegizmo’s last post we asked readers to let us know how easy / hard they find iTunes to use and so far 42% have rated it at “hard” to “super hard”.

In this post we have shown you a way to make finding good games a bit easier.

Oldies But Goodies - Free iPhone Games

February 3rd, 2011 by admin

In February two years ago we did a review of free iPhone games available at that time (can you believe it, the number of iPhone games had just reached 1000!!) We paid particular attention to the free games listed in the top ten in iTunes. We found that the ones listed in iTunes may have had a lot of downloads but often had poor ratings. In fact the iPhonegizmo team concluded at that time that most free games were a waste of time to download.

However, we did find several that were ranked well by users:

Top Free iPhoneGames (rated by users as 3.5 stars or better):

Bounce On Lite free iPhone game

1) iShoot Lite - 4 stars (Released Dec 08 );
2) Galcon lite - 3.5 stars (Released Sep 08);
3) Bounce On Lite - 3.5 stars (Released Jan 09);
4) Fastlane Street Racing Lite - 3.5 stars (Released Jan 09),
5) Downhill Bowling Lite - 3.5 stars (Released Feb 09);
6) Trace - 3.5 stars (US) (Released Oct 08)
7) Tap Defence - 3.5 stars (US) (Released Nov 08)

These games are still free, still have the same (or better) ratings and most have been updated since Dec 2010.

And just to add a more current flavor - if you haven’t already got it- go try “Cut the Rope“  - it is one of the best free games out there.

Keep The Christmas Spirit Going With These Free iPhone Games

January 9th, 2011 by admin

In a post-Christmas fit of generosity some game developers are giving their games away free (for a short time). And some game developers made special Christmas versions of their highly popular games - also free! Check out our selection of the best:

Angry Birds Seasons Free

First up - of course - has to be  the Angry Birds Seasons Free game brought out specially for Christmas (though it did not get released in time and has only been in the App store a few days. All the same, it already has over a hundred ratings and most of those seem to be for a 5 star rating. So go grab a great free iPhone game!

Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
Next is the highly popular game Amateur Surgeon with its Christmas Edition. This has already had over 300 ratings with the majority giving it 5 stars. Note you must be 17 or over to get this game, as there is infrequent mild realistic violence, frequent profanity and crude humor, frequent fantasy violence (your average bugs bunny style animations with bad language thrown in - so be warned. Mind you, that hasn’t stopped the over 75,000 downloads of all versions of this game!

Crazy Penguin Christmas Free

The third top free game from the loving season is Crazy Penguin Christmas! While this has received an overall 3.5-star rating we have to point out that over 40% of raters game it the 5-star accolade. AND..

its had over 5000 ratings (and who knows how many more downloads from people who cannot be bothered to give it a rating?). Its level of downloading is another good indication of the games quality. Go grab a great game - and remember its free!

We are also throwing in what we think are cool newbie free iPhone Christmas games:

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift
Chriistmas Pong (was .99cents and now free)
Christmas solitaire (was $1.99 and now free)

These last three are too new to have received any ratings yet - so make your mark people: - download - enjoy -rate!

Win a free iPhone Game: Arcade Cats

October 25th, 2010 by admin

Arcade Cats: Magnificent puzzle adventure


The iPhonegizmo team have found a  super cool new game that has so far had a very high 4 to 5 star rating!

AND we are giving readers the chance to win a free downloads of the game!

All you have to do is “like” our recently developed iPhonegizmo facebook page - and if you are one of the first twenty to join from today, you will go into the drawer to win one of the three free Arcade Cats games. Could not be easier.And to give you a taste of just how great this game is, check out the video:

Follow Up on the iPhone Game Center

September 28th, 2010 by admin

We had a laugh when we read, on Twitter:

zachx: So any cool games out for the iPhone game center yet??


Because, so far, the iPhonegizmo team answer would be a loud NO!! And this is surprising. After all,game developers have flocked to develop games for the iPhone. There are thousands of free and pay-for games  to play on our iPhones.

But when it comes to multiplayer games available to play in the Game Center, there is not the same quality or range of games on offer. Now, there are over 1000 multiplayer games to choose from in the App store and  364 of them free.

But hardly any of these are available from the Game Center. This means that - compared to Sony’s Playstation@Network game options - the Game Center is a non-starter.  So although Apple has now provided a game center - they have a long way to go before the game center is any sort of competition for either PlayStation or the Xbox live alternatives - where serious gaming takes place!

There are currently only 45 games on offer in the Game center and most have to be purchased (only 5 or around 10% are free. This compares to over half of the single-player games being free - ie literally thousands - and 33% of the multiplayer games in the App store being free)

AT present the most complex FREE mutliplayer games on offer are from the Game Center are games like tic tac toe, back gammon, ball/racket games and word games. One exception is StarDunk, which has had some great reviews. So this could be a good game to give the Game Center a trial with? Let us know what you think of the Game Center so far.

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