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iPhone Wallpaper for Easter

April 10th, 2009 by admin

There’s a pleasure, isn’t there in changing our iPhone wallpaper for special occasions - like Easter. We went looking for the latest free iPhone wallpapers for the Easter season and found….. not a lot! Now that the iPhone is a done deal (top of all done deals, without a doubt - but no longer the bestest new toy) - there just is not the same frenzy of “free for iphone” stuff on offer.

Still we did find some - and the best two (we reckon) we include here:

Easter Bunny

This site offers 7 other Easter-theme iPhone wallpapers for you to choose from and they also give easy-to-follow instructions on how to set iPhone wallpapers.

We also found this beautifully done “twelve stations meditation freebie” (use the above guideline to set this as your wallpaper):

iPhone wallpaper

The other 11 stations are just as beautifully illustrated - and free to download (the 12 Stations Meditation is a flash file. This can be viewed with flash player which you can download free from www.adobe.com, or in a web browser with flash plug in - most browsers should have this) - at jonnybaker.blogs

But be warned, several nuisance sites selling spyware products have targeted the search terms related to this post - so if you go looking for your own wallpapers and you get one of these sites, be ready to close your browser in a hurry.

Great Free Videos for your iPhone.

March 27th, 2009 by admin

In this post we will show you how to find some unique free videos for your iPhone.

At first look, you might pass by Wizzard.tv as a source of videos because it is a huge audio podcasting site - there were 1.2 billion podcast download requests from Wizzard in 2008 alone! And their site is not as user-friendly as a site of this magnitude and popularity should be.

free iphone videosspacer8.jpgTo find their video offerings all you can do is go to their site and click the link to “shows” in the top bar. Once you click that and are on the new page put your cursor over “Comedy”. You will get a drop down menu. Select “TV & Film” and you will be taken to the page with “This months top TV and Film shows”.

This month there are 10 videos to choose from (yes, only 10 - despite the category, most are audio!!).

But, you ask: “where are last months shows? or last years shows? How can we find them?” And are these really the only videos on offer”

Good questions! And if you email wizzard and ask - they will tell you that you can only find the shows listed under each category!

Ha! Well, not to worry, we worked out how to find hundreds of videos from their site. There are videos to suit all tastes - from cars to cooking to animation -to short films to crazy sport videos.

They go from the funny to the absurd, from the entertaining to the educational and to suit all ages!

Wizzard video for iPhone

Take the connected to life video podcasts for example (above) - these are high quality, high interest videos that aim at giving parents and kids insight into the best ways and places for kids to use the internet. Take a look at this video by clicking the image:

So how do you find the shows? Just click this link to get hundreds of search results for Wizzard video podcasts

We will cover more sophisticated searches in a later post when we plan to review some of the more interesting Wizzard videos. In the meantime - check them out. You will be pleasantly surprised by some (and disappointed in others - OK they aren’t all worth watching!)

iPhone Magic Download Site has it all

January 4th, 2008 by admin

Looking for unlimited iphone downloads? This cool new site provides a huge range of downloads for your iphone. You can get movies and TV shows, music (of course) games and even download photos so you can display them (or any pic) and show them off anytime and anywhere! I love it and recommend you check them out. So far we have posted some iphone magic tricks. But here is a whole new take on iphone magic!

iphone magic site

Believe it or not, there is no constantly paying out for each tune or movie, there is no monthly fee. There is just a once only modest fee and you get access to tens of thousands of your favorite movies, TV shows and music!! As I say, check it out for yourself! at iPhone Magic

(we recently did a post on an iphone download “review” site which motivated us to do some in-depth research - which is how we found this great site)

Its so easy its magic!

December 22nd, 2007 by admin

Here we have a different kind of magic trick! iMatrix makes your iphone contacts “magically” appear on a different iphone!  Watch this video to find out how to do this magic trick!

iPhone Magic and free iphone downloads

October 1st, 2007 by admin

I have to wonder just what can’t be done with an iphone! Watch this guy’s tricks. This is the best iphone magic video out there - with a massive number of views. This guy is cool. Watch it and learn!



FREE stuff for your iphone is always a good magic trick!



Software company, ROBATA have provided
iphone users with this free chess game


Click here to download iPhone Chess






iPhone Magic popcorn trick

July 23rd, 2007 by admin

The iPhone launch has been great fun. Fun tricks are being posted to you tube. I like this one.

In this video iPhone creates a magic “meal” - of sorts!
(Added in September)

Found another cool iphone magic trick like the popcorn one. Only its a bit creepy. Check it out!