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Selction of Legal Free Music From Various Music Genres

June 3rd, 2011 by admin

The iPhonegizmo team has been out scouring the internet for quality free music that is currently on offer - usually as part of a promo for a new album. We think we offer a great service because there are still quite a few spammy (to downright risky) sites out there that dangle free MP3s as bait to the unwary! So, in addition to the $10 worth of free music we have previously referred readers to - we have another 10 free songs here.

We deliberately looked for a wide range of free MP3s - partly so that we could have something for everyone (we have a very wide audience of readers) and partly to give you a taste of music beyond that which you might normally try. Take for example the free MP3 from the German singer -  we think she has a gorgeous voice and worth listening to despite it being in another language:

Get the free Joy Denalane MP3 here

Other free songs are:

Michael Bennett with She’s So Fine

The Taiga band with Ocean

Rendon with The Song Of Illumination

Thrills Band with If You Want Me To Love Ya

All Else Failed with Did You Think Of Me

Mumford ans Sons with Sigh No More

Voyager with Lost

Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou with The Passing of Time

Collie Buddz with Playback

Our selection covers genres from hard rock, through reggae, soul, folk, pop and rock and roll. Don’t like our cool selection? Then pick your own - you can get ten free songs of your own choice here.

Don’t forget to share your good fortune with your friends by clicking “share” –>

What Are iPhone Downloads And How To Get Them - in 2011!

May 11th, 2011 by admin

Free iPhone Downloads

In a continuation of our theme to look back and see what has happened in iphone world since in two years, we look at the May 2009 posts and discover the post looking at an range of ways to get free and/or nearly free iphone downloads .It will be interesting to check and see whether any of these options are still available!

But first, a reminder  of what we means by iPhone downloads. As we said then:

Traditionally, when people were searching for “iPhone downloads”,  they were looking for free (or a better/wider range of) music, movies, videos, TV shows, iPhone games - and to a lesser extent, ring-tones, wallpaper, and software than was available from iTunes.

Fortunately, the “buy/rent every single media file” model that iTunes uses is just way of delivering music and movies - and the most expensive! 

So back in 2009 there were five alternative methods that we found for getting free or cheaper-than-iTunes music etc for our iPhones. These were: free trials with free downloads (still available!); subscription sites (new ones on ofer since then);  Free music /media sites (eg seeqpod); free podcast-style sites where we must watch an ad before we watched the video - eg Wizzard Media; and finally an array of quality sites that provide some free iPhone downloads that are located near to ads.

Since then the use of free MP3s as a way of promoting a new album, or collecting our email addresses for future promotional purposes, has really taken off (and we regularly list the current best of these on the iPhonegizmo site -  just type “free music” into the search tab to find the hundreds of free music links listed here or here)

BTW:The “iphone magic” download site image to the left belonged to a now-defunct membership site - as most are today!

Songs For Japan

April 5th, 2011 by admin

Again our super- stars  have stepped up to the plate and are donating the earnings from their talent to the needy.

This time a benefit album called “Songs For Japan” has been released with 38 songs from top artists for just $9.99 - that’s less than .30c a song! And with the line up of top artists (see 15 of them below)  as hot as this one, it is a fantastic way to raise $$ for the people of this devastating tragedy .

Songs For Japan

Just click the image to go to iTunes and purchase the Album.

Oh, and BTW check out the ratings: 5994 Ratings give it 4.5 stars

Of course, if you already have the songs, or are not keen on the ones chosen for the album, you can donate directly through the Red Cross.

This has been listed in the “free iPhone downloads” category for the simple reason that we basically get 18 songs for free on this album!! - Share this with all your friends and get a big result happening for Japan –>

Update on NPoll - free iPhone App

January 20th, 2011 by admin

Free iPhone App - Npoll

In our last post we introduced you to the newly released app - Npoll. It was then just a day old and had only been downloaded by a few people. But since then - all of three days ago! - big things have been happening. And the people at NPoll are not shy about their success! According to the email they sent to the iPhonegizmo team:

The app received more than 28,000 downloads within the last 96 hours. Almost 50% of the total users are from the United States.

Now that is what we call a successful app launch!!

Results of the first few polls are also available already so if you answered the poll: “Are You A Mac or a PC”,  you can find the results of the poll - beautifully presented in color graphics -  in the app and viewable on your iPhone. Here are a couple of sample iPhone screen shots:

Free iPhone App - Npoll

Apparently there were 1000 responses worldwide to the quiz about music use:

Free iPhone App - Npoll

With the astonishing results that 32% of the users never purchased music on iTunes! Of course, the figure was much lower in the US with 25% of users never purchasing music on iTunes. (BTW we proudly say we have contributed to this figure as you will discover when you search for free iphone music on our blog- there are thousands to be found)

Free Legal Music Downloads for iPhone

January 7th, 2011 by admin

Lets start the new year rolling with some nice free legal music downloads for your nice new (or old) iPhone:

1) The Room from NiceCliques

2) Follow the Drone by Secret Colours

3) Two To Tango and To The Stars by Epic26

4) Energy by Deanna

5) Im A Star by B?.?E?.?Z. 

6) The Magic by Joan As Police Woman (plus two other free singles)

7) Just Leave by Steve Reason (limited time only)

9 Free MP3s to Download to Your iPhone

November 8th, 2010 by admin

If you know where to look you can get free, SAFE to download, legal free music by the TON! Here are nine super free songs to download to your iPhone. Be quick as some are only gonna be for free for a limited period. Maybe one day we will share our secret of how we fin d all the cool free music we share with you on this blog (use our search function to find the hundreds of others we have revealed on the site)

Our selection for today are:

http://www.aamulehti.fi/euroviisut/blogit/4823455-big.jpg1) Jann Wilde: Song for the Movie

2) Manuel Da Costa: Swimming

3) Get Set Radio: Talking in Circles

4) Heart Strings: Good Times Are Coming For To Get You (have to sign up to get  this one)

5) Uberbyte: Money Shot

6) Passionate People: Passionate People

7)  Half Way To Winter:   Tom Cruse Control

8 ) Tom Teasley: Sheba’s Dream

9) Cradle Of Filth: Lilith Immaculate

Free Latin Music Video for iPhones

October 19th, 2010 by admin

With the 11th annual Latin Grammy Awards being held next month (in Las Vegas on November 11, 2010), we decided to go looking for some videos from previous Latin Grammy events. This proved to be difficult. The event is staged and managed by the Latin Recording Academy, and they are very efficient at keeping their exclusive rights exercised.  It is possible to see a couple of videos on their site (but they can’t be watched on our iPhones) - but little can be seen elsewhere on the web.

This is a fantastic annual music event and is filled with fun, glamor and beautiful people! You can get some idea from the following snippet of the closing ceremony of the 10th annual Latin Grammy held last year:

But we wanted more - so we went searching iTunes, and sure enough, found some free Latin Grammy goodies to share.

First up we have to give a plug to the video podcast channel ES Musica that provides regular music, breaking news and videos about whats happening in the Latin music world. If you scroll through their podcast you will come to their video podcast of last years Grammy (number 99 on the list - which shows there have been nearly a hundred podcasts in the 11 months since then).

Free Lating Music Video Podcasts for iPhones

This is a super quality video that introduces many of the top performing Latin Music Artists - many of who give an impromptu performance for ES Musica! Its worth a watch just to see and hear the beautiful people sing! And if you can’t understand Latin, perhaps its time you took advantage of the free Latin lessons you can download to your iPhone for easy learning!

secondly, we found this great video of the press conference held last month announcing the 11th Annual Latin Grammy Awards nominations. It is in both English and L:atin - so no need to get those free lessons for this one!:


Look at all that talent! This is going to be a fantastic event this year.

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