Free iPhone App – Earn Money!

17 Jan

This is a fun app – but lets deal with the “catch” before we get to the make-money-while-having-fun part.Because there is a catch – isn’t there always? This app was only released yesterday, so its hot off the press. The … Read More »

iTune Ping

11 Sep

  With the latest update to iTunes (iTunes 10) comes Apple Ping its (long overdue?) social network for music.  And, for a change, this time Apple is playing catchup (with Zune, for example, who has had a social network for … Read More »

Apple 2010 Music Event

2 Sep

At the Apple Music event yesterday, Jobs outlined the key improvements on offer in the next software update for our iPhones – to be released next week. These include: Other features: cheap TV show rentals, (HDR) high-dynamic range photos, the … Read More »