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Last Word On Free iPhone Ringtones

July 10th, 2010 by admin

Free iPhone RingtonesIn the final post in our three-part look at ringtones for iPhones, we look at yet another great source of free ringtones for our iPhone. In the first post we looked at how we can make our own ringtones. In the second post we looked at using weird and wonderful sounds from FreeSounds.

In this post - for those who really don’t have the time - or the talent? - to make great ringtones and also don’t like any of the free iPhone apps that offer free ringtones (join the majority of us on this), then our final source may be just the trick.

We have found mobizaar -  a site that is set up to enable people to upload their fav ringtone. These are then rated by others. All we have to do is check out the top rated ringtones,

Free iPhone Ringtones

pick the ones we like then download to our PC-to-iTunes (don’t select the “download to phone” option). And we don’t even have to become a member of the site!!

To make sure it was legit we downloaded the top rated ringtone:

Free iPhone Ringtones

Then, once the file was downloaded to PC we opened iTunes, clicked on “file”, then selected “add file to iTunes” and viola! - our ringtone is now ready in our Ringtones file for syncing to out iPhone.  May be the best way to get ringtones yet!

More Ways To Ringtone Your iPhone

July 7th, 2010 by admin

waveform view

As we explained in a recent post, free iPhone ringtone Apps  are not so popular. We have done several posts to show you how to make your own. Its easy and free - well depending on what you had to do to get the music for the ringtone.

If you purchased a song then it could be argued you had to pay something for the ringtone! We also already showed you where to go to get free “Creative Commons” music -  which may also be used for free in ringtones.

We thought you might be keen to know about another  site that specializes in free sounds - called FreeSounds.org!! People upload all sorts of crazy, weird sounds - some of which are highly suitable for ringtones.

We present some great attention getters below:

BABY CRYING - People just cannot ignore this sound!


Here is another sound that we reckon is impossible to ignore! Can you guess what it is?


Share with us the sound you chose for your ringtone!!

Free iPhone Ringtones - The Safe Way!

June 28th, 2010 by admin

Eminem Ringtones

For some reason ringtone sites tend to be horribly spammy. One we visited today, for example (having been directed there from a tweet), was covered in tricky invitations in amongst the “free” ringtones (which never loaded!) to enter our mobile number. All team members here have a habit of FIRST and ALWAYS checking the bottom line. In this case typing in our mobile number meant automatic agreement to a  “$10/wk and $5 sign-up.” Not free and not cheap!!

There are only two good ways to get free iPhone ringtones:

1) Free iPhone Apps that offer free iPhone ringtones. There are a LOT of free iPhone ringtone apps - but they are nearly all universally hated (largest % of 1-star of any app!) and average 2-star ratings. But some get an OK reception - for example the Eminem Ringtones app has managed a 2.5 star rating.


2) Make your own iPhone ringtones

We have done posts about this previously. This post we have included two cool easy-to-follow tutorials that show us how to make our own free ringtones for our iPhone The first one is for PC owners and the second (a bit older - but still a goodie)  is for Mac owners.

How to Make Free Ringtones - For PC Owners

How to Make Free Ringtones - For Mac Owners

Send us your creations to share and we will do a feature post of the best ten. We recommend Audioboo for this.