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How To Watch Your iPhone Movie Downloads On TV

December 28th, 2009 by admin

Whether you just got a new iPhone for Christmas, or a fat iTunes card (and are looking longingly at some of the videos you can watch) or are a pro iPhoner but have not really explored the outer limits of the iPhones capability - you are going to really appreciate the video we have for you today.  Because this video goes through the few very easy steps it takes to watch your iPhone movies on TV.

Now, admitedly the video refers to iPods. But the same cables are available for our iPhones. So, now the iPhone can be used to easily rent out a movie from iTunes and then watch it on the big screen. (And don’t you love the cheesy message “its so easy that even the little old ladies and kids can do it”)

Now Tourists Can Get Local iPhone Downloads!

December 21st, 2009 by admin

It can be really frustrating to visit a country and to not be able to buy music (in particular) - or any other iTunes product from there. The fact is that even though you are living there, iTunes will not let you buy local if you do not have a local credit card. iTunes will NOT sell to tourists.

If your credit card is not from the country you are in - then no deal!This is a serious disadvantage with the iTunes store and - as far as we know - it is the only business that refuses to sell to tourists who visit the country.

Well, the iPhonegizmo team have discovered a work around - and for all tourists who can provide a local in-country address, this is entirely legitimate.

And it is very simple to do, because the iTunes stores allows people to sign up as a member with only a gift card code.

And these can be bought quite easily by non-country dwellers through Ebay and other sites.  We have given this a trial run (a friend from Australia tried it out for us with a $15 USA gift card)  and so we know it works (see images below).

Step 1) Purchase Gift Card - the code is emailed to you (we show this one from USA Ebay, because you don’t have to be in-country to buy an iTunes Gift Card. This means you can get your account set up in advance of travel and be all set to use when you get here)

iTunes Gift Card

Step 2) When you set up your account, you will be asked to provide the Gift Card Code, not your credit card details:

iTunes Gift Card

3) Enjoy using the iTunes store of the country you are visiting!

Not letting tourists buy from an iTunes store is a serious disadvantage, and - as far as we know - Apple is the only business that refuses to sell to tourists who visit the country. Well, now you know how to get around this - and for all tourists, this is entirely legitimate.

Sharing iPhonegizmo!

August 2nd, 2009 by admin

The internet makes sharing easy. It’s arguably it’s single best feature! We can share photos, music, videos, documents, etc. With friends and colleagues easily and quickly. And with the development of specialist sites for sharing - like del.icio.us (now called Delicious) and Diigo, we can share our memories, our experiences and our good finds with the rest of the world!

We have a feature at the foot of each post that makes it easy for you to share that post with any friends or colleagues. It’s easy to use. Just click the “share” button and you can either bookmark it to your fav bookmark service

Share iPhonegizmo

or simply click the email tab and it will auto send the link for the post to whoever you want!

Share iPhonegizmo

iPhone Wallpaper for Easter

April 10th, 2009 by admin

There’s a pleasure, isn’t there in changing our iPhone wallpaper for special occasions - like Easter. We went looking for the latest free iPhone wallpapers for the Easter season and found….. not a lot! Now that the iPhone is a done deal (top of all done deals, without a doubt - but no longer the bestest new toy) - there just is not the same frenzy of “free for iphone” stuff on offer.

Still we did find some - and the best two (we reckon) we include here:

Easter Bunny

This site offers 7 other Easter-theme iPhone wallpapers for you to choose from and they also give easy-to-follow instructions on how to set iPhone wallpapers.

We also found this beautifully done “twelve stations meditation freebie” (use the above guideline to set this as your wallpaper):

iPhone wallpaper

The other 11 stations are just as beautifully illustrated - and free to download (the 12 Stations Meditation is a flash file. This can be viewed with flash player which you can download free from www.adobe.com, or in a web browser with flash plug in - most browsers should have this) - at jonnybaker.blogs

But be warned, several nuisance sites selling spyware products have targeted the search terms related to this post - so if you go looking for your own wallpapers and you get one of these sites, be ready to close your browser in a hurry.

Getting the best iPhone tips and tricks.

March 23rd, 2009 by admin

iPhone Lifespacer6.jpgThere is only one print mag devoted solely to iPhones and thats iPhone Life!

We get it here - at iPhonegizmo - of course! And we just noticed that there is a special dealio on it. So we are doing a quick post to let our readers in on it - before the offer ends.

They are currently offering 8 Issues for $25.00 - usually over 60 US bucks! Which is a huge 60% discount. (Just type “iphone” into their search bar to get sent to the special)

They specialize in finding ways to get the best out of our iPhones -that’s why we get the mag for. We don’t cover this stuff on our blog, but its been a real eye opener to find out these tricks and tips for getting the max from this great device! And its easy to understand - no need to be a tech head to get value. Don’t forget - just type “iphone” into their search bar to find the special.


Smart App that turns Your Lesser Mobile Phones into an iPhone Lite?

March 21st, 2009 by admin

So you have an iPhone - but in these tight times chances are you are the only one in your family to have one. And the rest of your family drives you nuts wanting to use it (of course)! Or spacer5.jpgperhaps you are just wishing you had one and are saving hard to make the upgrade - and are visiting this site just so you can find out all the cool things you can do with it once you get it?

Whether you are the harried single-iPhone family or a desperate wanna-be, the recent release of Notifier by iSkoot may be just what you need till the next iPhone comes along. This is a very cool application that turns an ordinary phone into a smart phone. (OK its never gonna match up the iPhone, but hear me out..)

The Notifier makes it possible for an ordinary mobile to access your Facebook as you would on your iPhone, read and publish updates on Twitter, get Gmail or AOL and send, receive, and reply to messages. And to

  • Get news feeds from the most popular news, sports, entertainment, politics and technology sites on the web, from CNN to ESPN to Perez Hilton.

So put this great App on the other mobiles in your home and get yourself some iPhone-alone time! You can download this free App here.

BTW - iSkoot has also just released iSkoot for Skype - free mobile app that means that all the great features of Skype can now be used on basic mobile handsets. Skypespacer5.jpgAnd what’s more, AT&T currently offers its iSkoot-enabled phones with a US$15 a month data plan. All this makes this smartphone-lite upgrade a realistic option.

NB: Notifier has only just been released - so it currently only works on20 mobiles brands - LG, Motorola and Samsung and Sony mobiles and on the Nokia: 6555. But iSkoot assures us that it will be available for another 10 soon and it has just released its SDK to any and all handset manufacturers or and other device (maybe the PSP will take it on?) So should be available on any handset in the next few months.

Free iPhone Wallpapers that YOU deserve

January 31st, 2009 by admin

http://www.ahoodie.com/wallpapers/iphone/thehundreds/new_the_hundreds_iphone_itouch_desktop_background_wallpaper3.jpgspacer.jpg We have already powered through January - and what a month! And all our new years resolutions have been long forgotten - for most. That shiny new-year glow can pass quickly when life happens - as it tends to.

But we have a way to keep it fresh. How you put our suggestion into play is up to you, of course. And that will depend on just what motivates you (more on that later).

We have roped in the iPhone wallpaper feature to help us. Now we are all very visual on the team here at iPhonegizmo, so we are going for imagery to motivate us. But we will make other suggestions, below. Now, the fact is that you can use any photo you want as a wallpaper (more of that below as well). We wanted to use an image that would both remind us of our resolve to bring new ways into our lives as well as inspire us and give us a sense that anything is possible. After a bit of friendly competition we all agreed that these images fit our needs:

The image “http://architecture.myninjaplease.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/05/dynamic-architecture-3.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


The image “http://www.dynamicarchitecture.net/img/images_L400/19.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Why? Well, these are images of a new building being constructed in Dubai. And it breaks all sorts of traditions. For starters, every floor in the building will rotate (one full rotation every 90 minutes). Thats an 80 story building, with every floor rotating! Secondly, 90% of the building is being prefabricated off site - the idea being that it will only take 18 months to build. For us, these pics say “dare to dream”!

OK, you can use your own photos, of course. That includes taking a photo of your list of goals (what else is a new years resolution, after all). Some people have even taken a photo of their business card to use as a wallpaper on their iPhone. (the idea being that people will return their phone if lost) But you can take photos of airline tickets, Superbowl tickets, etc…

Once you decide on the photos, its a simple matter to turn them into wallpapers for your iPhone.

1) Connect your iPhone to your computer. When it launches iTunes, click the PHOTOS tab.

2) Then click sync photos from and browse to your photos folder.

3) Select the photos you want to make into wallpapers. Then click sync - the photos will now be on your iPhone.

4) Now tap the photos icon on your iPhone and you will see all your new photos.

5) Go to your settings menu and tap the wallpaper icon. The images you chose will appear.

6) Tap options and choose (tap) use as wallpaper

7) You can now experiment with position and with zoom .When the image looks right, tap set wallpaper.

8) Admire your work. You now have a unique wallpaper that works for just for you! And you now also know how you can easily update it. Not motivated to make your own? Click the image at the top for some fun free iPhone wallpapers - or check out those we recommended in a previous post.

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