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Free TWiT Network Live Streaming TV Show On Our iPhones

August 26th, 2010 by admin

Its random, unplanned and amateurish - but strangely compelling. The show is called this WEEK in TECH, or TWiT. It has several radio-presenter-types all gathered together (in person or via Skype) that chat about the week’s tech news and other related gossip on live streaming TV. Take a look at one of today’s shows and to see whether you want to get the free App:

Watch live video from TWiT Live on Justin.tv

The free app is called JustinTV Now there are some game-based channels also available to watch via this app - but they are very targeted in the audience they appeal to - so not much use to most of us!But the TWIT Network is gold! Go get it!The team here predicts that JustinTV will get BIG. This is just the start and it is so far relatively undiscovered by those that love to entertain.

Free Live TV For Our iPhones.

February 14th, 2010 by admin

Want to watch FREE live TV wherever you are - on 3G or wifi? Of course you do! How about 50 channels  including music and sport (yes, right now that means live Olympics coverage!).

Free Live TV On iPhones

Well, if you live in the UK - that is exactly what is on offer with this fantastic great service called TVCatchup  - a service which lets you watch 50 UK television channels online and on our iPhones for free.

Unfortunately the service is not yet available anywhere else.

For UK readers, all you have to do to get this service is go to http://iphone.tvcatchup.com via your web browser and follow the directions.

For the rest of us - if you have access to a good proxy service you might at least be able to watch free UK TV on your PC - as the service can also be accessed from PCs.

New iPhone TV Download App at CES

January 5th, 2010 by admin

CES 2010 is about to hit the iwaves as hundreds of exhibitions go on show to reveal the latest round of consumer electronic wizardry, yet again. This is one of the big events of the year and well worth following. However, we suggest that, instead of doing it second-hand this year - through sites such as MacWorld - you follow the event direct on the CES site.

The organizers have really gone all out this year to make it easy for us to attend the event vicariously. One of the most popular search terms, for example, has been iPhone accessories. And there is plenty on offer in that category. Being kids at heart, we liked the game grip for iPhone that will be showcased there (  sneak view below):

Cool, hey? Now most of the accessories being showcased are things like cases, battery chargers etc. But, if you browse through you might find that super cool accessory that puts you at the front of the new adopters.

The iPhonegizmo team are always on the look out for the latest TV-on-iPhone developments. Easy peasy - we just typed “iPhone TV” into their search bar and got directed to the Apps and tech gadgets/dongles that are about to be released!

Take the new iPhone dongle produced by Mobidik. This device receives mobile TV broadcasts - such as NBC, CBS, Fox (see the biggies on the list in the pic to the right)  - and streams them to our iPhone via WiFi. But - you will have to wait for the release!  If you visit the imovee site now, you will be told that the App is available at the iTunes store - but it is not yet on offer there!

Lets hope that iTunes does actually time the release of the Apps  to coincide with those demoed at the show and that we don’t see a repeat of the fiasco over the iReshet TV App. That App was dramatically released at one of the 2009 Apple shows but failed to get delivered as promised and was delayed for months.

TV on iPhone?

August 20th, 2009 by admin

http://www.rlyslow.com/Random/iPhone/Final/YouTube.pngBack in May - at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) we reported on the new and exciting “live streaming” TV application that was reported to be due for release in a “few weeks” - because the promise at the WWDC was that the iReshet app would be released soon after the iPhone OS 3.0 had been released.

Well, time has gone by and the team here have continued to watch the iPhone store  - with increasing disinterest as the app has failed to appear. We continued to watch the news for mention of its imminent release and to surf the web for any clues to the state of play.

Nadda! Just a void where we would expect ongoing PR releases in anticipation of this - we thought - exciting development in an App. In a world where dozens of uninteresting apps are released weekly, this promised to be the forerunner to a whole new world of iPhone entertainment.

Finally, we see some action. From Applicaster, one of the companies involved in streaming live TV to our iPhones. And here is what we first see when we visit their site:

TV on iPhoneTV on iPhoneTV on iPhoneTV on iPhone
So we get the distinct impression that they are attempting to lay a very large egg - that just won’t come out!!

In any event, they are now assuring us that:

The iReshet App will soon be available on the iTunes store

For weeks this link has just been the left over site from the demo they ran at the WWDC, so this notice shows that something is happening and the developers are not completely dead!

To find out why we are so keen to see this app released when other TV Apps are on offer - check our next post!

And, as already promised, we’ll keep you posted!

iPhone Live TV coming soon - from around the world!

June 18th, 2009 by admin

Those who went to the recent WWDC were able to be part of a revolutionary new iPhone experience - at least they could be if they had the iPhone OS 3.0 beta! Those that had it, were able to watch live TV - from Tel Aviv, no less - of the finale of ‘The Amazing Race Israel”. But the stream only worked with iPhone OS 3.0.

So you will want to know what that means for us - the average iPhone user. Well, several things - firstly, the iphone OS 3.0 is being released to developers today. That means that we can expect a pretty quick response from at least some TV stations around the world and be able to subscribe to their networks in the near future.

It also means that we should see the iReshet app released any day now - as the promise at the WWDC was that the iReshet app would be released soon after the iPone OS 3.0 had been released. Reshet is the top/ most successful channel in Israel - you can get a preview of the quality of their shows in the above video.

Finally, the app will allow live TV application for both the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. So keep an eye out for this app - if only to get a look at whatis in store for us with live TV on the iPhone.

And if this new development does not excite you (we don’t believe you) then here is some of the other great new technologies available in the iPhone 3GS: