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Superb Variety of Free Videos to watch on iPhone

April 17th, 2011 by admin

If you haven’t looked recently at the range of video podcasts now available for FREE in iTunes, then read on…

Because we have just updated our data base of free videos and checked out the latest on offer there. The range is HUGE. Just take a look at the examples we have selected to demonstrate to range and quality:

* First Aid Instructor http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/itg-first-aid-instructor-e/id386403709
* Everyday Aromatherapy
* DIY Honda
*The design and Illustrate podcasts
*Free Videos for iPhone
*Pilot-in-control Learning
*The Aviation video
*Forex Market Updates
*Entrepreneur secrets
*The Success Formula

And for a final one in our list for today’s post: Free Magic tricks

This list does not even begin to scratch the surface of the videos available. So if this lot prove interesting go and check out the videos from the podcast section of iTunes.

Watch Excerpts from the 11th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on your iphone

November 17th, 2010 by admin

  We present you with a rare opportunity to watch a video of the 11th Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

This fantastic annual event is staged and managed by the Latin Recording Academy, and was held this year at  the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on November 11, 201. There are bound to be quite a few YouTube videos of the event - but as they get taken down  almost as fast as they are uploaded to YouTube (LatinGrammy seem quite determined to be the sole source of media on the event) you are going to have to keep a close eye out to enjoy watching them before they are gone again!

If you want to watch the arrival of the beautiful people to the event, watch this:

Of course, its all in Spanish - but we can kinda figure out what it’s all about anyway.

Oh boy, remember when it used to be possible to watch thesetype of events on YouTube? I think the Latin Recording Academy are making a mistake keeping this tight a hold on what can be shown. OK - we can watch videos on their site. But NOT from our iPhones!

The iPhone “type” reflected in Apple Ads?

November 1st, 2010 by admin

Apple has just uploaded half a dozen of its recent iPhone4 ads to its YouTube channel. And they are real heart tug-ers! Check out this one, for example (and tell us you didn’t get a lump in your throat):

Here is another one (though this one is pushing the limits of cutesy) :

But when you see ads like the next one, ya gotta figure that Apple have a verrry different audience in mind:

Which one grabs your interest and makes you want to go out and buy it?

There is a good reason why Apple dominates the market. They are great at EVERYTHING!

Don’t get me wrong - I love the Zune ad - its artsy and funny - its just not built to funnel potential buyers to the Zune store!!Unlike the Apple marketing machine which is (as we have said before) sheer genius.

90 Free Fashion Videos for iPhone

October 22nd, 2010 by admin

There is a HUGE number of free fashion video productions available for us to play on our iPhones. These are all up-to-date, state of the art videos showing the latest that fashion houses around the world are providing. Some have ultra superb clarity and are just plain gorgeous to watch. Others have celebs being interviewed at various top fashion events around  the planet. Still others provide fashion for special events such as wedding gowns. The makeover ones are also cool to view. We will showcase one of these makeovers throughout this post:

free iPhone fashion videos

We have painstakingly (its a tough life here at iPhonegizmo!) had to browse through the fashion videos on offer and selected the top 6 free video productions that can be watched on our iPhones. To do that we have had to watch videos that go from wacky to egocentric to dead boring!

 free iPhone fashion games

So give us a huge hug for our stamina and willingness to find the best on offer for our readers.

Free iPhone fashion videos

So here is our list of the top six free fashion videos for our iPhones:

1) MODTV - current (three videos released in the last month) , high quality videos of fashion shows and includes interviews with celebs.

2) Global Fashion Vews takes an in depth view of high fashion. It also is very current (7 videos in the last month covering Jason Wu, Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada etc) these are also very high quality videos and a must-have fashion video collection.

3) Style  With over thirty quality videos released just in the last month and over 190 videos in the collection so far, this is another must have video fashion collection for viewing on our iPhones.  The videos are usually around 3 minutes in length, and include interviews with top fashion gurus like Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Celine - to name a few.

4) Fashion Network also has released over 30 videos over the last month, but these are typically around 10 min vids.While these videos also have an international reach they also include substantial coverage of the US market, including such events as the recent Miami Swim 2011 event, and the Spring/Summer 2011, New York Fashion Week.

5) Who What Wear TV has a focus more on bridging the gap between fashion runway and end user. They have released 9 videos in the last month, four of them going through an impressive makeover:

free ipgone fashion videos

6) mobilefashion.tv is our final collection of fashion videos to watch on our iPhones, and has been included because it focuses on wedding-related styles. Whilst these videos are not the same superb quality of the previous five productions, its focus on this hot topic makes it worth including. These videos are also current - with 15 released in the last month and covering global runway events.

Let’s see - that’s over 90 free fashion videos from these collections for just the last month!

Don’t forget to share these video collections with the friends you know who absolutely love fashion.