Follow Up on the iPhone Game Center

28 Sep

We had a laugh when we read, on Twitter:

zachx: So any cool games out for the iPhone game center yet??


Because, so far, the iPhonegizmo team answer would be a loud NO!! And this is surprising. After all,game developers have flocked to develop games for the iPhone. There are thousands of free and pay-for games  to play on our iPhones.

But when it comes to multiplayer games available to play in the Game Center, there is not the same quality or range of games on offer. Now, there are over 1000 multiplayer games to choose from in the App store and  364 of them free.

But hardly any of these are available from the Game Center. This means that – compared to Sony’s Playstation@Network game options – the Game Center is a non-starter.  So although Apple has now provided a game center – they have a long way to go before the game center is any sort of competition for either PlayStation or the Xbox live alternatives – where serious gaming takes place!

There are currently only 45 games on offer in the Game center and most have to be purchased (only 5 or around 10% are free. This compares to over half of the single-player games being free – ie literally thousands – and 33% of the multiplayer games in the App store being free)

AT present the most complex FREE mutliplayer games on offer are from the Game Center are games like tic tac toe, back gammon, ball/racket games and word games. One exception is StarDunk, which has had some great reviews. So this could be a good game to give the Game Center a trial with? Let us know what you think of the Game Center so far.