Free Audio Books for iPhone on Offer

5 Nov

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

If you know how to look, you can get some neat freebies from Audible , even without being a member! Before we show you how to find them, we will just take a moment to explain what an audio book is, and why we think they are the best thing since the fizzy hop drink was invented!

An audio book is a digital audio edition of a book. So instead of reading it, you listen to it!! And at the end of a hard day, listening to an exciting audio of Vince Flynn’s latest (American Assassin) is my idea of a great way to unwind! Especially if I get it for free (as I did) instead of $27.99!

Audiobooks purchased from Audible do not get downloaded directly into iTunes. But its super easy to get them as there are just two easy steps:

1) American Assassin | [Vince Flynn]Use Audible’s own download manager to automatically import these tracks into iTunes, (or they can be downloaded manually to PC or Mac and then import into iTunes like you do for any other audio file).

3) Enter your Audible username and password the first time you attempt to import or play an Audible audiobook.


Note that while most of the audio books available from Audible are also available on iTunes, all the audiobooks in iTunes cost bucks (very few publishers will give their work away for free)! So because audiobook does offer free books and whopping discounts on future books, we reckon you should check it out.

The very best subscription option is the AudibleListener – Gold Free Trial Membership Plan, which offers a 14 Day FREE Trial, that includes:

  a) 1 free audiobook credit;

b) 30% discount on future purchases;

c) AND a Complimentary subscription to the New York Times or The Wall Street  Journal (worth it just for that alone! iPad owners will tell you these subscriptions cost a small fortune!

We were amazed to discover that Audible has over 75K titles including all the latest and greatest from the top writers. Whatever your genre, they have most likely got it (they are an Amazon company, we think, so its gonna have a heap of books).

To get freebies from Audible without becoming a member, click this link , then type “free” into the search bar. The results will be dozens of free books (you will have to scroll through some that are not free but have “free in their title).

Let us know how your free trial goes.