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16 Mar

FBI: Gotcha


Open Government? Sounds good in theory – but from what we have seen, it means actually having to put in effort!! – Darn!!

Its so much easier to just opine over a beer or wine!

Still we can’t fault the gov for its efforts to deliver the opportunity to get down and dirty in government and politics. They have been rolling out have-your-say, and this-is-what-we-are-doing and get-involved, sites and widgets, and applications all over the place!

Some have been around for a while  – like the FBI “Most Wanted” iPhone App. Others as we covered in  our last post, were just released this month.

The White House


And, of course, there are the  White House offerings – The White House News App (with up-to-date news from the Obama administration direct to our iPhones) and President Obama’s Podcasts (296 episodes with the latest one released yesterday titled “Health Insurance Reform Right Now“)

So we have eased our conscience and told y’all about the important stuff.

Now to share what we really like! Some  fun stuff from the FBI – check it out:


Now for some reason, this widget size can’t be adjusted – so we are stuck with the left side bit being chopped off. But, it does not affect our ability to watch their cool videos. Use the left hand side bar to scroll down and choose different videos.If you are viewing this post from your iPhone, then you will have to go to the FBI channel on YouTube to watch these videos.

The FBI also has a series of Podcasts we can watch (or listen to) on our iPhone. The iPhonegizmo team like this Open Government initiative (probably for the wrong reasons) because of all the cool media being produced!!

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